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Deutsche Bahn trains are some of the most efficient and comfortable trains in Europe. And with over 5 million customers a day, it’s also one of the busiest. Whether you’re travelling on the high-speed ICE trains or the local Regionalbahn services, you’ll receive the same kinds of comfort and service you get on any DB train. Discover more about the different Deutsche Bahn trains you can travel on. Learn about which Deutsche Bahn ticket is best for you, and the top destinations you can visit in Germany by train.

Deutsche Bahn Map

Due to the size of Germany, it can be hard to know where you are in the country, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. Couple this with the extensive rail network, and it can also be hard to know which locations you’ll pass by on your DB train. Therefore, we have created an overview of the popular ICE and IC train routes that people travel on, and how long those journeys take.  


Using Deutsche Bahn means you have the opportunity to travel on high-speed trains across the country. That means you can move around Germany at such a speed, you may lose track of where you are, or what may be just around a corner.

Use this map to see where some of the most popular destinations in Germany, and the distance between them. If you are looking for more inspiration on where to go, why not visit our trains in Germany page for more information.

Deutsche Bahn Timetables

With thousands of different routes on a daily basis, finding the right train for you can seem daunting. Luckily, our journey planner can help you find the right Deutsche Bahn schedule and pick the right time to the page. If you are still looking for some inspiration about where you can travel in Germany by train, we have listed some of the popular journeys that our customers take.  

Deutsche Bahn Trains

Deutsche Bahn’s fleet of trains features a range of different services, including the ICE, Germany’s high-speed train. Then there’s the Intercity train, connecting many of the major towns and cities across Germany on a smooth and comfortable ride. For more local trains, DB provides the Regional Express and Regionalbahn services, bringing towns and cities in different regions closer together through rail journeys. Read on for more information about each train, what you can find onboard, and where they take you. 

ICE Trains

Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed train, the ICE train covers the main routes across Germany. Intercity Express trains reach over 300kmh, serving cities such as Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. You can also take the ICE train to neighbouring countries such as France and Austria.

ICE trains come equipped with WiFi throughout, as well as quiet zones, family carriages and much more. Consisting of two classes, there is little between the two in terms of services. These trains also have amplified phone coverage in certain carriages, making it easier to make those important phone calls while travelling at high-speed. Find out more about ICE trains and where they can take you, plus how you can buy the cheapest train tickets.


The other popular DB train that covers all corners of Germany is the Intercity train. While not travelling at the same high-speeds of the ICE trains, Intercity trains still transport Deutsche Bahn passengers quickly across large regions of Germany, in the same comfort that you would find on the Intercity Express. There are many similar comforts between the two trains, including spacious seats. What’s more, some Intercity trains even come with double-decker carriages, enabling these Deutsche Bahn trains to carry amore passengers per journey.

Regional Express and Regionalbahn

If you are travelling to different regions of Germany, and want to explore more of your surroundings, then it’s likely you’ll travel on a Deutsche Bahn Regional Express train. Bringing together towns and cities in the same area on a single, fast train line, Regional Express trains have helped reduce journey times for people who don’t want to drive. DB Regional Express trains also provide some of the most important commuter services in Germany, so we advise you to check train times, and avoid travelling at peak hours when possible. Regional Express trains are typically double-decker trains, creating extra room for more passengers.

Deutsche Bahn Tickets

Deutsche Bahn tickets are fairly simple to understand. Whether you travel in First Class or Second Class, there are two different ticket types you can buy: Sparpreis and Flexpreis. To give you a better understanding of the differences between these two DB tickets, here’s a brief overview of the two.


The most common type of Deutsche Bahn ticket, Sparpreis tickets is the cheapest type of train ticket you can buy. There are limitations to this ticket, however. Sparpreis tickets restrict you from travelling on the train you have booked for, with a fee for refunding or exchanging the ticket. This fee is typically 19 Euros, and the ticket becomes invalid after the day of travel.

Another thing to bear in mind when buying this type of ticket is that Deutsche Bahn raises the price of the ticket depending on demand for the particular route. We recommend you buy the ticket as far in advance as possible, to give yourself the best chance at getting the cheapest train ticket.


While the more expensive of the two, the Flexpreis ticket gives you more freedom regarding when you’re able to use your ticket. When buying a Flexpreis ticket, you can travel on any given train on the day of travel, meaning you have no restrictions on travel. Also, Deutsche Bahn will give you a full refund for the ticket up until the day before departure, should your travel plans change.

The cost of this DB ticket will depend on the journey, class and type of train you travel on. Similar to the Sparpreis, we recommend you buy this ticket as far in advance as possible, in order to get the best deal.

Deutsche Bahn First Class

Travelling in First Class with Deutsche Bahn is something that certainly comes close to the definition of the ideal train travel experience. Deutsche Bahn First Class services include complimentary snacks during your journey and large, comfortable seats.

Furthermore, you will receive free newspapers and fast WiFi, giving you everything you need to have a fast, enjoyable train journey.

Good to know

Travelling with Deutsche Bahn? Find out everything you need to know about luggage allowance, pets and other onboard Deutsche Bahn facilities here

Yes, you can. All trains are free to use with your pass, no matter the time or length of the journey. On some high-speed trains, such as the ICE train, a seat reservation may be required, which could mean an additional cost. This also applies for upgrades to sitting in First Class. If you have the One Country pass, then you will not be able to travel on any DB train that travels cross-border.

The Sparpreis ticket will allow you a refund, but it will cost you up to 19 Euros to either cancel or exchange the ticket. With Flexpreis tickets, there’s no charge for refunding or exchanging the ticket, up until the day before you travel.

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