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When travelling by train in Italy, Italo is the popular train company of choice for high-speed journeys. Italo provides passengers with four different journeys across northern and central Italy. With four different seat classes available on each journey, and a variety of ticket options, there’s plenty of flexibility for how and when you can travel.

Italo map

Whilst there are only six routes on the Italo train network, Italo trains visit some of the most popular cities in the country. On comfortable, high-speed trains, this is a great way to travel Italy by train.

Travelling at high-speed throughout Italy is a pleasant and scenic experience, moving between the mountain regions in the north, and into the Mediterranean south. There is so much to see and don along the Italo train network, that it could come in handy to use our map to create the perfect holiday.

Using this map, you can see the major cities and stops where Italo trains travel to, as well as getting a better understanding of where you may be in the country!

Italo routes

Italo trains provide passengers with four different routes across Italy, with Milan as the main terminal. The Italo NGV train takes its passengers through the heart of the Italian countryside, with destinations including Napoli, Venice and Rome. If you are still planning your route through Italy by train, then take a look at some of the following journeys that are popular with our customers

Italo classes

Italo trains are some of the most modern and high-spec trains in Europe, providing almost unrivalled comfort for those travelling through Italy. With Italo trains, there are four different classes you can travel on: Smart, Comfort, First, and Executive Club. Each class has different levels of comfort, but all are giving you great value for money


Smart class is the standard class for Italo trains, but that doesn’t mean you miss out on the great service! Italo provides comfort class passengers with free WiFi, leather seats and a food carriage supplying hot and cold drinks and snacks. What’s more, there’s also a cinema carriage that will play current movies, making those long trips a little more enjoyable!


Travelling in comfort gives Italo passengers more comfort, as the name suggests. They have access to all the same amenities as Smart class, but with larger armchairs. If you want to kick back and relax during your journey, travelling in Comfort may be best for you.

First Class

Italo First Class provides passengers with plenty of comforts which makes travelling with Italo a relaxing experience. First Class travellers are given a fast track through luggage check and a welcome service when they board. Furthermore, complimentary hot and cold drinks and snacks are provided during the journey. Passengers are also able to read newspapers and magazines for free and use vending machines if they still feel hungry during the journey.

Executive Club

Travelling in Executive Club with Italo gives you a premium experience throughout the journey. Enjoy access to the Italo Club lounges at all major railway stations, plus fast track through security. There’s also a personal catering service, with drinks and snacks provided throughout the trip. To keep you entertained, there are TV screens in every seat, playing movies and TV shows on-demand. 

Italo train tickets

There are three different types of Italo train tickets available: Flex, Economy and Low Cost. Each ticket has a different starting price and allows for different levels of flexibility. These ticket types are available for each of the four different Italo comfort classes, which helps make your decision a breeze. 

Low Cost

The cheapest of the Italo train tickets, this ticket gives you the chance to get fantastic value for money when travelling with Italo. There’s little flexibility with this ticket, so it’s advised that you be certain of the train you want to be on. Changes can be made on your ticket, but refunds and exchanges will cost 50% of your ticket plus the difference to the new ticket. 


Still a cheap train ticket for Italo, the Economy ticket gives Italo passengers the chance to exchange their ticket for a much lower price than they would with the low-cost ticket. Exchanges to the time and date can be done at the cost of 20% of the ticket, with cancellation costing 40% of the price of the ticket.


This ticket gives the passenger much more freedom in how they can travel with Italo. While costing the most upfront, the Flex ticket allows the passenger to change the time and date as many times as possible before departure. You can cancel the ticket at the cost of 20% of its original price

For all of these tickets, there are limitations on the amount available for each journey, so make sure you book well in advance in order to get the best deal. All three of these ticket types can be used with the different comfort classes, which will also alter the price of the train ticket. Visit our cheap train tickets in Italy page for more information on how to get the best deals.

Good to know

Simple, with Trainline! Simply use our journey planner at the top of the page, selecting where and when you want to travel. Take a look at the different ticket prices and classes, and once you’re happy, simply pay! It couldn’t be easier. Once you have bought your Italo ticket, we will send you an email confirmation and electronic version of the ticket to print. 

Italo trains travel through northern and central Italy. From Milan in the north, down to Naples in the south, Italo covers major cities in Italy on one high-speed line.  

Italo is owned by investment group Global Infrastructure Partners. Founded in 2006, it became Europe's first private open-access train company with trains that reached 300 km/h.

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