TGV is SNCF’s high-speed rail service. Carrying passengers across France on trains exceeding 300kmh, TGV train has become one of the most popular modes of transport for travelling around the country. What's more, with around 50 high-speed rail routes, TGV can take you through France and into neighbouring countries such as Belgium, Germany and Spain.

The TGV between France and Italy is back!

The TGV INOUI train between France and Italy is back on trips from Paris to Milan and Paris to Turin with part of the journey made by bus.
Here's what to expect if you're traveling between Paris and Milan or Paris and Turin:
  • Paris to/from Saint-Jean de Maurienne by train
  • Saint-Jean de Maurienne to/from Oulx by coach
  • Oulx to/from Milan/Turin by train
Tickets are on sale now for travel from 10th January 2024.

As a reminder that your trip will be partly by bus, TGV INOUI will send you a notification (e-mail or mobile phone message) 10 days before the trip, then again 1 day before your trip.

Although you'll only see one route when you book, remember that the Saint-Jean de Maurienne to Oulx portion of your trip will be by bus.

See you soon Milano!

TGV map

The TGV train network is a large and extensive one, covering all corners of France and even countries nearby. With long distances covered in a relatively short period, you can start to plan your trip, and what you'll do with the time you'd have made up by travelling high-speed.

If you’re looking to connect the dots, we’ve created a TGV route map that shows all the major routes and stops across France, giving you a better idea of how to plan out your train journeys across the country.

TGV routes

With plenty of regions and cities to see in France, getting around by train is a peaceful and easy way to explore this vast country. For more inspiration on where to go in France, check out some of the popular routes our customers already take. 

TGV train information

TGV trains are some of the fastest and most comfortable trains not just in France, but all of Europe. Using TGV trains gives you a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with the French countryside, all whilst sipping on a nice glass of wine!

TGV Trains

TGV trains are some of the most modern high-speed trains in Europe. Combining speed and comfort, TGV offers passengers a great experience while travelling over long distances. There are over 550 TGV trains currently in operation, spread out over nine different types of TGV train. The most modern TGV train is the Europlex.  

With a top speed over 320kmh, the Europlex is the next generation of TGV train for SNCF. With power sockets fitted in both classes, more room for passengers in Second Class and a smoother ride, TGV Europlex trains will be the future for the network.  

When onboard TGV trains, passengers can typically look forward to double-decker carriages. These have become part of the iconic image of the TGV train and helps SNCF carry more passengers per trip, reducing congestion during journeysWiFi on TGV trains is available on all routes in and out of Paris, with SNCF hoping to increase the network in the future.  

TGV First Class

If you want to travel in a little more luxury, then TGV First Class services provide plenty of itWith access to SNCF First Class lounges at all stations, there’s no better way to start a journey. TGV First Class carriages all come with larger and adjustable seats and fold-down tables for any food or work you may have. There are also electrical power sockets at each seat, perfect for charging any gadgets on the go.  

TGV First Class tickets will cost more, however, when booking TGV train tickets, you may be able to get cheaper tickets should you book further in advance. 

TGV tickets

TGV tickets run in the same way as all SNCF tickets do. There are three main ticket types with SNCF: PREM’S, LEISURE AND PRO. These tickets all have different levels of flexibility and price, and when you book will also affect the price. If you’re travelling on a OUIGO TGV train, the tickets will be cheaper. However, OUIGO TGV trains only travel on selected routes. If you want to learn more about the different types of SNCF tickets, you can visit our SNCF information page for more details.

How to buy cheap TGV train tickets

French rail fares usually rise in price over time after they’re released. So, booking in advance is the best way to get cheap TGV train tickets. With this in mind, we recommend buying Prem’s tickets as far in advance as possible (up to three months) when you know your travel dates – not only are you likely to save money, but you’ll also have peace of mind that your travel is sorted.  

To find out more, visit our dedicated cheap train tickets in France page.  

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