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Digital only
Your digital Railcard lives on your phone in the account section of the Trainline app. Because it's digital only, you won't need a paper copy of it to use your discount!​ You can use your Railcard on any of your compatible devices. No download codes are needed.

How do I renew my Senior Railcard online?

It’s easy to renew your Senior Railcard with Trainline. When you renew a Railcard with us, it’ll live on your phone in our app – accessible at the click of a button. All you’ll need to get started is an active Trainline account online. Please note that the minimum Operating System (OS) required to renew your Senior Railcard is iOS 15.0 and above or Lollipop on Android.


When you search in the app, you may see a message telling you that your Railcard has expired. If so, tap ‘Renew my Railcard’ to start your quick renewal


Your expired Railcard lives in your account. If valid, you’ll see the ‘Renew’ button – tap it to get started


You’ll see all your Railcard details, as well as an option to switch to a 3-year Railcard. If you’re happy with the details, simply tap ‘Continue to pay’. Need to change your details or upload a new photo? No problem! Tap ‘Edit details’


Once you confirm all your details, you’ll be taken to the payment page to complete your renewal purchase


And that’s it! Your shiny renewed Railcard will continue to save you 1/3 on UK train travel.

How far in advance can I renew my Senior Railcard?

You can renew your current Railcard up to 4 weeks in advance of its expiry date. We will let you know when your Senior Railcard is due to expire so you’re ready to renew it online with us.

Can I renew my Senior Railcard after it expires?

Yes, absolutely. If you bought a digital Railcard online with us and it has already expired, you can renew it up to 1 year after its expiry date.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the FAQs about renewing a Senior Railcard below.

What are the benefits of renewing with Trainline?

When you renew a Senior Railcard with us, your Railcard will be digital, meaning it’ll live on your phone, in our app. That means no more fishing around in your wallet for a paper copy, and no more forgetting it at home. Plus, you won’t have to go all the way to the station and fill out a form to renew your Senior Railcard – you can do it from the palm of your hand.

Do I need to prove my eligibility again if I am applying online?

No, you won’t need to prove your eligibility again when renewing your Senior Railcard with us, as all your details will already be saved in the app.

What do I need to renew my Senior Railcard?

To renew your Senior Railcard online, you’ll just need to have an active Trainline account and our app. Once you log in, you won’t need to provide a valid form of ID as all your details will already be saved there. However, you can update your UK driving licence or passport details if you need.

Do I need a new photo to renew my Senior Railcard online?

No, you won’t need to upload a new photo to renew your Senior Railcard online with us. You’ll just need to be logged into your Trainline account, confirm your details and then pay for your new Railcard.

How much is a Senior Railcard renewal?

A Senior Railcard renewal costs £30 if you want to get a 1-year Railcard and £70 if you want to get a 3-year Railcard, saving you £20 on the price of three separate Railcards. Find out more about the Senior Railcard.

Do I need a Trainline account to renew my Senior Railcard online?

Yes, when you renew your Railcard with us, your Senior Railcard will be linked to your Trainline account and will be stored in the Trainline app. Don’t have our app yet? Download it now.

Can I renew my Senior Railcard at a station?

Yes, if you do not wish to renew online, you can renew your Senior Railcard at any staffed station ticket office in the UK.

Do Senior Railcards renew automatically?

No, unfortunately Senior Railcards do not renew automatically. You need to make sure that your Railcard is renewed if you don’t want to be charged a penalty fare for travelling with an expired Railcard.

Renew your Senior Railcard and save 1/3 on rail travel in the UK

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