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This page will give you an overview of train times between Europe's top destinations, show you how to check European train times with Trainline, take you through the different rail passes you can buy for Europe and suggests some travel itineraries for a train holiday in Europe.

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Europe train times map

Our map of train routes in Europe shows the journey times between some of Europe’s top cities. You can get from London to Paris in 2h 16m, Madrid to Barcelona in 2h 30m, Milan to Rome in 2h 48m or Berlin to Frankfurt in 3h 52m. Take a closer look at the map for an overview of Europe train times.

Want to learn more about train schedules in Europe? Our Europe Train Map connects the main rail destinations on the continent, providing handy links to explore these destinations at your leisure. Whether you want to travel on an epic rail journey from Budapest to Berlin or zip from Brussels to Amsterdam, our train map of Europe will help you out.

Europe train routes

Want to get a feel for how long it takes to get around Europe by train? Have a look at the table below – the results might surprise you! Don’t forget, trains aren’t just comfortable and elegant, they’re greener too!

Train routeJourney time* 
London to Paris2h 19m
Paris to Amsterdam3h 12m
Barcelona to Madrid2h 30m
Paris to London2h 17m
Madrid to Seville2h 21m
Madrid to Barcelona2h 30m
London to Brussels1h 56m
London to Amsterdam3h 55m
London to Berlin8h 50m
Rome to Venice3h 16m

*Journey times are the fastest recorded times from our data.

Other popular train routes in Europe

Need some inspiration about where to hop on the train to? Have a look at these popular train routes in Europe and turn your dreams into a real rail reality. 

Choosing your European train tickets

If you need to buy your train ticket, it's quick and simple. We will even:

  • Highlight the cheapest options in both First Class and Standard (Second), if they're available!
  • Show you the price difference if you wish to upgrade to First Class
  • Give you the best bus route and ticket alternatives
  • Let you know what onboard facilities like WiFi and bicycle storage are available

You’ll also be able to:

  • Select the fastest routes available
  • Use your loyalty or discount cards where applicable
  • Choose what type of seat you prefer – window, aisle or upstairs if it’s a double-decker (bilevel) train

Discover more by reading our guide to trains in Europe or head over to our cheap European train tickets page for some quick tips.

Fancy getting to your destination a bit faster? Choose a high-speed European train.

Travel Europe by train

Did you know, you could use Trainline to see all your favourite European cities? That’s right, you can get around Europe with ease, with our app in your pocket. You’ll be able to access live train times and purchase tickets even minutes before you board a train (though it pays to prepare further ahead than that, with Advance Tickets saving you a good deal of money).

Don’t forget, you can always come back to our website for world-class travel guides on many European countries. Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, there's a tonne of great advice waiting for you, curated by our very own expert employees who have spent a considerable amount of time on trains!

Check out some of our country guides below!

Get inspired

It’s not just train journeys we can offer info about. Whether you’ve only got three days in Berlin or two weeks in France, we’ve got you covered with all the essential info you need. Check out our guides and top tips for European favourites below.

UK train routes

Want to know a bit more about train travel in the UK? There are 28 train companies operating in the UK, meaning the rail network is well connected and can whisk you between major destinations with ease. Find out more on our trains in Great Britain guide, or check out some of the most popular UK routes in the table below. 

Train routeJourney time*
London to Manchester2h 3m
London to Edinburgh4h 16m

Edinburgh to Glasgow

London to Brighton52m
Birmingham to London1h 13m
York to London1h 48m
London to Liverpool2h 1m
Cambridge to London48m
London to Nottingham1h 30m

*Journey times are the fastest recorded times from our data.

Frequently asked questions

What train times are Off-Peak?

Off-Peak train times can vary, mainly depending on the train company you’ll be travelling with. Generally, Off-Peak means any time apart from early mornings and late afternoons/early evenings Monday to Friday. Peak times often coincide with the busiest travel times for commuters heading to work. Most train travel during weekends and bank holidays is Off-Peak.

What are the train times for today?

You can check the train times for any European route today by entering your origin station and your destination into our Journey Planner.

How do I find Off-Peak train times?

Search for a ticket for your preferred route in our Journey Planner and we’ll automatically show you the cheapest ticket available. Often this will be an Off-Peak ticket, but you can guarantee this by travelling on the weekend or after the busy morning peak period/before or after the busy evening peak period.

How can I get train times on my phone?

You can quickly access train time on your phone by downloading the Trainline app. Once you’ve searched for a route, you can hit the star icon to add it to your favourites for easy and fast access the next time you need to check the train times.

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