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Our Price Prediction tool will let you peek into the future
to see when ticket prices are about to rise.

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Advance tickets almost always increase in price as the day of travel approaches.
We developed a price prediction tool to help you identify the best time to book tickets and save money.


Save up to 49%* by
buying at the right time.

See how many tickets are left before they go up in price.

Track future prices for
most Advance tickets.

*Average saving if purchase of Advance fare made at 1st journey search vs. cheapest non-Advance fare. Selected routes & availability.

How it works

It couldn’t be simpler. On our app, search results for Advance tickets now also show you when a ticket is likely to go up in price. You can even tap through to the price tracker to see how much the price will increase until the actual day of travel. This means you’ll know exactly when it’s the right time to book.


Powered by data

Where does all this information come from? Our data scientists have used historical pricing trends from billions of journey searches to predict when the price of an Advance ticket will increase.

We cannot guarantee they are correct 100% of the time, but fear not, our data scientists are constantly improving our algorithms so we can give you reliable price predictions.

The more journey searches you make, the more accurate the predictions become.
So, get searching!

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Did you ever wonder how much you could save?

Find out more about buying cheap train tickets and how you could save up to 43% here.