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Want to save up to 1/3 on the price of your train tickets? Then you’ll need to buy a National Railcard.

The first step is to pick the right Railcard, but worry not! We’ll walk you through each type and help you find the one most suited to your needs. Check out our quick and easy guide below and you'll be making great savings in no time at all. You can even download your Railcard to your smartphone device and start using it today!

Already got your Railcard? Test it out by booking a ticket in our Journey Planner above!

Railcard prices

How Much is a Railcard?

All Railcards cost £30 for the whole year, except for the Disabled Persons Railcard, which costs just £20. Once you have a Railcard, you can get 1/3 off the price of your train tickets, making it a great way to secure cheap fares. Some Railcards are also available as a three-year option for £70, giving you even greater value for money (therefore costing around £23 per year).

Before buying a three-year Railcard, consider whether you're confident that you'll stay in the same routine for three years. If so, there's no reason not to take your savings to a whole new level!

For more info on how you can get 365 day's worth of train ticket discounts, read on below. We'll show you how to apply online and tell you about the other Railcard discounts you could receive.

Type Price (one-year Railcard) Price (three-year Railcard)
Disabled Persons Railcard £20 £54
16-25 Railcard £30 £70
26-30 Railcard  £30 


Senior Railcard  £30  £70 
Network Railcard £30  X
Family & Friends Railcard £30  £70
Two Together Railcard £30 

How to get a Railcard

First of all, you’ll need to select the most suitable Railcard for you. Find a description of each type below and follow the link to your desired Railcard. You’ll then need to follow the on-page instructions and fill out some basic details, with the option of receiving a digital Railcard or a physical one (the physical one takes some time to deliver). You can also buy Railcards at a staffed train station ticket office, though it’s generally quicker and easier to apply online for a digital Railcard. All you’ll have to do is have a passport-style photo ready and download the Railcard app – then you’ll be good to go!

Don’t forget, if you already have a Railcard and want to use it to buy a discounted ticket on this page, you can simply use our Journey Planner!

How to use your Railcard to buy tickets with us

When buying your train tickets with us, follow these simple steps to claim your discount.

  1. Put in your origin and destination as normal
  2. Click on the drop-down menu on the tab that says '1 adult - no railcards'
  3. From here, click on 'Add railcard' followed by 'Select a railcard'
  4. Scroll down and find your Railcard type, select it then click on the 'Done' button and after that, the 'Get times & tickets' prompt

At this stage, you should see the discount applied, and should be able to follow the booking flow to the checkout page.

Network Railcard

Spend £30 on a Network Railcard for the year and look forward to 1/3 off your train tickets during Off-Peak times. Enjoy discounted rail travel in and around London and as far out as

Weymouth, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight, Brighton, Dover, Clacton, Bedford, Northampton, Worcester and more – making this card perfect for those sunny leisure trips to the coast and other destinations.

You won’t be able to buy Season Tickets, Advance tickets or First Class tickets with this Railcard, but you will be able to access some 2 for 1 offers on a variety of attractions, including City Cruises, Arsenal FC stadium tours, SEA LIFE London and much more. You can even find 2 for 1 offers on a variety of restaurants!

Learn more about the Network Railcard, or, if you’re ready, buy a Network Railcard now.

16-25 Railcard

The 16-25 Railcard – sometimes called the Student Railcard (or Young Persons Railcard), is a great way to keep travel costs down – especially if on a budget. The 1/3 off train tickets can go a long way in helping you save, ideal for travelling to work, university or college. You can even use it to get cheaper First Class train tickets. Whether you have an early morning lecture or you're rolling home in the early hours after a night out, you can still apply your discount (a minimum £12 fare applies if you travel between 04:30 – 10:00 on weekdays).

The only requirement for this Railcard is, of course, that you need to be within the ages of 16 and 25, and able to prove it with ID. One great thing about this Railcard is that you'll have the option to purchase a card for three years and save £20 (total cost £70), right up until the day before your 24th birthday.

Don't miss out on years of savings! Learn more about the 16-25 Railcard or buy a 16-25 Railcard now.

26-30 Railcard (Millennial Railcard)

The 26-30 Railcard is now available across the UK, helping 'millennials' to save money on their day-to-day train ticket fares while encouraging more leisurely train travel on days off. The Railcard is currently only available digitally, with users being required to download the Railcard app and show ticket inspectors during train ticket checks.

Costing just £30, and with the same discounts and offers available, the new Railcard is already a hit – so make sure to grab your 26-30 Railcard today!

If you'd like to see a few more details, visit our 26-30 Railcard page.

Disabled Persons Railcard

The Disabled Persons Railcard grants users 1/3 off all train travel, regardless of Peak or Off-Peak times. Passengers with disabilities that make train travel difficult are eligible, and if you're travelling with another adult, they can also benefit from cheap train tickets as your Disabled Persons Railcard will grant them 1/3 off their fare too.

One of the great things about the Disabled Persons Railcard is that it only costs £20, making your overall discount for the year even better! Learn more about the Disabled Persons Railcard or buy your Disabled Railcard here.

Family & Friends Railcard

The great thing about the Family & Friends Railcard (other than the fantastic discounts on offer) is that not all users need to be related. Up to four adults and four children can use the card on big days out. Adults get 1/3 off train travel and children get a 60% discount on their fares with a Family & Friends Railcard, which basically means the adults save even more, no matter the time or day of travel. Children are classed as being between ages 5-15.

At the cost of just £30, this Railcard is excellent value for money. If you take just a few journeys with as many as eight users per go, you'll have already justified the initial outlay. Just remember that all users must stay together while travelling – meaning you must sit together in the same carriage and make sure everyone is on the same train.

Learn more about the Family & Friends Railcard, or buy a Family & Friends Railcard here.

Senior Railcard

Available to anyone over the age of 60, the Senior Railcard grants a superb 1/3 off the price of Standard and First Class Anytime, Advance and Off-Peak train tickets. Like most of the other Railcards, it costs just £30 and therefore is great value for money – even after just a few train trips.

Why not fill your calendar with days out for less? Not only does your Senior Railcard get you cheap train tickets, but it can also get you discounts on London attractions, dining offers at over 6,000 restaurants around the UK, and money off Warner Leisure Hotels.

Find out more on our Senior Railcard page, or purchase your Senior Railcard now.

Two Together Railcard

The Two Together Railcard costs just £30 and allows two passengers to make savings of 1/3 on their train tickets – if you travel together a lot with another person, then this is arguably the cheapest Railcard available (assuming you split the cost so that it's £15 each)!

Although it's often seen as the couple's Railcard, you can purchase one of these for yourself and a friend, or relative – so there technically isn't anyone who wouldn't qualify for one. Interested? Don't wait any longer, purchase your Two Together Railcard and start enjoying days out for less – just bear in mind that this Railcard is not eligible for discounts during morning peak times.

Alternatively, you can also learn more about the Two Together Railcard.

16-17 Saver

Half off train tickets. That’s right, half! Pick up the new 16-17 Railcard and let the savings pile up. It costs just £30 for the year or up until the date of your 18th birthday, making it one of the best value Railcards considering the kinds of discounts you can get.

A great new way to get cheap student train tickets, the 16-17 Railcard is available both digitally (so you can store it in your smartphone’s Railcard app) and physically (if you’d prefer a physical copy). You can buy yours on the official 16-17 Railcard website.

Alternatively, you can learn more by visiting our 16-17 Railcard page.

Annual Gold Card

What is it?

Whilst it’s not one of the official National Railcards, an Annual Gold Card acts in a similar way.

If you live in the South of England and buy an Annual Season Ticket or Travelcard for journeys that start and end within the Annual Gold Card area (more on that later), you’ll automatically qualify for the Annual Gold Card. This means you’ll benefit from 1/3 off Off-Peak train journeys, Travelcards and Oyster journeys also within the Annual Gold Card area.

That’s not the only perk though. Annual Gold Card holders also receive up to 60% off child tickets (for up to 4 children aged 5 to 15), and you can purchase an extra one-year Railcard* for a person of your choice for only £10.

*Available Railcards include Family & Friends, Two Together, 16-25, Disabled Persons, Network Railcard or Senior.

The Annual Gold Card area

Some of the major destinations around the UK covered by the Annual Gold Card include:

  • All of London (including Tube)
  • East Anglia including King’s Lynn, Norwich, Felixstowe, Southminster, Shoeburyness, Huntingdon and Cambridge
  • The South West as far as Portsmouth, Weymouth and Exeter. This included Southampton, Salisbury and Guildford
  • The South East including Margate, Folkestone, Hastings, Eastbourne, Canterbury, Maidstone and Brighton
  • The Midlands including Bedford, Birmingham, Northampton, Rugby and Milton Keynes.
  • West England including Shrewsbury, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Worcester, Oxford and Kidderminster
  • The Island Line

To find out more about Annual Season Tickets and buy your Annual Gold Card, visit our Season Tickets page.

Frequently asked questions

What Railcards are available to me?

The Railcards available to you differ depending on your age and your circumstances. For example, everybody is eligible for a Network Railcard, regardless of their age or health – though a Network Railcard only covers London and the south-east, so it may not be useful to you if you live elsewhere. If you’re between the ages of 16-30, you have a choice of two Railcards – the 16-25 or the 26-30. If you’re over 60 or have a disability, you’ll be able to get the Senior or Disabled Persons Railcard.

If you don’t fall into any of the categories above, your remaining options include the Family & Friends Railcard or the Two Together Railcard – meaning your last hopes rest on knowing other people or travelling with relatives… sorry!

How to use a Railcard

Once you have your Railcard, you can apply it to your train tickets bought online with us, simply by selecting it from the drop-down menu in our Journey Planner. The discount will be applied to your tickets, and you can collect them or keep them on your phone as usual. All you need to do after this is bring your Railcard with you, whether it’s on your phone or you have a physical copy – ticket staff on trains may want to check that you are carrying your Railcard, so don’t forget it!

Can you use a Railcard on the train?

You can use a Railcard to buy a discounted train ticket from onboard staff – but only if the station you arrived at had no ticketing facilities or the ticket machines are broken.

You can also use a Railcard on all passenger train services in Great Britain, excluding Eurostar. Sleeper train services are also valid.

Can you use a Railcard on the tube?

Yes, you can apply your Railcard discount to your Oyster card to save 1/3 on the price of your Single Off-Peak pay as you go fares across the London Underground and on the DLR.

Additionally, Railcards allow you to bag 1/3 off for Off-Peak Day Travelcards within London zones 1-6, as well as for Anytime Day Travelcards which are purchased as part of a journey into London from outside of zones 1-9.

Can you use a Railcard at peak times?

Not all Railcards can be used at Peak times. Some of them, though, including the Disabled Persons Railcard and the 16-25 Railcard, do allow travel during peak times. Please visit our individual pages for each Railcard (found at the top of this page) for more info.

Can I buy a Railcard at the station?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to bring a completed Railcard application form with you, you can find them online on the Railcards website. You’ll also need a photo of yourself.

Lost Railcard – can I still travel?

You can still travel, but unfortunately, you’ll have to pay the full fare if you don’t have your Railcard with you. The best thing to do is to order a replacement ASAP.

Can I use my Railcard to buy tickets online?

Yes, you can use your Railcard to buy tickets online. When booking a train ticket using our Journey Planner, simply hit ‘Add a Railcard’ on the drop-down that appears under the arrow by ‘1 adult.’

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