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OUIGO is a low-cost TGV, new service of the SNCF, operating in France from 2013. OUIGO has a unique offering with the same level of comfort found in the 2nd class of a classic TGV. OUIGO's efforts are therefore concentrated in offering low-cost fares. With tickets starting from €10, OUIGO tickets are only available on the internet. And, of course, you can book these train tickets with Trainline.

OUIGO trains map

OUIGO trains operate high-speed train routes on six different services across France, at a lower cost than TGV. Whilst the majority of routes travel in and out of Paris, they do not serve the main stations in the city. Instead, OUIGO trains typically travel to and from Marne-la-Vallée—Chessy (Disneyland Paris) and Charles de Gaulle Airport.  

Whilst journeys are not out of the major Paris stations, OUIGO trains still travel to some popular destinations in France, particularly in the southern regions. OUIGO trains provide high-speed train journeys to Nice, Marseille, Montpellier and Nantes among others.

Using our OUIGO trains map, you can start to plan a journey travelling around France. With high-speed trains at a low-cost, it's one of the best ways to travel around the country. 

OUIGO train timetables

While there are a limited number of services for OUIGO trains, there are still plenty of popular routes that these trains provide. Whether you are travelling to Disneyland Paris, or making your way to the south coast, OUIGO trains can take you to some of the most popular cities in France.

OUIGO trains

OUIGO trains and how you travel on them are very unique compared to the SNCF TGV service. There is only one class, meaning one single fare for all passengers. You can only buy OUIGO tickets online, so don't travel to a station and attempt to buy one! When travelling on the OUIGO trains, you will find no buffet carriage, which helps creates space for more passengers. Hand luggage is free of charge to bring on, however, there is a fee for large pieces of luggage. 

OUIGO Tickets

You will receive your train ticket four days before departure, or immediately if the departure is within four days, by email and via the OUIGO app. Make sure you either print your tickets out before you travel, or download the OUIGO app as you will need to do one of these two things to board the train. 

The OUIGO tickets are not refundable, but can be exchanged from OUIGO's website until 1:30 am before the train's departure for a fee of €10 per passenger. As these tickets are exclusively sold on the Internet, the exchange is not possible at the station and will only be done for another OUIGO train ticket.

OUIGO ticket options

When booking your OUIGO train ticket, you will have the possibility to add some options:

Electrical socket Check the "electrical outlet" option for €2 if you want one to charge your electrical devices.
Extra Baggage Carry up to two additional pieces of luggage at the price of €5 per bag.
Stroller You can take a stroller for free on the OUIGO trains, as long as you indicate it at the time of your reservation and fold it before boarding.
Text messages Opt for text messages to receive confirmation of your ticket reservation and all information about it including your tickets' sending date and even the train's platform number directly on your mobile phone.
Pet In the event that your animal weighs more than 6kg, it is mandatory to have a ticket at the special animal fare, available on the OUIGO website, at €30 per animal.
Quiet area For €5, you can choose your seat in a quieter space than the rest of the train. Perfect for those who want to work during the journey.

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