Save with season tickets

See how much you could save with a season ticket

Season Tickets help save you money

With better value for money for your journey. The Annual season ticket gives you 12 weeks effectively free travel compared to buying 52 weekly tickets.

Unlimited travel on a route

Go back and forth between your home and destination station as many times as you like, every single day.

Skip the queues

Stay at home, grab a coffee or hit the gym by saying goodbye to queueing at ticket machines and head straight to the platform with live train time updates on your mobile via the app.

What Season Tickets can I buy?

Season Tickets offer a great deal of flexibility with a duration that suits your needs. This can range from seven days or any period between one month and a year - if you want to compare savings between the different tickets you can calculate your season ticket price above.


Seven Days

Use this ticket for unlimited travel between the two stations shown on your weekly train ticket, any time of the day. The more you travel on this route, the more money you'll save if you were to buy individual tickets on the day.


One Month

Monthly Season Tickets offers a greater level of saving over a weekly train ticket and you can enjoy unlimited travel between the two stations shown on your ticket, any time of the day.


Over One Month

Did you know you can buy a Season Tickets for any duration between one month and one year? So, if you only need a ticket for six weeks, this ticket can save you money and give you unlimited travel between the two stations shown on your ticket, and avoid buying multiple tickets.

Annual Season Ticket

One year

An Annual Season Ticket offers the best value for money over a 12-month period. You typically pay for 40 weeks travel, giving 12 weeks of travel for free when compared to buying weekly tickets! An annual season ticket may also come with the Annual Gold card if your origin or destination station is in the south of England.

More information on Rail Cards can be found here. A Gold Card offers a wide range of benefits for yourself and anyone that travels with you for leisure with discounts on off-peak tickets available.

TFL Season Ticket

You can also buy your TfL season tickets online, giving you discounts not only on your train journey to work, but also unlimited travel between the travelcard zones you have chosen.

How much could you save?

If you're travelling by train for work or leisure three times or more per week, especially during peak hours you can save money with a Season Ticket. With weekly, monthly, annual Season Tickets available use the season ticket calculator above to see how much money you could save.

Did you know if you buy an Annual Season ticket you pay for just 40 weeks, meaning you get 12 weeks of travel for free! You can also enjoy unlimited travel between the stations specified on your ticket, so if you want to pop into London at the weekend to catch a show, for example, you can without paying anything extra.

You'll also save time and no longer have to queue at the ticket office or machines to buy your ticket and head straight for the platform instead.

Here are just a few examples of popular routes where customers are saving money by buying a Season Ticket:

Frequent Search Route
Saving * Annual
between a
monthly &
annual **
Tunbridge WellstoLondon Charing Cross£113.20£434.70£50.44£4,528.00£688.40
Bristol Temple MeadstoLondon Terminals(nearest only)£312.30£1,087.50£250.92£11,328.00£1,722.00
ReadingtoLondon Terminals£108.10£413.60£49.68£4,308.00£655.20
BrightontoLondon Terminals£95.80£367.90£42.67£3,832.00£582.80
ChelmsfordtoLondon Terminals£95.80£367.90£42.67£3,832.00£582.80
BasingstoketoLondon Terminals£108.10£413.60£49.68£4,308.00£655.20
Milton Keynes CentraltoLondon Terminals£125.70£482.70£56.01£5,028.00£764.40
St. Albans CitytoLondon St. Pancras£89.60£344.10£39.90£3,584.00£545.20

*Saving calculated on the difference between 4 weekly tickets and a 1-month ticket

** Saving calculated on the difference between 12 one-month tickets and a full price annual season ticket.

Buying a season ticket

You can buy your season ticket on the day you intend to travel. However, you may find queues at both the ticket office and machines at your local station, particularly at peak times. You can also buy your season ticket before your first day of travel.

Unlike other tickets, Season Tickets can only be purchased a short time beforehand to prevent misuse. With Trainline you can now buy your Season Ticket online.

Do I need a Photocard?

If you need a photo card you will need to take one passport sized photograph to your local train station and they will be able to issue one to you. Photo cards do not expire, so you are able to reuse them every time you go to purchase a new season ticket.

If you already have a Photocard, you can buy a seven-day day Season Tickets online or at self-service ticket vending machines - but why queue when you can buy online?

Photocard Number

When do train season ticket prices increase?

The fares for Season Tickets will increase in 2018 on the 2nd January. However, if you buy a Season Ticket before the price increase occurs the current fare is valid for the whole duration of your ticket and will not be increased on a pro-rated basis.