I came by train

Be a climate hero

Save the planet, one journey at a time.

Getting our climate back on track.

I came by train is a collective movement to help fight climate change. Because taking the train is a massive 67% less polluting than driving.

So, switch just one journey to train, cut your CO2 impact, and become a climate hero.
Let’s get onboard.

Together, we’re looking forward to Better Days.

Taking the train instead of driving creates 67% less CO2

Why so black and white? Hint: the answer is carbon

We’re here to make carbon less complicated

Sure, less is more, but what’s the science behind your carbon footprint?

Travel good

Travel good

Cars and planes create 58% of the UK’s transport CO2 emissions, whereas the entire rail network (with all the trains to everywhere) adds up to just 1.5%.
7 x better

7 x better

Travelling by train instead of plane creates 7 x less CO2. So, switching to rail is one of the biggest ways to lower your carbon impact.
Dirty clothes for a year

Dirty clothes for a year

Taking a train from London to Edinburgh instead of flying saves 110kg of CO2...the same as not using your washing machine for nearly a year.

Let's calculate that carbon

Tell us where you're going, and we'll tell you how much CO2 you'll save.

I came by train
because future generations

I came by train
because being lit is for influencers not forests

I came by train
because melting ice is good for G&Ts not icecaps

I pledge to swap one journey to rail

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Sustainable travel & greener living

How to save money on trains?

We want to make it easier to be green, so here are the best ways to travel by train and not break the bank.

Book in advance

Not all tickets are created equal. Some are just, well, cheaper. Book up to 12 weeks in advance and save an average of 61%*.

Grab a Railcard

Get 1/3 off travel** when you use a Railcard, which means the more you travel the more you save.

Split your tickets

Automatically splitting your journey into multiple cheaper tickets. In a nutshell, you stay on the exact same train, but it just costs you less.