Go digital

Save time and goodbye to queuing at the ticket office with a digital Season ticket. Whether it's a Weekly, Monthly or Flexi Season ticket, it lives on your phone so it's always with you.

Save on your commute

Depending on how many days you're travelling into work, buying a Season ticket often works out cheaper than usually daily single or return tickets.

Unlimited travel

A Season ticket is all about flexibility. Travel backward and forwards between your home and destination station as many times as you like in one day, every single day if you wanted to.

£15 off Season tickets on our app

Digital = dog-proof. Skip the paper ticket, save yourself a headache and grab a Season ticket on the app instead.

Whether you’re heading back to the office full-time or prefer going in twice a week, just tap, scan and go with tickets on your phone. Save over 1/3 with a Season ticket compared to booking daily tickets *, or you could save on average 22% with Flexi Season tickets. **

Get £15 off *** digital Season tickets (excluding Annual) with code GREAT15, only on the Trainline app. Digital Season tickets only available on selected routes. Terms apply.


Digital or paper Season tickets?

Instead of queuing at the train station to buy yours, save time and buy your Season ticket online or in our app.

Digital tickets in app

✓ Use in a matter of seconds

✓ No photocard required

✓ Keep your ticket safe on your phone

✓ Use on more devices

✓ Quickly renews within a few taps

Digital season tickets are gradually being rolled out across the UK, keep an eye out for the barcode icon when searching

Digital Season tickets are secure, completely digital and easily accessible on our app, meaning no queuing for a paper ticket, and no fuss. You won't need a separate Photocard with your digital barcode! You'll take your photo during checkout and we'll include it on the ticket. You'll need our iOS or Android app to get your Flexi or Digital Season ticket.

Get a digital Season ticket

Paper ticket

✓ Skip queues, buy online

✓ Request free photocard

Instead of queueing at the train station to buy yours on the day of travel, save time and buy your paper Season ticket online. Use our Season ticket calculator to find the right ticket for you.

You’ll need a photocard before buying your paper Season ticket.

Get a paper Season ticket

What's a Photocard?

With a paper Season ticket you’ll need a Photocard to use as a form of ID. If you don’t have one, you can request one free of charge with us or pop to your local train station’s ticket office with a passport-sized photo and they’ll make you one for free.

Once you have your photocard, tell us your Photocard number when purchasing, and we’ll match it up to your Season ticket. You’ll need to bring both your Season ticket and Photocard with you at all times when travelling.

Trainline’s Season ticket includes your photo so you don’t need a separate Photocard, easy!


Buying the right Season ticket

If you make the same journey more than two times a week, you may be better off getting a Season ticket. But with a few options to choose from, it's hard to know which one to go for.

Check out the types of Season tickets available in the UK below, including the benefits of each and which ones are available as convenient digital tickets.

Weekly Season Ticket

Digital ticket*
Paper ticket

Think of this as your weekly train pass. You can get seven days of unlimited travel between the two stations shown on your ticket.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited travel between two stations for seven days
  • Travel at any time of day
  • Cheaper than buying three daily return tickets

Weekly Season Tickets are available as a digital barcode (selected routes) or paper ticket (collect from ticket machine).

Find out more about Weekly Season Tickets.

Monthly Season Ticket

Digital ticket*
Paper ticket

This is a monthly train pass that allows you unlimited travel between two stations.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited travel between two stations for one month
  • Travel at any time of day
  • Cheaper than buying four Weekly Season Tickets

Monthly Season Tickets are available as a digital barcode (selected routes) or paper ticket (collect from Ticket machine).

Find out more about Monthly Season Tickets.

Flexi Season ticket

Digital ticket*

This is a type of flexible train ticket. If you’re commuting to work only two times a week, a Flexi Season ticket is the perfect option for you.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited travel between two stations
  • Flexibility to travel when you need within 28 days
  • Travel at any time of day

Flexi Season tickets are available as a digital barcode on our iOS or Android app.

Find out more about Flexi Season tickets.


Annual Season Tickets

Digital ticket*
Paper ticket

Simply put, this is a yearly train pass. If you’re travelling on a certain route throughout the year, an Annual Season Ticket is the best way to save money.

The benefits of purchasing a yearly train ticket include:

  • Unlimited travel between two stations
  • Travel at any time of day
  • Cheaper than buying monthly or weekly train tickets throughout the year

But that’s not all – if you live in the South or East of England, your Annual Season Ticket – or Annual Gold Card as it’s also known - also gives you up to 1/3 discount when you travel during weekends or after 09:30 Monday to Friday. Get discounts on First Class and Off-Peak train tickets and Travelcards for you and up to three adults travelling with you, plus 60% of child fares for up to four children between 5-15 years old. Read our FAQs on Railcards and discounts.

Monthly Season Ticket is available as digital barcode (selected routes) or paper ticket (receive by post).

Find out more about Annual Season Tickets.

TfL Season ticket travelcard

This one's for you if you need to travel on the London Underground.

You’ll get unlimited travel between the travelcard zones you select, and you can combine it with any other Season ticket option.

Season tickets with TfL travelcard add-on are only available as paper tickets.

How to buy a Season ticket with us

How to buy a digital Season ticket in our app

  1. Use our iOS or Android app to buy your digital Season ticket. Don’t have it yet? Download our app
  2. On the search screen, tap on Flexi & Seasons to start your search
  3. Enter your origin and destination stations
  4. Select the start date, who it’s for, and if you have a Railcard to add
  5. Select the type of Season ticket you want to buy
  6. Enter your traveller name and add your photo
  7. Buy your digital Season ticket!

How to buy a paper Season ticket on our website

  1. Head over to our Season ticket Calculator
  2. Enter your origin and destination stations
  3. Select the start date for your Season ticket
  4. In the ticket options drop-down, select duration, traveller type, Standard or First Class and add an eligible Railcard if you have one
  5. Select the type of Season ticket you want to buy
  6. Sign in or register
  7. Add your Photocard ID number
  8. Buy your Paper Season ticket!

Season ticket calculator

If you want to do a quick check for Season ticket prices, either head to the Flexi & Seasons section of our app to start a search or jump to our Season ticket calculator. 

Compare Weekly, Monthly, Annual and Flexi price options quickly and easily today.

Use our Season ticket Calculator


Frequently asked questions

Find the most frequently asked questions our customers have about Season tickets below.

*Average saving based on Weekly, Monthly and Annual Season Tickets compared to five Anytime Day Return tickets bought per week, with an allowance for 28 days annual leave. Subject to availability. Adult fare only. Excludes coach. Excludes booking fee.

**Average potential saving between 1 March 2019 - 29 February 2020 on commuter journeys if using a Flexi Season fare for peak time, standard class travel vs equivalent Anytime Day Return fare. Excluding booking fee.