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Trains to Southampton

Widely known as the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton is a thriving maritime city with a long, varied and proud history. The Pilgrim Fathers set off from Southampton Harbour in The Mayflower to build their New World in America, as did the ill-fated Titanic on her maiden voyage. Southampton airport, as it is now called, was the setting for the maiden flight of the Spitfire, designed by a local resident, and the city's medieval walls are always popular with visitors.

Popular train routes to Southampton

London to Southampton
London Gatwick to Southampton
Manchester to Southampton
Cardiff to Southampton
Bristol to Southampton
Winchester to Southampton
Oxford to Southampton
Bournemouth to Southampton

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Visiting Southampton

Trains to Southampton from London are frequent and the fast journey gives visitors plenty of time to explore the city's attractions.

As the city is on the coast, a visit to the SeaCity Museum is a must and puts the focus on the history of Southampton, exploring its maritime connections through the ages. This is an innovative, state-of-the-art museum telling some of the stories of the millions of people who through the ages have travelled into and out of the city. As the museum offers an interactive experience, it is suitable for visitors of all ages.

Tudor House and Garden traces over 900 years of the history of Southampton and is the city's most important historic building. Recent restoration has added fascinating new displays and facilities.

Back to the sea and no trip to Southampton would be complete without a boat ride. Boat trips between one and five hours offer stunning views of the docks and some of the world's largest cruise ships. Visitors will see where the Titanic left from, and can also join Disco and Party Nights.

Still on the water, yachting is an immensely popular pastime, and it's possible to learn the rudiments of sailing on popular courses and explore the harbours, marinas and creeks of the Solent.

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