If you’re looking for a way to save money when travelling by train, you’ve come to the right place! Splitting your train tickets with SplitSave, our new split-ticketing app feature, can be much cheaper than buying a single ticket if you’re travelling on a long journey.

Intrigued? Read on for more details about how SplitSave can help you save a pretty penny or two.

How does split ticketing work?

Split ticketing is simply when your journey is broken down into two or more parts with a separate train ticket for each part instead of having one rail ticket from your departure station to your destination.

For example, if you’re travelling from London to Manchester, you can buy two tickets – one from London Euston to Stockport and one from Stockport to Manchester Piccadilly – rather than a single ticket covering the entire journey. What’s more, you can be on the same train throughout the whole journey – the train simply needs to stop at your split ticket station along the way. Just make sure you show the correct ticket for the portion of the journey you’re travelling on if you’re asked to do so.

The savings from splitting your tickets come from taking advantage of the complexities of the UK rail fare system. Ticket prices in the UK are determined by journey duration and fare types, such as Peak and Off-Peak. As such, the biggest discounts for split tickets tend to occur at the times of day where Off-Peak windows open, such as the morning and evening commuter hours.

Our goal is to help you plan your rail journey and make savings in the simplest and quickest way possible. That’s why we’ve introduced SplitSave – our latest money-saving feature finds clever combinations of tickets to save you money on most routes across the UK and automatically ‘splits’ your trip into multiple legs, without any need for you to change trains unnecessarily.


How to book split tickets with us

You'll need our iOS or Android app to save money with SplitSave. Don't have our app yet? Download it now.


Search for your journey on our app as normal.


We’ll show you if SplitSave tickets are available and, if so, how much you can save. Just look out for the SplitSave icon in your search results.


We’ll give you a detailed breakdown, all you need to do is show different tickets along your journey.


You can store SplitSave tickets as etickets in your Trainline app or add to your Apple Wallet.

Good to know

Read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about split tickets, including legality (it's legal!) and whether you can use a Railcard.

What’s ticket splitting?

Simply put, ticket splitting is a way of saving money on train travel by ‘splitting’ your trip into multiple tickets. It may sound strange, but if you buy multiple tickets along your trip you can save a lot of money compared to having a single ticket – in most cases you don’t even have to change trains! 

Is split ticketing legit?

Yes. Split ticketing is legal and is allowed by the National Conditions of Travel under which all train companies on the national rail network operate. Just remember that you must take a train that calls at the station(s) you bought your train ticket(s) for.

Why are split train tickets cheaper?

As there are a large number of train companies operating in the UK that apply different rail fares, finding the best price can be quite tricky. Split ticketing can help you find a clever combination of tickets to make your overall journey cheaper.

Do I need to change trains if I buy split tickets?

No. Having split tickets doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change trains – if your journey had no changes originally, there’d still be no changes. However, if your journey included a change, then this will still apply.  

Your tickets won’t always ‘split’ at the same point that your train changes though. The only condition when using split tickets is that the train you take must stop at all the places you’ve bought tickets for and not just pass through them. 

Can I reserve a seat if I buy split train tickets?

Yes. If a train offers a seat reservation, you’ll still be able to book your seat with split train tickets. However, in rare cases, you may only be able to reserve a seat for part of your journey. Occasionally, you may have to change seats partway through your journey. Check your ticket for seat-specific information. 

Can I use my National Railcard when buying split tickets?

Yes. You can buy your split train tickets in conjunction with any National Railcard that can be used for a specific journey.

Here's a split you'll want to see

What exactly makes a good split or a bad split? Watch our new video to find out. 

Are there other ways to split my tickets?

Yes, of course! You can search manually for split tickets. You can use our app or website to check the price of a full journey, and then compare it to the price of a journey split into its constituent parts. This can be quite time consuming; just ask the Newcastle fan who bought 56 separate tickets to see his team play in Oxford!

At the moment, you can't use SplitSave on our desktop or mobile websites. Split ticketing through Trainline is only available through our app – although that means you can buy split tickets on the go.

Ready to book?

Found the perfect combination of tickets for you? Download our app to use SplitSave. If you need more information about ticket types, check out our UK train ticket types page, or head over to our help section for more in-depth FAQs.

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