Luton Airport Parkway Station is one of the most common train stations for travellers from London to Luton Airport and vice-versa. From there, Cambridge, Canterbury, Oxford, Brighton and other cities and towns of South East England are within easy reach. Trains operated by Thameslink and East Midlands connect the station to St Pancras International. They run every 10 minutes during peak times, 7-days a week.

From 27th March 2023, the Luton DART will replace the shuttle bus service between Luton Airport Parkway and London Luton Airport. The Luton DART is a passenger transit system that will take you to the airport in just under 4 minutes. If you choose Luton Airport as the start or end point of your journey, the Luton DART is included as part of your rail ticket. 

Read on to learn more about buying train tickets, timetables and possible connections.

Getting to Luton Airport by train

Using Trainline, you can book cheap train tickets to London Luton Airport. This saves time and money on taxis and airport parking, freeing up extra spending cash for your holiday. To get tickets at the lowest prices, we recommend booking well in advance of the journey. You can also use National Railcards to save a further 1/3 on an adult’s journey and 60% on kids’ fares.

Thameslink train connects St Pancras International station in London to Luton Airport Parkway. Before St Pancras, the train stops at Farringdon, City Thameslink, London Blackfriars and Gatwick. An East Midlands train service runs along the same line but only from London St Pancras International station. The train runs 7-days a week, every 10-minutes at peak times and every hour through the night. The journey takes between 20 and 50 minutes.

Direct trains run to St Pancras from BrightonAshford International, Leicester and Dover. You can also get there using the London Underground from other London train stations. This allows easy access from most major UK cities. A convenient 10-minute shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes from Luton Airport Parkway to London Luton Airport. When you book a train to Luton Airport, the bus fare is included as part of the price.

The Luton DART is a passenger transit system that runs from the airport to Luton Airport Parkway train station in just under 4 minutes. Alternatively, a taxi from the airport to the train station takes only 10 minutes.

The Luton DART: All you need to know about the new shuttle system at Luton Airport

Launched on the 27th of March 2023, the Luton DART replaced the shuttle bus services that run between Luton Airport Parkway and the airport, as it's not possible to walk between the two.

The Luton DART is a passenger transit system that takes you from the station to the airport in just under 4 minutes – that's quick!

How do I buy a ticket for the Luton DART?

When booking your train travel, choose Luton Airport as the end point of your journey and the Luton DART will be included as part of your rail ticket and is available as a digital ticket. If your ticket only goes to Luton Airport Parkway, don’t worry as there are ticket machines where you can buy a separate DART ticket from before you enter the shuttle terminal.

Luton DART prices as of June 2023

  • Adult single £4.90
  • Child single £2.45

How do I get from the train station to the Luton DART terminal?

It’s really easy! Once you step off your train, head up the escalators or the lifts and follow the walkway round to the left, you’ll need to show your ticket at the ticket barrier to exit the station, then you’ll need to go through another set of barriers that allow you into the DART terminal.


How often does the DART run?

There are three different timetables for the Luton DART:


Time of day

Number of DART shuttles running


Between 06:00 and 09:30 and 14:00 and 18:00

Up to every 4 minutes

Super Off-Peak

Between 22:00 and 04:00

4 to 6 times an hour

Off Peak

All other times

Up to every 7 minutes


Onboard the Luton DART

Whilst you wait to board at one of the two platforms in the DART terminal, you’ll be able to see how long it is until the next shuttle arrives. Inside the DART trains are wide and spacious, with seating along the sides and at both ends of the carriage, plus poles throughout to hold onto if you’re standing. There’s also priority seating and dedicated wheelchair spaces.

Digital screens along the DART will show you the latest updates for upcoming flights.

The journey from Luton Airport Parkway to Luton Airport takes around 4 minutes in total.

Where does the Luton DART arrive at the airport?

At the end of your quick journey, you arrive at another station which is just a few minutes’ walk away from the departures entrance of Luton Airport which is clearly signed alongside a covered walkway in case of rain. And there you are, ready to go through security and take your flight.

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Things to do at Luton Airport

London Luton Airport is the UK’s fifth-largest passenger airport and services over 1-million passengers per month. As a result, there’s plenty of facilities to keep you entertained and help you relax before your flight. The airport’s single terminal has many eateries and coffee shops including Burger King, Pret A Manger, Krispy Kreme and Starbucks.

Many stores also cater to shoppers, such as WHSmith, JD Sports, Marks & Spencer, Boots, Accessorize and Kurt Geiger. A duty-free store is available after security, with items like spirits, confectionery and souvenirs. When you enter departures, you’ll see the check-in to your right. If you need international currency, an exchange lies just ahead of the entrance. The security gates are to your left.

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