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Trains in Italy are primarily run by TrenitaliaState-owned by the Italian government since 2000, Trenitalia trains provide services across Italy, from high-speed journeys to regional ones. Trenitalia has one of the most extensive high-speed train networks, used by its flagship Frecciarossa trainstaking you to cities such as Rome, Milan and Venice. You can also take other high-speed trains such as the Frecciabianca and Frecciargento, which shows just how far-reaching the high-speed network is in Italy. Find out more about Trenitalia trains, ticket information and timetables. You can also take a look at our Trenitalia map, highlighting the major routes and journeys you can take by train in Italy.

Trenitalia map

Trenitalia’s high-speed trains go so fast that you lose your bearings a bit at times. If you want to see an overview of the Trenitalia train network on a map, we’ve provided some key routes, and where you can travel in Italy by train.

Travelling with Trenitalia lets you cover the length and breadth of Italy. From the Alps in the north to the Mediterranean south, there is so much of this wonderful country to explore and enjoy.

Using this Trenitalia map, you can begin to plot your journey across this wonderful country and discover where Trenitalia trains can take you.

Trenitalia routes

Trenitalia run frequent and efficient trains on all of their services. If you want to find out timetables for particular routes, you can use our journey planner at the top of the page. There, you can choose the date and time you want to travel, as well as your origin and destination stations. Then, you can see the type of train you’ll board, how long the journey will take, and if any changes are required.  

If you’re still looking for some inspiration, and want to choose a few more journeys, why not take a look at some of our customer's most popular routes. You can find out timetables and journey times for all these trains, and how often they run on a daily basis. 

Trenitalia trains

Trenitalia trains are generally split into two groups. The Frecce trains: Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca and Frecciargento, and the regional trains. Frecce, which translates to Arrow in English, are the high-speed trains that serve Italy. Covering long-distance routes across the nation, Frecce trains have reduced travel time between major cities significantly, making train travel in Italy a more viable option. Read on for more information about the different types of Trenitalia Frecce trains, what you can find onboard and where they can take you.


Frecciarossa trains, known as the Red Arrow, are the crown jewel of the high-speed train network in Italy. Using the new Frecciarossa 1000 trains, journey times between cities such as Rome and Milan have fallen to under 3 hours. Frecciarossa trains travel to cities such as Naples, Florence and Bologna on a daily basis. This makes train travel in Italy much easier, especially if you’re using an Interrail or Eurail Pass.

Frecciarossa trains have four comfort classes for their passengers: Executive, Business, Premium and Standard. No matter the class you are in, all Trenitalia passengers on these trains are provided with free WiFi. Furthermore, all Frecciarossa trains have plug sockets at each seat, a food carriage and air conditioning, providing comfort for all passengers onboard. Read more about Frecciarossa trains, what you can find within each onboard class and where Frecciarossa trains can take you.


While not travelling at the same top speed as a FreccirossaFrecciargento trains travel the same long distances, in just as much comfort. Frecciargento trains have just first two classes: First and Second. Much like all the high-speed Trenitalia trainsall carriages are equipped with WiFi and air-conditioning. There’s also a food carriage for passengers to buy food and drink, particularly convenient for those long distance journeys. 

Frecciargento trains take passengers on many of the same routes as a Frecciarossa, while also making stops at Genoa, Verona and Naples, among many others. 


The final part of Trenitalia’s Frecce train group is the Frecciabianca or the White Arrow. The slowest of the three, these trains connect regional cities on one high-speed line. Cities such as Bari and Lecce are now easily connected to Naples, making travel into the main cities much more accessible for tourists and commuters. 

Frecciabianca trains do not have the same onboard services however as its sister trains. There’s no WiFi onboard, but there’s still spacious chairs, air-conditioning and food carriages, making travelling on Freccibianca trains a pleasant experience. 

Intercity and Regional Trains

The other half of the Trenitalia train fleet consists of the Intercity and Regional trains. Covering shorter distances and at a slower speed, these trains are ideal for those who are travelling locally, staying in a certain region, or just want to see what is in the next town over. 

Intercity trains have two classes: First and SecondPassengers in both classes though are supplied with spacious seats, plug sockets and lights above the seat for any reading or work that passengers may want to do. There are also Intercity night trains, where you can sleep in bed cabins to save on the cost of a hotel. These also come with onboard hygiene facilitiesfood and drink, plus much more. 

Regional trains are much slower, serving towns and villages within certain regions. Trenitalia offers one base ticket for these trains, which we’ll explain below. If you’re looking to explore the local area where you’re staying, it’s very likely that you’ll be using a regional train. 

Trenitalia tickets

Trenitalia offers their passengers tickets based on two categories: class and type of flexibility. This means there are a number of different tickets you can potentially purchase for the same train. With Frecciarossa train tickets, for example, there are four different classes to travel on, and with three flexibility types, it can become a little confusing as to which ticket is best to buy. So we’ll break down the three different tickets you can buy across the Frecce range, as well as Intercity trains. 

Super economy

As the name suggests, this is Trenitalia’s cheapest train ticket. If you know the time and date you want to travel on, then buying this train ticket offers you the best price. Trenitalia doesn’t offer refunds or exchanges on this ticket, so if you want to cancel or amend your time of travel, you’ll have to purchase another ticket.


Another economy ticket, only this time, there’s more flexibility in your choice of travel. Trenitalia allows you to change the date or time of your ticket only once, but it must be for the same type of train and class. Typically, you’ll also be required to pay the price difference between your current ticket and the full price ticket of the train you will be travelling on.


Trenitalia’s ticket that is seen as the standard for all journeys. Offering you maximum flexibility, you can change your Trenitalia train an unlimited number of times for free. While this ticket is obviously more expensive, if you’re enjoying the city you’re in, you can always extend your stay by a day and change the ticket.

Trenitalia ticket information

These are the standard Trenitalia tickets you can buy, and each category is available for each different class on both the Frecce trains and Intercity. Trenitalia tickets can be booked up to six months in advance, and much like elsewhere, are typically cheaper the earlier you book. If you’re sure about the time you want to travel, then we recommend booking your tickets as soon as possible. Visit our cheap train tickets in Italy page to learn more about Trenitalia offers

If you’re travelling on a Regional train, Trenitalia offers one ticket: Ordinary. The price of an Ordinary ticket is determined by the class you travel, and the amount of time between your departure and arrival time.

Good to know

Yes of course! Simply use our journey planner tool at the top of the page to pick your journey date and time. Find the ticket that’s best for you and follow the purchase process from there. We’ll even send you an electronic copy of the ticket straight after.

The semi-flexible ticket can be changed once, with a transfer fee applying. If you’ve bought the Flexible ticket, this can be changed as many times as you wish, completely free of charge! For super-economy tickets, however, if you want to change or cancel the ticket, you must pay the full price for a new one. 

Trenitalia tickets can be bought up to six months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to decide where and when you want to travel, as well as allowing you to get the tickets at their cheapest.  

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