Cookie Policy

Cookies get a bad rep, but they’re actually really useful and save you a lot of time. Read on to understand how the cookies we use can make your Trainline experience even sweeter.

Effective August 2019 / Version 1.2

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny crumbs of personal data that we automatically collect when you use our website or app.

When we refer to cookies, we may mean cookies and similar technologies, such as web pixels, tags. SDKs, GIFs, and beacons.

What types of cookies we use and why

We have three cookie flavours:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies make our site work. Without these, everything would crumble!
  2. Performance cookies help us speed up your browsing. We want to help you travel effortlessly, so our site and app need to do what you want when you want them to!
  3. Personalisation cookies make our site unique to you. You’re an individual after all! These cookies help us do things like default searches to your nearest station.

What happens when you turn off cookies?

  • If you turn off all cookies or use an app or web-blocking software, Trainline may not work in the best way. Imagine you searched for train tickets from London to Manchester and you added these tickets to your basket but accidentally closed our site before booking. If you’ve turned off cookies, when you return, your basket won’t be saved, so you’ll have to search for those tickets all over again. Cookies make things a bit easier.
  • Disabling cookies on your desktop won’t affect the cookies on your mobile, so you’ll have to turn them off for each device you use.
  • Just so you know, turning off cookies won’t delete cookies from your browser. You’ll need to do this from your browser settings.

Strictly necessary cookies

These strictly necessary cookies can’t be turned off, as they power our site.

They’re used for identity, security, fraud prevention, and functionality purposes.

Performance cookies

These cookies tend to focus on what you’re doing, to help our app and site do what you ask it to.

Personalisation Cookies

Now we’re on to the cool stuff. Personalisation cookies save you time by helping us do things.

Even if you choose to turn off these cookies, you’ll still see ads. They’ll just be less relevant.