Working from home and not commuting every day? Or want to be able to travel at any time or date? Why not buy a flexible train ticket – you'll get the flexibility you need, from travelling any time of the day on any train to going on as many journeys as you wish in a specific period.

Keep reading for more information on how flexible train tickets can help you save money on train travel.

Flexible train tickets explained

If you're a part-time commuter or simply want to enjoy more flexibility when travelling, why not buy a flexible train ticket online with us. Read on for more information.

What are flexible train tickets?

Flexible train tickets give you the flexibility you need when travelling by train in the UK. Whether you need to commute only two or three days during the week or you work where and when you want to, there are different types of flexible tickets you can choose from:

  • Flexi Season tickets
  • Off-Peak train tickets
  • Super Off-Peak train tickets
  • Anytime train tickets
  • Carnet train tickets

Why book a flexible train ticket?

We recommend you book a flexible train ticket if you need more flexibility when travelling by train. For example, if you're commuting to work only two or three times a week and you want to pay only for the days you travel, you can buy the new Flexi Season ticket, or if you want the freedom to travel any day at any time, you may want to consider getting an Anytime train ticket (more on that below).

What are semi-flexible train tickets?

Semi-flexible train tickets are valid on selected services only. For example, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train tickets are semi-flexible tickets because they can only be used during Off-Peak times.

What is a carnet train ticket?

A carnet train ticket is a book of single tickets for a certain journey. It is cheaper than buying the same ticket for that journey on the day you travel.

Are Advance train tickets flexible?

No, Advance train tickets are not flexible, so you need to take the train specified on your ticket if you don't want to pay additional fees.

How much does a flexible train ticket cost?

The cost of a flexible train ticket may vary depending on the ticket type you buy (Anytime, Flexi, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak) and the route you'll be travelling on.

Choose the best flexible train ticket for your commute

Use our handy guide to commuting by train and pick the flexible train ticket that best suits your needs.

Commuting two or three days a week

Check if a Flexi Season ticket could still be the best value ticket for you.

Find out more

Travelling Off-Peak

Choose Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak tickets to avoid rush hour and save money.

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Travelling anywhere, anytime

Choose tickets that give you the flexibility you need.

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Types of flexible train tickets

Flexi Season tickets

A Flexi Season ticket is a new and more flexible type of Season ticket that allows 8 days of unlimited travel in 28 days, from the time you activate your Day Pass until 04:29 the next morning, between two stations each day that it's used. There's no need to select the days of travel in advance either, giving you more flexibility to travel when you want. 

Flexi Season tickets are perfect for part-time commuters travelling during Peak times at least two days a week, Monday to Friday, as they offer an alternative to a traditional Weekly Season Ticket. Please note that this type of flexible train ticket is not available for journeys within the London Travelcard fare zones - you'll need to get an Oyster Card or use contactless when travelling on the TfL network.

Learn more about Flexi Season tickets.

Top Flexi Season ticket routes you can book with us

Check out some of the top commuting routes below and see how much you could save with a Flexi Season ticket when travelling twice a week compared to buying daily tickets.

Off-Peak train tickets

Off-Peak train tickets are semi-flexible tickets that allow you to take the train at quieter times of the day, certain days of the week or on specific routes. These tickets are usually cheaper because of the restrictions they place on travel times.

Off-Peak train times may differ based on the popularity of each route, the direction of travel, and the train operator serving the route. To give you an idea, Peak times are normally from around 06:30 to 09:30 and then from around 16:00 to 19:00, Monday to Friday.

Learn more about Off-Peak train tickets.

Super Off-Peak train tickets

Super Off-Peak train tickets are only valid at the quietest times of the week. They’re often cheaper than standard Off-Peak tickets, so they're ideal if you work unconventional hours, or are taking a weekend or bank holiday leisure trip.

Super Off-Peak train times are normally between 10:00 and 15:30 and from 19:15 onwards, Monday to Friday. You can also travel Super Off-Peak during weekends and bank holidays.

Find out more about Super Off-Peak train tickets.

Anytime train tickets

Anytime train tickets are fully flexible tickets with no time restrictions on when you can travel. You can buy Anytime tickets any time before you travel and you can use your ticket to travel on any train.

You can choose to buy an Anytime Day ticket for flexible travel on a certain date, or opt for a standard Anytime ticket, which covers travel for multiple dates.

Find out more about Anytime train tickets.

Carnet train tickets

A carnet train ticket is a book of five to ten single tickets you can use on any train and whenever you want for a specific journey. Carnet train tickets are usually cheaper than buying the same ticket for that journey on the day you travel. They’re ideal for business travellers making frequent trips on the same route.

There are two types of Carnet tickets: Anytime (Peak) and Off-Peak. With a book of Anytime (Peak) tickets, you can travel at any time – including the rush hour – while with Off-Peak Carnet tickets, you can avoid the rush hour during the week and travel at any time on weekends or bank holidays.

How to find cheap flexible train tickets

Want to learn more about finding cheap flexible train tickets? Keep reading for more information on ticket types, Railcards and more ways to save.

Get a Railcard

Get 1/3 off the price of your train tickets by adding your Railcard discount to your booking. After a few journeys, your digital Railcard could have paid for itself!

Learn more about Railcards.

Split your train tickets

Splitting your train tickets with SplitSave, our new split-ticketing app feature, can be much cheaper than buying a single ticket if you’re travelling on a long journey at Off-Peak times. 

Learn more about split train tickets.

Check UK train deals

For more tips on how to save money on your train travel, check out the latest train deals and discounts you can book with us.

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Popular routes to London for commuting

Being the political, economic and cultural hub of the UK, it comes as no surprise that London is one of the main destinations for commuters. Have a look at some of the most popular train commutes to London below – simply tap the route you’re interested in to check live times, compare ticket prices, and learn more about the train journey, or visit our trains to London page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our answers to some of our customers’ frequently asked questions on flexible train tickets.

Learn more about flexible train tickets and UK train travel

So, now you know all about flexible train tickets. If you want to find out more about train travel in the UK, check out some of our travel guides below.

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