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Travelling with SNCF allows you to discover the wonders of France by trainSNCF trains take you to all corners of France, as well as to international destinations like Spain and Germany. There are three major SNCF trains you can take – TGV, TER and Intercities. These SNCF trains will take you on national, regional and local routes, including high-speed trains from Paris train stations.

SNCF map

Travelling through France by train gives you a fantastic perspective of this vast country, that you don't get from flying or driving. With the size of France, and the ever-changing cultures and scenery, it can be very easy to lose track of where you are. This map can help you plot your way around France, and find the best route for you.

If you’re interested in seeing where your SNCF train is travelling in France, and where you’ll be in the country once you reach your destination, then take a look at our SNCF map overview. Highlighting the main stations and route across France, this is a great way to plot your journey around France, making it quick and easy to plan your holiday. 

If you're still looking for some ideas of where to take the travel to in France, visit our trains in France page for some extra inspiration.

SNCF tickets

There are a number of different SNCF tickets you can buy when travelling around France by train. Depending on the flexibility of your travel time and date, you’ll be able to decide which type of ticket is best for you. Here, we’ll break down the main types of SNCF tickets, and explain how each works on different trains. 


This SNCF ticket is available to those travelling on TGV and Intercities trains. The Prem's ticket is available up to three months before the date of travel. They’re often snapped up quickly so you’ll have to move quick to secure yours!

These tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable, so you must be able to travel on that particular train, or you’ll lose your money. If a Prem's ticket is available, we'll show it in our Journey Planner as Prem's.

Second Class

A new type of fare introduced in May 2019, these tickets are valid for Second Class travel on TGV and Intercities SNCF trains. Prices increase as the departure date approaches so be sure to book in advance to secure cheaper fares.

Second Class tickets are exchangeable and refundable, so a flexible option if you think your travel times might change. You'll find Second Class tickets labelled as Seconde in our Journey Planner. 

First Class

Also introduced in May 2019 by SNCF, this fare is valid for First Class travel on TGV and Intercities trains. Prices increase as the date of departure approaches, so book in advance when possible. 

Like Second Class, First Class tickets are also exchangeable and refundable. When searching for First Class tickets in our Journey Planner, look for those labelled Premiere

Learn more about SNCF First Class.

Business First 

This fare is valid for travel in First Class only, as well as access to Premium services such as access to the Grand Voyageur lounge in the station, priority boarding, drinks and newspapers and free WiFi on TGV trains. Unlike Second or First Class tickets, Business First has a flat rate fare. 

Business First tickets are fully flexible, exchangeable and refundable. When booking with us, these tickets are labelled as Business Premiere in our Journey Planner.  

When do SNCF tickets go on sale?

Generally speaking, tickets for high-speed intercity services go on sale around 3 months in advance. However, the date at which new tickets are released is at SNCF’s discretion, and you may find that the booking horizon is sometimes shorter than 3 months. If you don’t see all the results you would expect to see for a journey search, you may be searching a bit too far in advance. The key is to be patient – give it a few weeks and you should find that those tickets will be available!

SNCF Railcards

Want to save on your SNCF ticket? Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, we’ll help you find the most suitable SNCF Railcard for your train journeys. Keep reading for more details, including how you can buy your French Railcard online with us.

French Railcard and Pass types

There are different types of French Railcards and Passes offered by SNCF:

  • Carte Avantage Jeune TGV INOUI
  • Carte Avantage Adulte TGV INOUI
  • Carte Avantage Senior TGV INOUI
  • Carte Liberté TGV INOUI
  • MAX JEUNE Pass
  • Forfait 1ère Pass
  • Forfait 2nde Pass

Please note that the Carte Avantage Week-end and Carte Avantage Famille have been replaced by the Carte Avantage Adulte TGV INOUI.

SNCF Railcard prices

Type of RailcardPrice
Carte Avantage Jeune TGV INOUI €49*
Carte Avantage Senior TGV INOUI€49*
Carte Avantage Adulte TGV INOUI€49*
Carte Liberté TGV INOUI€399*
MAX JEUNE Pass€​79*

*Prices are subject to change


Get 30% off your tickets with SNCF Carte Avantage TGV INOUI

Carte Avantage TGV INOUI is SNCF's discount card that allows you to get up to 30% off your tickets. There are three different types of this discount card: Carte Avantage Jeune TGV INOUI (for anyone aged 12-27), Carte Avantage Adulte TGV INOUI (for anyone aged 27-59) and Carte Avantage Senior TGV INOUI (for anyone aged 60+).

Carte Avantage

1 year

For ages 12-27

For the Railcard holder and up to 3 children (4-11 years old)

30% off TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS tickets and 25-50% off TER tickets

Capped prices
Max €39 for journeys shorter than 1h 30m
Max €59 for journeys between 1h 30m and 3h
Max €79 for journeys longer than 3h

Railcard in PDF format
You'll receive your Carte Avantage Jeune TGV INOUI as a PDF via email

Carte Avantage

1 year

For ages 60+

For the Railcard holder and up to 3 children (4-11 years old)
The Railcard holder gets a 30% discount and children get 60% off TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS tickets. All travellers get 25-50% off TER tickets

Capped prices
Max €39 for journeys shorter than 1h 30m
Max €59 for journeys between 1h 30m and 3h
Max €79 for journeys longer than 3h

Railcard in PDF format
You'll receive your Carte Avantage Senior TGV INOUI as a PDF via email

Carte Avantage

1 year

For ages 27-59
Valid for one-way journeys if the cardholder is travelling with a child or on a Saturday or Sunday, or for return trips that include at least Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

For up to 2 adults and 3 children (4-11 years old)
Adults get a 30% discount and children get 60% off TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS tickets. All travellers get 25-50% off TER tickets

Capped prices
Max €39 for journeys shorter than 1h 30m
Max €59 for journeys between 1h 30m and 3h
Max €79 for journeys longer than 3h

Railcard in PDF format
You'll receive your Carte Avantage Adulte TGV INOUI as a PDF via email

SNCF Passes

If you’re a frequent traveller, you can save on your train tickets and get more flexibility with 3 different SNCF Passes: Carte Liberté TGV INOUI, the Forfait Pass, and MAX JEUNE Pass. Read on for more information.


1 month

For ages 16-27

For tickets made available by SNCF

Fixed price per month
Unlimited travel with TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS. Online booking required

Forfait Pass
for First Class travel

Valid for 1 month/week for frequent journeys in First Class

Unlimited travel
TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS and TER tickets at a maximum of €1.50 if booked in advance

Pass in PDF format
You’ll receive your Forfait Pass as a PDF via email

Forfait Pass
for Second Class travel

Valid for 1 month/week for frequent journeys in Second Class

Unlimited travel
TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS and TER tickets at a maximum of €1.50 if booked in advance

Pass in PDF format
You’ll receive your Forfait Pass as a PDF via email

Carte Liberté TGV INOUI

1 year

For frequent travellers on TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS and some routes in Europe

For the cardholder and up to 3 children (4-11 years old)
The cardholder gets 45% off First Class and 60% off Second Class tickets, calculated on the Business Première rate
Children get 50% off the price paid by the cardholder

Railcard in PDF format
You’ll receive your Carte Liberté TGV INOUI as a PDF via email

SNCF Carte Liberté TGV INOUI is now valid for both business and leisure travel

From 15th June 2022, SNCF Carte Liberté TGV INOUI comes with additional perks. Not only can it be used for business travel, it now also gives you all the advantages of SNCF’s Carte Avantage TGV INOUI for your leisure trips, with the new Avantage fare. Keep reading for more details.

How to buy a French Railcard online with us


Choose and register your SNCF Railcard



Enter your details


Sign in to your Trainline account


Confirm your purchase and get your Railcard as a PDF

SNCF routes

Using our journey planner, you can access SNCF train times and information for your selected route. This includes departure and arrival times, seating plans, direct and non-direct options and what type of trains you'll travel on.

SNCF trains

When travelling with SNCF, you'll be on either a TGV, TER, OUIGO or Intercities service. These trains provide different services across the country. Discover each train type, their destinations and what you can expect to find onboard below.


TGV trains are the flagship fleet run by SNCF. The high-speed TGV trains depart and arrive from Paris on a daily basis, with destinations including Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Lyon and Bordeaux. TGV trains are also extremely popular due to their double-decker style carriages, enabling them huge numbers of passengers on every route while providing stunning views for those lucky enough to grab a spot on the upper deck.

TGV trains have both First and Second Class carriages so depending on your budget, there are two options for you to choose from. When travelling in First Class expect to find excellent comfort and amenities such as power sockets (local and European), hot drink holders and headrests. Seats are arranged in a 2 + 1 formation so, there is much more space onboard First Class carriages compared to Second Class. There’s also a food carriage (cafe-bar) on most trains, providing hot meals and beverages. For speedy service, use the free WiFi to order your food from your seat and skip the queue when you pick up.


SNCF Intercities trains serve major stations and destinations in all parts of France. These SNCF trains link the major Paris stations with destinations such as Le Havre, Lyon and Bordeaux in comfort and speed. Intercities trains also operate at night so if you have an early start or want to save forking out on hotel rooms, these journeys could be perfect.

When travelling onboard, there are many different facilities that cater to all different travellers. There are quiet zones should you want to relax and maybe catch some sleep while you travel. If you’re in a group, then you can ride in seats of four grouped around a table, creating a place to chat and relax as you glide through France. If you’re travelling with young children, then there are selected Intercities that have special play area compartments. These are ideal for those that want to keep their children occupied while travelling over long distances.


If you are travelling within a region of France and want to move about effortlessly and quickly, then you may find yourself on a TER train. SNCF dedicate the TER trains to shorter routes around France. TER trains aren't high-speed and often stop more frequently, but if you don't mind station hopping, then these are a very convenient and very cost-effective way to get around the country.

TER trains are the most frequently run in France, with up to 7,500 services a day across the country! As well as regional routes, TER services are also important commuter trains into and departing most major French cities.

Other SNCF trains

There's more to the SNCF network than the TGV, TER and Intercity trains. SNCF also part own a number of other train services across Europe.

Ouigo is a high-speed, yet low-cost train service that provides passengers with long-distance services across France. While only available on four routes, if you're travelling to a city or town with Ouigo, get yourself a bargain while these tickets are up for grabs.

On trains to Belgium, you'll find yourself on another train service with Eurostar. These high-speed trains travel from Paris, calling at cities such as Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


OUIGO is SNCF’s low-cost high-speed train service, allowing for intercity travel in France to suit any budget. OUIGO trains only have one class – Standard – and do not contain some of the creature comforts of their pricier TGV cousins. However, this means tickets are considerably cheaper for OUIGO services.

OUIGO tickets guarantee access to a seat and 2 pieces of hand luggage. There are a variety of ‘extras’ you can add on to your booking, including plug socket access, more luggage and bringing a stroller on board.

While OUIGO services operate primarily in France, they also run on the Barcelona-Madrid route in Spain. Find out more about OUIGO.

How to buy cheap SNCF train tickets

With the Prem's, Second and First Class tickets, we recommend that you book these tickets as far in advance as possible (usually available up to three months in advance). This is the best possible way of getting cheap train tickets in France. Not only will this give you peace of mind that the tickets have been bought, but they will also be cheaper. French train ticket prices typically rise as the departure date gets nearer, so if you know when you want to travel, then get a booking to save more money!

Delays and refunds


Most SNCF tickets are refundable before departure – however, the closer you are to the day of departure, the more likely you are to be charged an administration fee for the refund. You can view the full list of refund conditions on SNCF’s website; manage your booking and apply for refunds in the ‘My Bookings’ section of our website.


If you have a ticket for a TGV or Intercités train and it is over 30 minutes late, you can apply for a partial refund. SNCF call this their ‘G30 guarantee’. The levels of compensation are tied to how late the service is:

  • 30 mins – 2 hours late: 25% of your ticket price
  • 2 hours – 3 hours late: 50% of your ticket price
  • Over 3 hours late: 75% of your ticket price

You must apply via the form on SNCF’s website. Luckily, our app will notify you automatically if you are entitled to delay repay – all the more reason to download it if you don’t already have it!

Seat reservations on SNCF trains

High-speed trains (TGV and OUIGO)

Tickets for high-speed services include a seat reservation by default. Your seat number will be listed on your ticket, which – if you book through Trainline, will be emailed to you (it’ll also live in the ‘My Bookings’ section of your account).

Intercités trains

For short-distance journeys there are no compulsory seat reservations, so you can just hop on and find a seat. However, on longer journeys the ticket will include a seat reservation.

Local and regional trains

As is the case for most regional train services in Europe, there are no seat reservations for regional train services in France. This includes TER Regional services and RER services (for travel to/from Paris).

Good to know

Travelling with SNCF? Find out everything you need to know about luggage allowance, pets and other SNCF onboard facilities here

*Indicative prices. 30% discount on TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS tickets, booked with SNCF Carte Avantage TGV INOUI. The 30% discount is applicable for the holder of the SNCF Card Avantage TGV INOUI, and a companion over 12 years old for holders of the Carte Avantage Adulte TGV INOUI aged 27-59. The discount is calculated on the PREM'S, Second and First Class fare and the full Second and First Class fares for TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS trains, excluding OUIGO, and on the normal fare for INTERCITÉS trains without compulsory reservation for journeys in France, and on the First or Second Class fare of the day for TGV INOUI trains to Luxembourg, Fribourg-en-Brisgau and on TGV INOUI and ICE trains operated by DB-SNCF; on the Seconda or Prima fare (2nd or 1st) of the day on TGV France-Italy; on the Standard or Standard Premier fare of TGV Lyria trains. Not combinable with any other current promotion and card renewal bonus.

Average savings on advance fares booked at least one week before day of travel vs Anytime fares purchased on day of travel. Subject to availability. Excludes coach.

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