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Renfe's AVE train is the high-speed service on the Spanish rail network. Connecting major towns and cities across Spain on a single, high-speed line has made travelling in Spain by train care-free and easy to do. Since 1992, AVE train services have grown from routes between Madrid to Seville to becoming one of the most extensive high-speed networks in Europe.  Learn more about AVE trains, AVE travel classes and where AVE trains go. You can also get more information on where AVE trains go, using our journey planner and our AVE train map. 


Due to the size of the AVE train network, there may be a lot of planning involved if you wish to travel the whole country by train. Using our AVE train map, you can see exactly where the high-speed AVE trains go.  

Using the AVE train network is one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to travel around Spain. Hurtling through the Spanish rural and urban centres at high-speed gives you a front row seat to the ever-changing scenery. 

What's more, AVE trains are travelling to more and more cities and towns throughout Spain every year, so it's important to know just where you are travelling. You can use our handy AVE trains map to plot your way along some of the most popular destinations with AVE, and create a trip to remember!

AVE Trains Timetables

Renfe AVE takes passengers to all corners of Spain, making it simple to reach the coast from Madrid before you know it. Most major AVE routes travel in and out of Madrid and Barcelona, which makes it ideal for long-distance commuting and those who are beginning their exploration of the country from the city centresIf you are still looking for ideas of where you can travel in Spain by train, you can take a look at some of the popular routes taken by our customers. 

AVE Classes

When travelling on a Renfe AVE train, there are four comfort classes to choose from: Turista, Turista Plus, Preferente and Club. All four classes provide you with different services. However, comfort and space are very similar, regardless of where you’re sitting on the train.


The standard class of travel on AVE trains, Turista class offers passengers with comfortable seats, WiFi and the option to travel with a fold-down table. Seats are still large and with plenty of leg room, while some also recline, to add a little more comfort for those slightly longer journeys.

For a little more comfort, you can also travel in Turista Plus, which gives you all the same services, just with bigger seats!


The first of the two 'First Class' AVE train classes, Preferente offers a fantastic experience when travelling long distance by train. There are firstly fewer seats in this carriage, providing extra space for each passenger. Complimentary hot and cold drinks and snacks are also available throughout the journey.

There are also daily newspapers to read and headphones to wear while watching onboard entertainment. On top of this, access to the Renfe Club lounges is provided at all available stations.


All the perks of Preferente can be found in Club with the bonus of leather seats. There are also fewer seats in Club than Preferente, so even more room to relax and enjoy the views as you travel in style with AVE trains.

AVE Train Tickets

The types of train tickets you can buy are identical to those with all other Renfe trains. Promo, Promo+ and Flexible are the three ticket types that are valid for all four classes on AVE trains. For more information on how each ticket works and which is best for you, take a look at our Renfe page.

Good to know

Renfe AVE trains first began operating in 1992, and has grown to cover over 3,100km of Spain.

Yes. As with all Renfe train services, there is a baggage security check before departure. Please allow up to 30minutes before departure to make sure you are through in plenty of time.

Renfe AVE trains travel up to 310 km/h on most journeys, making it one of the fastest high-speed trains in Europe.

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