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Are you travelling between the same stations four or more days each week? You can buy your Weekly Season Ticket online with us – you’ll save money on your commute and you’ll get to enjoy unlimited travel by train between your departure and arrival stations for a whole week. Also, you’ll avoid queueing at the ticket office to collect or buy tickets on the day of travel.

Keep reading for more information on how Weekly Season Tickets can help you make great savings on your train journey.

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What is a Weekly Season Ticket?

A Weekly Season Ticket allows you to travel at any time of day, and as much as you want for seven days between the two stations shown on your ticket – that’s so much cheaper than buying four daily return tickets! Also, you can get a Weekly Season Ticket as an eticket on selected routes, meaning your weekly train ticket will be digital and you won’t have to queue at the station's ticket office to collect a paper ticket. Whether you you travel at Peak or Off-Peak times, you can use your Weekly Season Ticket to get between the two stations on your ticket.

What are the benefits of a Weekly Season Ticket?

Unlimited travel between two stations for a week

Allows you to travel at any time of day, including Peak and Off-Peak times

Cheaper than buying four daily return tickets

Download digitally as eticket on your phone, reducing paper wastage

How to buy a Weekly Season Ticket online

You can buy your Weekly Season Ticket online with us rather than having to queue at the station to buy it on the day of travel. Simply head to our Season Ticket Calculator and follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your origin and destination stations
  2. Select the start date for your Weekly Season Ticket
  3. Tick 'Weekly' under the Ticket Options
  4. Pick your type of traveller
  5. Choose the class you want to travel in
  6. Select an eligible type of Railcard*
  7. Buy your Weekly Season Ticket


* Please note that it’s not possible to use a Railcard with Season Tickets as they’re already discounted. The exceptions are the Job Centre Plus Travel Discount Card, the Highland Railcards and the Young Scot National Entitlement Card (16-18 year old), which provide further discounts, where eligible. When asked by rail staff, you must show a valid ticket and your valid Railcard signed by you (plus your Railcard Photocard if required).

Weekly Season Ticket Photocard

Buying your Weekly Season Ticket for the first time? Make sure you have a Photocard to use as proof of ID. If you don’t have a Photocard, you can either request one free of charge from us by filling in this form or take a passport-sized photo to your local ticket office and they’ll make you one for free.

If you already have a Photocard, you can tell us your Photocard number at the time of purchase and we’ll match it up to your Weekly Season Ticket. Just remember that you’ll always need to bring both your Photocard and Weekly Season Ticket with you when travelling.

Popular Weekly Season Ticket routes

Tap on one of the routes below and we’ll show you how much you could save on your commute to London with a Weekly Season Ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a weekly train ticket?

The price of a weekly train ticket may change based on the route you’ll be travelling on. Use our Season Ticket Calculator to find out how much you could save on your commute with a Weekly Season Ticket.

Is it cheaper to buy a Weekly Season Ticket or an Anytime Day Return?

If you’re taking the train four or more days a week, a Weekly Season Ticket is much cheaper than buying four Anytime Day Return tickets every day. Also, you won't need to queue at the ticket office to buy or collect your daily tickets, as you can get your Weekly Season Ticket as an eticket on your phone. To find out how much money you'll save with a Weekly Train Ticket, use our Season Ticket Calculator.

Are Weekly Season Tickets available as etickets?

Yes, Weekly Season Tickets are now available as etickets on selected routes operated by Avanti West Coast, LNER, East Midlands Railway and TransPennine Express. The Weekly Season Ticket will live on your phone, meaning no queuing for a paper daily ticket at the ticket office, and no fuss.

Is there a Weekly Season Ticket for students?

Unfortunately not, but it's worth considering the 16-25 Railcard as an alternative, as it can save you 1/3 on eligible routes if you’re not travelling every day. If you’re commuting four or more days a week, a Weekly Season Ticket may be the right option for you.

Can I use a Railcard with a Weekly Season Ticket?

No, unfortunately you can’t use a Railcard with a Weekly Season Ticket because with a Season Ticket you’ll already be saving money compared to buying tickets every day.

When can I use a Weekly Season Ticket?

A Weekly Season Ticket gives you unlimited travel between two stations. It doesn't matter if you take the train at a Peak or Off-Peak time, you can use it to travel at any time during the day.

Where can I use a Weekly Season Ticket?

You can use a Weekly Season Ticket on most short and medium distance journeys on the National Rail network. Unless the ticket says it can only be used on a specific train company, Weekly Season Tickets are valid on all train operators on the route within the zones for which the ticket is issued.

What's the difference between a Weekly Season Ticket and an Annual Season Ticket?

Weekly Season Tickets and Annual Season Tickets are similar, but the main difference is that a Weekly Season Ticket gives you unlimited travel for a week, but an Annual Season Ticket gives you unlimited travel for a year. Also, Weekly Season Tickets are available as etickets, unlike Annual Season Tickets. Use our Season Ticket Calculator to find out which Season Ticket is best for you.

Can I travel in First Class with a Weekly Season Ticket?

Yes, you can travel in First Class with a Weekly Season Ticket - but only if you have a First Class Weekly Season Ticket. When searching for your Weekly Season Ticket, select "First Class" under "Ticket Options" to view options for a First Class Weekly Season Ticket. But, it's worth noting that not all trains have First Class seats and you should double-check with your train operator before purchasing a First Class Weekly Season Ticket.

Can I get a Weekly Flexi Season Ticket?

A Flexi Season Ticket offers 8 days of unlimited travel within a 28-day period. At the moment, we do not offer Weekly Flexi Season Tickets. However, if you're planning to travel multiple times over a longer period, it might make more sense to purchase a Flexi Season Ticket instead of a Weekly Season Ticket. Flexi Season Tickets offer more flexibility for those travelling on multiple journeys within a month.

Should I get a Weekly Season Ticket or a Monthly Season Ticket?

Monthly Season Tickets are the same as Weekly Season Tickets, with the main difference being that they give you unlimited travel between two stations for a month, instead of a week. If you're planning to travel on multiple journeys over a 7-day period, it's better to get a Weekly Season Ticket. If you're travelling at various points over a 28-day period, it's cheaper and more convenient to get a Monthly Season Ticket, instead of 4 individual Weekly Season Tickets. To make sure, use our Season Ticket Calculator to find out which Season Ticket is best for you.

If I can get an Annual Gold Card, can I get a Weekly Gold Card?

An Annual Gold Card is a type of season ticket available to people with an Annual Season Ticket living in the South of England. With an Annual Gold Card you'll benefit from 1/3 off Off-Peak journeys, Travelcards and Oyster journeys within the Annual Gold Card area. Currently we do not offer an equivalent Gold Card for Weekly Season Tickets. For more information, take a look at our dedicated page to the Annual Gold Card.

Can I use Delay Repay on my Weekly Season Ticket if my train is delayed?

Delay Repay is a national scheme designed to help you claim compensation for unexpected delays and cancellations to your train journeys. You can use Delay Repay to claim compensation if you're a Weekly Season Ticket holder. But, the amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on the ticket you have. For example, you may receive different compensation if you have an Anytime Day Return or an Off-Peak single than if you are a Weekly Season Ticket holder. For more information on Delay Repay, visit our help guide to claiming compensation for a delayed train.

Can I travel on the London Underground with my Weekly Season Ticket?

If you're Weekly Season Ticket includes at least 1 train station located in London, it's possible that it includes a Travelcard, which gives you unlimited travel within specific London zones. Please note that not every Weekly Season Ticket including a London station will include a Travelcard. Use our Season Ticket Calculator to find out if your Weekly Season Ticket includes a Travelcard.

What should I do if my Weekly Season Ticket isn't working?

If you're Weekly Season Ticket stops working at the barrier, or becomes damaged or ineligible, you can replace it free of charge in a few simple steps. First, print and fill out this form. Then, take it to your local ticket office or post it back along with your damaged ticket to:

Trainline Seasons Tickets

PO Box 23971



Don't forget, we require the original Season Ticket back to replace it with a new one, so we recommend recorded delivery.

Can I get a refund on my Weekly Season Ticket?

If you are a Weekly Season Ticket holder and you want a refund on the remaining portion of your unused Season Ticket, you can get a refund if your Weekly Season Ticket has three or more days' validity left.

How do I request a refund for my Weekly Season Ticket?

To request a refund, sign in to your Season Ticket account, select "Active" Season Ticket and click "Refund" in the bottom left corner. Then, download and email the completed Season Ticket Refund Application Form to seasons.direct@info.thetrainline.com. For more information, visit our guide on how to refund Season Tickets.

If you have purchased a Weekly Season Ticket through our app and would like to refund your ticket, give our call centre a call and they'll be happy to assist you.

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