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Trains to Chester

A historic city on the border of Wales and England, Chester can trace its roots back to Roman times - and the famous colonists paved the way for far greater things, with a bustling port appearing in the Middle Ages boosted by burgeoning trade from Dublin. Modern Chester has shifted into the 21st century without much of a fuss, and today the town is a major tourist attraction and shopping location.

Popular train routes to Chester

London to Chester
Milton Keynes Central to Chester
Manchester to Chester
Birmingham to Chester
Leeds to Chester
Cardiff to Chester
Edinburgh to Chester
Glasgow to Chester

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Visiting Chester

Wrapped in two miles of stunning medieval stonework, Chester is one of the best-preserved walled cities in the UK. Pick up the footpath along the top of the ramparts for mesmerising views, but pay particular attention to the clock above Eastgate - the most-photographed timepiece in England after Big Ben.

And look out for The Rows in Northgate, which are perfect examples of the Victorian black-and-white revival. A trip to Chester isn't complete without taking in the cathedral, with its impressive carved canopy and organ. Founded as a Benedictine abbey in 1092, restoration works took place over a period of 125 years, and today its mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles makes it a true British marvel to be enjoyed especially during a choral recital or classical concert.

The Grosvenor Museum's collection of Roman tombstones is also a must-see, as its sister museum, 20 Castle Street, another delight with eclectically furnished rooms in all different historical styles. The Dewa Roman Experience is also worth a look with its interactive reconstruction of a Roman street.

If you'd rather interact with more than 12,000 phenomenal animals, Chester Zoo, the best in the UK, has over 400 different species, including exotic and endangered animals from all over the globe.

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