Take the train from Liverpool to Wales, home to excellent rugby, mountainous national parks, majestic castles and a beautiful and rugged coastline. Lying about 90 miles south of Liverpool, you can easily reach Wales by train, making it a great spot to escape for a weekend, or even a day trip!

In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about the most popular train journeys from Liverpool to Wales. We’ll show you what to do once you reach each destination and give you all the info you need about the journey.

Here are our 6 favourite train journeys from Liverpool to Wales:

  1. Liverpool to Rhyl
  2. Liverpool to Conwy
  3. Liverpool to Bangor
  4. Liverpool to Newport
  5. Liverpool to Cardiff
  6. Liverpool to Swansea

The most popular train journeys from Liverpool to Wales

1. Liverpool to Rhyl

Clocking in at one of the shortest train journeys from Liverpool to Wales (1h 45m), Liverpool to Rhyl gives you the chance to enjoy some stunning views as you cut a path up the North Wales coast. There’s no direct train from Liverpool to Rhyl – you'll need to change at least once, usually in Chester. We recommend you take a Merseyrail service from Liverpool Central to Chester, then change on a Transport for Wales train bound for Holyhead and get off at Rhyl.

Once you reach the fantastic seaside town of Rhyl, you’ll have plenty of attractions to visit. Top of the list is the Rhyl SeaQuarium, the perfect destination if you’re travelling with your family. From eels and piranhas to coral and conservation displays, you’ll find hundreds of amazing specimens to take a closer look at.

You can’t visit Rhyl without going to one of its many wonderful beaches. They boast miles of beautiful sand and are ideal for all the family. If you’re heading there in summer, make sure you take a dip in the zoned bathing areas where lifeguards are present.

If you love railways as we do, don’t miss the Rhyl Miniature Railway, where you can enjoy a ride past the tranquil Marine Lake before visiting the museum.

2. Liverpool to Conwy

The train journey from Liverpool to Conwy has a comparable duration to Liverpool to Rhyl (2h 22m) – Conwy is only three stops after Rhyl, so you’ll be travelling on the same Merseyrail and Transport for Wales services.

Once you get to Conwy, make sure you visit Conwy Castle – you can enjoy some of the best views of the coastal town from one of its eight towers. Don’t forget to have a wander around – you may stumble upon Britain’s smallest house, or the Quay House, a red-painted house that only measures 3.05m x 1.83m (10 x 6ft)!

If you’re a nature lover, we recommend you also stop by the RSPB Conwy nature reserve, which is just across the River Conwy from the town. It's a nice scenic walk across the suspension bridge and along the river to get there.

3. Liverpool to Bangor

Bangor is on the same North Wales Main Line as Rhyl and Conwy, so you’ll be taking the same train services. The journey time from Liverpool to Bangor is 2h 28m. Make sure you grab a window seat if you want to make the most of the breath-taking views of the North Wales coast.

Arriving in Bangor, start exploring at Bangor Cathedral, which dates back to the 6th century. The former Bishop’s Palace has been refurbished as the new home for the museum and gallery, so that’s the next place you should go to if you want to take in some of Bangor’s history. Art and local artefacts are on display here, along with an information hub for the town’s heritage.

Bangor is also the perfect gateway to Snowdonia, one of UK’s greatest national parks and a marvellous destination for escaping the urban bustle. Choose from a plethora of activities, including zip-lining, horse riding, hiking or travelling on the Talyllyn Railway to experience majestic Snowdonia.

4. Liverpool to Newport

If you’re looking to explore a different area of Wales, Newport is the right destination for you. Located in South Wales, this coastal village has plenty of options for eating, bedding down and exploring, despite its small size.

It takes 4h 41m to get from Liverpool to Newport by train. From Liverpool Lime Street station, you’ll need to take a West Midlands Railway train to Crewe and then change here on a Transport for Wales service to Newport.

Once you reach Newport, have a wander around the town centre, where you can find most of its shopping and entertainment options. Downstream from the town centre, the skyline is dominated by the Transporter Bridge, one of Newport’s landmarks. Built in 1906 and being one of only six remaining transporter bridges anywhere in the world, you can cross the River Usk and take in the spectacular views in front of you.

Finally, if you want to step away from the city life, venture out on a glorious canal walk at Fourteen Locks, a spot loved by locals and little known to others. There are also monthly circular walks which start in the visitor centre situated on Cwm Lane.

Need more information on the South Wales rail network? Check out our dedicated page to South Wales trains.

5. Liverpool to Cardiff

You can’t go to Wales without visiting its capital, Cardiff. The average train time from Liverpool to Cardiff is 5h 5m. Your journey will be similar to the one from Liverpool to Newport – Cardiff Central station is only one stop after Newport.

Getting off at Cardiff Central railway station, the city centre's new landmarks and Cardiff Bay's chic shopping and dining area are among the highlights. In particular, the Wales Millennium Centre is a leading arts hub for theatre and live music, including big-name musicals. The Millennium Stadium, which was recently renamed Principality Stadium, is home to the Welsh football and rugby.

Of course, the Welsh capital is also an excellent place to learn about Welsh history. Cardiff Castle dates all the way from the 11th century. Explore its opulent rooms and take in the intricate Celtic craftsmanship. A 50-minute guided tour will fill you in on the history if you prefer. The National Museum Cardiff should be the next attraction on your list – the museum tells the story of the country through the ages. Its collections span from dinosaurs and classical relics to a superb impressionist art section. What’s more, entry is free!

6. Liverpool to Swansea

The journey from Liverpool to Swansea takes around 5h 57m by train – again leaving from Liverpool Lime Street station.

Once you arrive, Swansea is a fabulous place to experience a mix of both modern urban Wales and its authentic historic side. Make sure you visit the Swansea Castle and the Oystermouth Castle –you’ll be rewarded with striking views out across the city and Swansea Bay.

If you love literature, don’t miss your chance to stop by the Dylan Thomas Birthplace, which provides an intimate look into the famed Welsh poet's early life, with restored rooms, including the parlour and his father’s study.

Swansea is also an excellent starting point for short boat tours. See the beautiful nearby coast or sail along the River Tawe. Many companies offer big group tours or private excursions for visitors. This is ideal for exploring the beautiful, unspoiled southern coast in total comfort.

Wales is a gorgeous region, with a fascinating history and distinct culture in Britain. Whether you want to stargaze in Snowdonia or you’re looking for an active holiday around the South Wales Coast, a trip from Liverpool to Wales by train makes reaching it super easy.

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