Trains in Wales run similarly to the way they do in the rest of the UK. Despite this, trains in Wales can be confusing to navigate especially if you're coming from abroad. The UK proudly boasts the oldest railway network in the world, however, it's also one of the most modern and efficient.  

That's great news if you're planning on exploring this great nation by rail. At Trainline, we use our expertise to help you understand the way trains in Wales, and indeed, the UK work. Simply tell us where you're going, and we'll help you connect the dots. Check our Wales route map below to see some of the great places we can take you by train.  


Who runs trains in Wales?

There are currently four main train companies operating in Wales. They include:

To find out more about the different train companies who keep all the wheels on track in all of Great Britain, visit our train companies page. If you want to view the most popular routes in Wales, check out our interactive Wales Rail Map.

Airport transfers by train

If you're arriving into Wales, chances are you're going to land at either Cardiff or Swansea Airport. To get from Cardiff Airport to the city centre, for example, you'd have to take a shuttle bus service to Rhoose Cardiff Airport train station. From there, a Transport for Wales train can take you to Cardiff Queen Street and Cardiff Central, which are both close to the city centre.

To see the full list of UK airports with train transfer services and to book online, check out our UK airports page.

On a budget? Travel by coach

If time isn't a factor, or you’re a penny pincher travelling on a budget, we can take you where you want to go by bus instead. There's an extensive bus and coach network in Wales which makes reaching the most remote and unique locations possible, and we’ve partnered with the UK’s largest bus/coach operator National Express to take you there.

Buses in the UK are usually cheaper than trains, but the journey time can be a little longer. As well as being an affordable option for travellers, most bus companies in the UK come equipped with all the modern onboard facilities that make bus journeys comfortable and hassle-free.

If you’re keen to explore your options, search for UK bus tickets.

Welsh train tickets explained

Now you've seen the possibilities, it's time to get to grips with train tickets in Wales. When booking your train tickets, you'll see a range of pricing options and ticket types available to you. Our table below explains what each ticket type means and when you can use them.   

Wales train tickets

Ticket typeDescription
Advance tickets

If you know your exact travel dates, book Advance tickets ahead of schedule to reserve your seat.

Find out more about Advance train tickets.

Anytime tickets

Offers complete flexibility. Catch any applicable train at a time that suits you, although seats cannot be reserved and are not guaranteed.

Find out more about Anytime train tickets.

Off-Peak tickets

Travel at less busy times and benefit from reduced fares.

Discover more on Off-Peak train tickets.

Super Off-Peak ticketsLike Off-Peak tickets but only available at the very quietest times of the day. Prices tend to be cheaper too.

Peak vs. Off-Peak travel

If you've got flexible travel plans, then travelling by train in Off-Peak times may save you some money. The main difference between Peak and Off-Peak tickets are all about what time(s) during the day you travel. Peak times vary from train operator to train operator but generally, they tend to be in the mornings and late afternoon times during busy commuting times on weekdays. Off-Peak tickets can usually be found outside of these times, such as in the middle of the day or later at night on weekdays, and on weekends and public holidays (known as bank holidays in Wales).

For more information, check out our Off-Peak train times and tickets page.


Flexible tickets

If you're a nomad who doesn't like to be tied down by exact travel dates and times, you can purchase flexible tickets to allow you to travel at any point of the day. In Wales they are normally called Anytime tickets (either Anytime Day or standard Anytime). You can get flexible tickets for travel on a certain date or ones that cover travel for multiple dates. They're usually a tad more expensive than fixed time tickets because they allow you to travel during Peak periods.

Note that if you book a flexible ticket and travel on a train without a reserved seat, you can only sit in a seat if it hasn’t been reserved by another passenger (as noted by a digital display above the window, or a printed paper reserved ticket attached to the chair).

For more details, visit our dedicated page to flexible train tickets.

Need flexibility when commuting to work? Check out our top tips for finding the best-value commuter train tickets.

One-way or return options

Like with airline travel, you have the option to book either one-way or a return ticket. If you're travelling out of town for a day trip, or you're returning to the same destination within a month by train, you can usually buy a ticket that is cheaper than two single one-way trips by selecting the return option. Selecting the Day Return (Anytime Day Return, Off-Peak Day Return etc.) option will allow you to take a trip to and from the same destinations in the same day, or a standard Return (Anytime Return, Off-Peak Return etc.) will normally allow you to travel back on your return journey within one calendar month of the date shown on your ticket.

Find out more about Return train tickets.


Standard or First Class

If you're looking for the most affordable train travel options, a standard ticket could be what you're after. Alternatively, if you're coming to Wales for a well-earned break, you can treat yourself and upgrade to a First Class ticket. Most train companies in Wales offer First Class tickets that come with bigger tables and extra legroom, with some including a meal and free WiFi access. First Class facilities depend on the route and the train company you're travelling with and are sometimes subject to availability.

Discover additional benefits of travelling First Class.


Connections to inner-city public transport

In train stations in the many big cities in Wales, you'll find convenient bus, tram and subway connections to get you to your hotel or to catch another train if you're only passing through.


Bikes on trains in Wales

Transport for Wales services

Cycle spaces are available on most of Transport for Wales trains but space is limited. Please note that some of the Valleys and Cardiff local routes don’t have any space for bicycles during peak hours.

Bike reservations are recommended on some services

On some services, you may be asked to reserve a cycle space as far in advance as possible and at least 24 hours before you travel. To reserve a space in advance, simply call the Transport for Wales customer service team on 0333 3211 202 (from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday and from 11:00 to 20:00 Sunday).

On services where reservations are not mandatory, cycle spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you book your space in advance.

Where to store your bike

Look out for the bike symbol on the outside of the train. Get on the train and put your bike in the designated fold-down seat area. Please bear in mind that fold-down seat areas are also shared by wheelchair users and parents with young children in pushchairs, so you may need to offer them to these passengers.

Other train companies in Wales

Here’s a summary of the bike storage policies on other train companies operating in Wales. For a full breakdown, visit our Bikes on Trains information page.

Train companyOn-board cycle storage?Reservations
Avanti West Coast4 bike spacesEncouraged
CrossCountry3 bike spacesEncouraged
GWR2 bikes spacesEncouraged


These policies apply to non-folding bikes. Folding bikes are generally treated like luggage, provided they have wheels of no more than 20 inches in diameter.

Train routes in Wales

Whether you're going from Bangor to Swansea or Liverpool to Wales by train or you're trying to get to one of Wales' airports from a city centre, we'll show you live train times and schedules weeks in advance for any National Rail journey in Wales, all in real time.   

Get live train times in our app

By downloading our app, not only do you have your tickets in the palm of your hand, you also get access to live train times. If everything is running smoothly with your train, or it's delayed for some reason, you'll be the first to know. What's more – app users get platform information before those waiting by the departure boards.

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Live updates at the station

If you don't have our app, you'll find electronic departure boards in most stations' entrance halls, showing live updates, train times and platform information. All travel information will also be announced on a tannoy (loudspeaker) system in English.

How to buy train tickets in Wales

Buying your Welsh train tickets online or on our app is the quickest way to get onboard. To speed up the process we've also got Mobile Ticket and eTicket options, or have a look at the other collection methods below.    

Cheap train travel in Wales

If you're after cheap train tickets in Wales, check out the hints below and see how you could bag yourself discounted train tickets. We'll even highlight the cheapest prices!

Travel Wales by train

There are loads of amazing places you can visit by train in Wales, and the interconnected rail network makes getting from one city to another quick and easy. To find some inspiration on where to go, check out these highlights below. 


The Hayes / Mermaid Quay / Tiger Bay

No longer does Cardiff live in the shadows of other major cities in the UK. It's cosmopolitan feel and burgeoning arts and entertainment scene make it an attractive destination for international sports events and major music acts. Jump on a train to Wales' capital to find out what all the hype is about.     

Discover trains to Cardiff.


East Side / Mount Pleasant / Maritime Quarter

Swansea has the perfect mix of big-city entertainment and small-town vibes. Whether it's warming up with some freshly caught cockles, going to a traditional choir performance or just lazing about in Swansea Bay, Wales' second city is definitely on an upward curve.

Discover trains to Swansea.


Garth Pier / Bangor Cathedral / River Adda

Wales has more castles (per capita) than any other country in the world, and some of the best are located in Bangor, namely Penrhyn and Beaumaris Castles. After that, there's plenty more to do including a day out at the National Slate Museum and Zip World - for those who dream about flying in between trees in the forest.

Discover trains to Bangor.


High Cross / Cat's Ash / Christchurch

Newport has a tradition deep-rooted in the docks and evidence of the era can still be seen today. Thanks to the University located here, Newport is a hub for students, weekend tourists and like-minded people too. Being so compact in size, no trip to Newport would be complete without taking one of the town's famous guided walking tours.

Discover trains to Newport.

Travelling from Wales to the rest of the UK

If you're travelling from abroad, you could seize the opportunity to explore other places in Great Britain from your base in Wales. Check out these incredible UK destinations you can reach by train.

Scenic train rides in Wales

Wales boasts an incredible amount of natural scenery and miles of splendid coastlines that has to be seen to be believed. Luckily there are a number of heritage railways and steam trains in operation that make reaching these locations a breeze. From the Dean Forest Railway to the Conwy Valley Line, there are plenty of once in a lifetime trips you should hop onboard for.

Heart of Wales Line

Shrewsbury to Swansea

Sit back and take in over 100 miles of outstanding natural beauty from Shrewsbury all the way down to South Wales. Cross the viaducts at Cynghordy and Knucklas and glide past the Welsh Marches, stunning castles and storybook-like towns and villages. It’s a beautiful journey with plenty of opportunities to stop and explore. 

Book your Heart of Wales trip by checking out trains from Shrewsbury to Swansea

Conwy Valley Line

Llandudno - Blaenau Ffestiniog

Starting off in the bay in Llandudno, explore the Conwy and Lledrs Valleys on this picturesque stroll through the Welsh countryside. During this journey, the train climbs to over 200 meters above sea level and eventually reveals Snowdonia National Park – an area known for its wildlife, mountain ranges, camping and hiking spots. 

Book your Conwy Valley Line tickets by looking at our trains from Llandudno - Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Good to know

If you haven't already learnt enough, we've added these extra handy tips and FAQ's to make your life just that little bit sweeter.

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