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Trenitalia receives Rina's Biosafety Trust Certification

Trenitalia recently became the first railway operator in the world to obtain Rina's Biosafety Trust Certification, which recognises the extremely high standard of health and safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus on board their trains.

Trains in Italy are primarily run by Trenitalia. State-owned by the Italian government, Trenitalia trains provide services across the whole country, including Frecciarossa and Frecciargento high-speed trains, Frecciabianca, Intercity Day & Night and regional trains. Trenitalia also runs services to and from Rome Fiumicino International Airport, served by Leonardo Express, as well as journeys within the Cinque Terre, served by the Cinque Terre Express.

This page will take you through everything you need to know about Trenitalia, including:

Trenitalia map 2021

Trenitalia trains cover the length and breadth of Italy. From the Alps in the north to the Mediterranean in the south, there's so much of this wonderful country to explore. Check out our Trenitalia map below for an overview of the Trenitalia network – we've provided some key routes covered by both high-speed and regional services.

Depending on your journey, you’ll be travelling on Le Frecce, Intercity or Regional trains. Here are some of the most popular routes served by the different Trenitalia trains –

  • Rome to Naples – this is one of our most popular routes and is served primarily by Frecciarossa (the red line on the map). You can also take an Intercity or regional train for this route, but your journey will last longer.
  • Bari to Lecce – indicated on the map by the blue line, Frecciabianca trains run on this route. The journey lasts about 1h 20m.
  • Rome to Bari – this route is grey on the map and is served by Frecciargento. The journey time is less than four hours.
  • Milan to Genoa – this route is served by Intercity trains, which is indicated by the purple line on the map. The journey lasts less than two hours and you don’t need to change.
  • Pisa to Florence – popular among tourists and locals alike, this route is operated by Regional trains (the green line on the map). It takes about an hour to get from Pisa to Florence, which is perfect if you want to go on a day trip.

Trenitalia tickets

Trenitalia offers four ticket types, each of which varies in price and flexibility. This means there are different tickets you can potentially purchase for the same train. For example, there are three ticket types (Super Economy, Economy and Base) and four different classes (Standard, Premium, Business and Executive) on Frecciarossa trains, so it can become a little confusing as to which ticket is best to buy. To make this a bit clearer, we'll break down the different ticket types across Trenitalia's Frecce, Intercity and Regional trains for you.

Super Economy tickets

As the name may suggest, this is Trenitalia’s cheapest train ticket. If you know the time and date you want to travel on, then buying this train ticket will save you money. Trenitalia doesn’t offer refunds or exchanges on this ticket, so if you want to cancel or amend your time of travel, you’ll have to purchase another ticket.  Visit our Trenitalia Super Economy tickets page to find out more.

Economy tickets 

Another cheap ticket, only this time, there's more flexibility in your choice of travel. Trenitalia allows you to change the date or time of your ticket only once, but it must be for the same type of train and class. Typically, you'll also be required to pay the price difference between your current ticket and the full-price ticket of the train you'll be travelling on. Learn more on our page about Trenitalia Economy tickets.

Base tickets

Trenitalia's Base ticket is the standard fare for all journeys on Le Frecce and Intercity trains. Offering you maximum flexibility, you can change the date, time and class of your train ticket an unlimited number of times for free, as well as get your ticket refunded (with a 20% penalty fee). Bear in mind that you'll need to pay the price difference between the two tickets if any. While this ticket is obviously more expensive, if you're enjoying the city you're in, you can always extend your stay by a day and change the ticket. For more information, check out our Trenitalia Base Fare Tickets page.


Unlike the other ticket categories, which are available to buy for each class on Le Frecce trains, Ordinaria is the ticket you can buy to travel only on Trenitalia’s Regional trains. This ticket type usually has a fixed price, which is determined by the class you travel on and the journey time. While you can book the other tickets up to six months in advance - the sooner you book, the cheaper they'll be - you don't need to buy Ordinaria tickets ahead of time, unless you want peace of mind.

Trenitalia tickets comparison

Still unsure about which train ticket is right for you? Here's a recap of Trenitalia's different ticket types:

  Base Economy Super Economy
Change date/time
Get access to another train
Unlimited changes

Trenitalia tickets for children, young people and groups

  • Children under 4 years old travel for free if they don't have a seat assigned to them or with a 50% reduction on the Base fare if they do have a seat. Children aged 4 to 15 (or 4 to 12 on Regional trains) travel with a 50% discount on the Base fare.
  • The Bimbi Gratis offer is for family groups of 2 to 5 people (with at least one adult and one child under the age of 15). It allows children to travel for free provided the other members of the group have Base tickets.
  • Groups of 2 to 5 people are entitled to a 30% discount on the single Base ticket to travel on any train, except for Regional trains and Frecciarossa Executive.

Trenitalia CartaFRECCIA

CartaFRECCIA is Trenitalia's loyalty card that allows you to accumulate points and buy discounted train tickets. You can get your CartaFRECCIA for free even if you don’t live in Italy – simply send an email to with this form attached and within 45 days of submitting your request you’ll receive your CartaFRECCIA via email.

CartaFRECCIA Young

If you’re under 30 years old, opt for a CartaFRECCIA Young – this will give you a 30% discount on the Base fare.

CartaFRECCIA Senior

CartaFRECCIA Senior applies the same discount on the Base ticket as CartaFRECCIA Young, the only difference being that it’s available only for passengers who are over 60 years old.

Trenitalia trains

Trenitalia trains are generally split into long-distance trains – Frecciarossa and Frecciargento (both high-speed trains), Frecciabianca and Intercity trains – and Regional trains. Covering long-distance routes across the nation, Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains have significantly reduced travel time between major cities, making train travel in Italy a more viable option. Read on for more information about the different types of Trenitalia trains, what you can find on board and where they can take you.


Frecciarossa trains, known as the 'Red Arrow', are the crown jewel of the high-speed train network in Italy and can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h. Taking the new Frecciarossa 1000 trains, journey times between cities like Rome and Milan have fallen to under 3 hours. Frecciarossa trains travel to cities such as Naples, Florence and Bologna on a daily basis. This makes train travel in Italy much easier, especially if you’re using an Interrail or Eurail Pass.

You can choose between four classes when you travel on Frecciarossa – Executive, Business, Premium and Standard. No matter the class you're in, you're provided with free WiFi, power sockets at every seat, a food carriage, air-conditioning, special luggage zone and onsite cleaning service to ensure you get the best customer experience on board. Finally, if you buy a Frecciarossa Executive ticket, you can get free access to FrecciaLounge and FrecciaClub lounges. For more information, check out our dedicated section about FrecciaClub and FrecciaLounge.

Read more about Frecciarossa trains, where they can take you and what you can find in each class.


While not quite hitting Frecciarossa speeds, Frecciargento trains travel similar long-distance routes, connecting cities like Rome, Venice, Verona, Trieste, Genoa, Naples and Salerno in just as much comfort and at speeds of up to 250 km/h.

Frecciargento trains have mainly two classes – First and Second Class. On the new Frecciargento ETR 700, however, you can find three classes – Business, Premium and Standard. Much like all the high-speed Trenitalia trains, all carriages are equipped with WiFi, air-conditioning, special luggage zone and onsite cleaning service. There's also a food carriage for passengers to buy food and drinks, particularly convenient for long-distance journeys.

Learn more about Frecciargento trains, popular routes and onboard services.


Frecciabianca, or the 'White Arrow', belongs to the long-distance trains group. Running at speeds of up to 200 km/h, these trains connect big and medium-sized cities on one high-speed line, while guaranteeing great comfort and high-quality onboard services. For example, cities such Bari and Lecce are easily connected to Naples, making travel into the main cities much more accessible for both tourists and commuters.

Frecciabianca trains offer spacious chairs, air-conditioning and food carriages, making your journey a cheaper but still pleasant experience.

Check out our dedicated page about Frecciabianca for more details.

Intercity and regional trains

In addition to Le Frecce, Trenitalia also provides Intercity and Regional trains. Covering shorter distances at slower speeds, these trains are ideal for those who are travelling locally, staying in a certain region, or just want to see what is in the next town over.

Intercity trains have two classes – First and Second – both of which offer seats, power sockets, reading lights and reserved wheelchair spaces for disabled passengers. There are also Intercity night trains, where you can sleep in bed cabins to save on the cost of a hotel. Bed cabins come with air-conditioning, a washbasin, complimentary toiletries and much more.

Regional trains are slower, serving towns and villages within a given region. If you’re looking to explore the local area where you’re staying, it's very likely that you’ll be using a regional train. An example is Cinque Terre Express, which can take you from La Spezia Centrale to all the main towns of the Cinque Terre National Park.

Fast-regional trains are also included in this category – namely, the Leonardo Express service, which connects Roma Termini to Rome Fiumicino International Airport.

For more information, visit our page about Regional trains.

Trenitalia onboard services

Free WiFi is available on all Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains. Simply connect to the onboard WiFi network (‘WIFI Frecciarossa’ or ‘WIFI Frecciargento’), register on the Frecce Portal and you’ll be able to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music and check travel information.

The onboard catering service called FrecciaBistrò is available on all Frecce trains and offers snacks and drinks as well as breakfast and lunch menu options. Additionally, Frecciarossa trains provide an at-seat meal service with typical Italian gourmet dishes on offer.

Small pets are allowed on board all Trenitalia trains for free provided they’re placed in a carrier or cage (max dimensions 70 x 30 x 50 cm). You can travel with bigger dogs on all trains only during off-peak hours and if they’re kept on a leash and equipped with a muzzle. You’ll need to buy a half-price Standard ticket for bigger dogs. Guide dogs are allowed on all trains at no additional cost.

While folding bikes are allowed on any Trenitalia train if placed in racks and luggage, traditional bikes are allowed only if disassembled and placed in special bags (80 x 110 x 40 cm).

You can bring as much luggage as you want on all Trenitalia trains, as long as it's compatible with the space available on board – and there’s no extra cost for it! There’s plenty of luggage space on Le Frecce, Intercity and Regional trains.

Trenitalia News 2021

Discover Trenitalia's latest additions to their service in 2021.

New quiet carriage in Standard Class

A new quiet carriage (or 'Area Silenzio') is available in Frecciarossa's Standard Class. If you book your seat in the quiet carriage, you'll get to enjoy complimentary earphones, a double welcome drink service, an onboard library and a sleeping mask - they're all included in the ticket you'll buy. 

New high-tech system on board

Trenitalia has introduced a new onboard entertainment system with videos, tourist information and games for an even more digital experience.

Free services on 'le Frecce'

Thanks to the new design of the Frecce Portal, you can easily navigate the Internet and enjoy over 200 hours of entertainment on board. With the new portal's features you can create your personalised list, buy your meal and get it straight to your seat, as well as book your hotel or hire a car. 

New WiFi service

The new fast WiFi service is now available on 70% of the Frecciarossa 1000 trains and on all Frecciargento ETR 700 trains. An instant access option and a fast multi-operator system are also available.

Good to know

Yes of course! Simply use our journey planner tool at the top of the page to pick your journey date and time. Find the ticket that’s best for you and follow the purchase process from there. We’ll even send you an electronic copy of the ticket straight after.

The Economy ticket can be changed once, with a transfer fee applying. If you’ve bought the Base ticket, you can change it as many times as you wish, completely free of charge! For Super-economy tickets, however, you must pay the full price for a new one. 

Trenitalia tickets can be bought up to six months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to decide where and when you want to travel, as well as allowing you to get the tickets at their cheapest.  

Average savings on fares booked prior to day of travel vs full price fares on day of travel in Italy. Subject to availability. Excludes coach.

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