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Commuting with Trainline. It’s not teleport-to-work cool. But it’s close. We can help you find new ways to save and be in control of your commute. Our app gives you live times, real-time platform info and digital tickets all in one place for smoother travel.

Under thirty? You could be saving 1/3 on any journeys (over £12) with a Young Persons or 26-30 digital Railcard! Londoners can save 1/3 on TFL too.

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Digital Railcards

If you’re commuting by train, you need a Railcard, no doubt about it. You can save 1/3 on any journey (over £12) with a Young Persons or 26-30 Railcard! It’s super simple to buy your digital Railcard with us, online or in our app.

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Flexi Season tickets

Want more flexibility than a normal Season Ticket? And to only pay for the days you travel? A Flexi Season ticket can be cheaper than buying a single or return ticket. Find out if a Flexi Season ticket could help you save.

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SplitSave, our in-app feature, can save you money by ‘splitting’ your ticket into multiple legs. It’s the same train and destination – just an extra ticket or two to show the conductor. Great for those commuting 1 to 2 days a week.

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Save your regular commute to your app in “Favourites” and before you leave to catch your train check for real-time journey updates and so much more. If your train gets a few minutes behind schedule you’ll know with a tap.

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Search by ticket type, including Anytime train tickets, Season Tickets, and Flexi Seasons

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Commuter train travel tips

We all know the way we travel on trains has changed quite a bit since last year. If you haven’t been on a train in a while, or are wondering what you should bring with you, here are our top tips for making your commute as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Make sure you download our app so you can try them all! 

Travel touch-free

There’s no need to visit the ticket machines or queue at the station, as digital tickets are available on most UK routes. Just scan and go!

Avoid travel at Peak times

If you can, plan your journey outside of Peak times – Monday to Friday mornings and late afternoons – as the trains are likely to be quieter then.

Check how busy your train is going to be

Our clever app feature Crowd Alerts lets you see if certain parts of a train (front, middle and back) are busy, using real-time reports from UK passengers.

Get real-time info

Use our app and get journey updates when on the move, including live times, journey tracking and platform information.

Protect yourself and others

Unless exempt, you’ll need to wear a face covering in the station and on board the train throughout your journey.

Keep up to date with the latest travel advice

Check out our travel safety guidance to find the latest train travel advice and information for the UK.


Commuter train ticket types

Already know how many days you’ll be commuting to work but not sure which train ticket to buy? Tap a ticket type below to see some of the great savings you can make when booking commuter train tickets with us.

Commuting 1 to 2 days a week

If you’re a part-time commuter who needs to be in the office only once or twice a week, you can choose from a wide range of ticket types, based on the flexibility and affordability you need.

Anytime train tickets

An Anytime train ticket is a flexible ticket that allows you to travel at any time of the day. Know when you’re commuting but are not sure what time you’ll be returning? Buy an Anytime Day Return or Open Return ticket and you’ll be able to get on any train at any time of the day.

Learn more about Anytime train tickets.

Travel at any time

Avoid touching ticket machines and queuing

Enjoy flexibility to travel when you need

Off-Peak train tickets

If you can be flexible with your work times, Off-Peak train tickets could offer you big savings and help you avoid busier trains. You’ll still save whether you’re booking on the day or in advance.

Off-Peak train times differ based on the popularity of each route, the direction of travel, and the train company operating the route. To give you an idea, Peak times are normally around 06:30 to 09:30 and then from around 16:00 to 19:00, Monday to Friday. There’s also Super Off-Peak, which is normally between 10:00 to 15:30 and from 19:15 onwards, Monday to Friday.

Learn more about Off-Peak train tickets.

Avoid busier trains

Buy on the day in our app with no fee or book in advance

Buy a £30 Railcard to save 1/3 on your travel

Advance train tickets

Advance train tickets are Single tickets that go on sale well before the day of travel, perfect if you want to save money and already know when you’ll be travelling.

You can check the Advance train ticket release dates for some UK train companies and set up your Ticket Alert, so we can tell you when the tickets you want become available.

Learn more about Advance train tickets.

Exchange tickets in our app up to 15 mins before departure

Advance train tickets are non-refundable

You'll be able to reserve a seat on some routes

Split train tickets

If you’re commuting once or twice a week, you may find that Single and Return tickets are the best option for you. Want to save money? Use our app SplitSave feature – splitting your journey into sections and buying separate train tickets for each is sometimes cheaper than buying a single ticket.

Learn more about split train tickets.

Choose digital tickets where available to just scan and go

Buy on the day in our app with no fee or book in advance

You'll be able to reserve a seat on some routes


Setting up your personalised departure board

Save your regular journeys to your app in “favourites” and before you head out on the commute check your personalised departure board for:

  • real-time journey updates including delays, cancellations and platform information
  • quickly buy tickets with convenient payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • use SplitSave and Railcards to find the cheapest fare for your journey

The choice is yours, and the power is literally in your hands.

How to add your commute to favourites in 6 super simple steps:


  1. Open the Trainline app
  2. Select “favourites” and tap "upgrade"
  3. Enter your journey type, home station, and destination
  4. Tap the days and add your usual commute times
  5. Pop in your ticket type, travel preferences, and Railcard information
  6. Tap "complete" and you've finished setting up your personalised departure board for your commute


  1. Open the Trainline app
  2. Select “favourites” and tap "Let's go"
  3. Enter your journey type, home station, and destination
  4. Tap the days and add your usual commute times
  5. Pop in your ticket type, travel preferences, and Railcard information
  6. Tap "complete" and you've finished setting up your personalised departure board for your commute

Digital Railcards

Did you know you could buy your Railcard direct from us? We're an official retailer of digital Railcards from National Rail. So, forget about trudging to the station with your passport photo – it’s super-easy to buy yours online or in our app. 

Under thirty? You could be saving 1/3 on any journeys (over £12) with a Young Persons or 26-30 digital Railcard! Londoners can save 1/3 on TFL too. 

National Railcards offer up to 1/3 discount on your train tickets. Most Railcards cost £30 for the whole year and you can use your Railcard when buying tickets from us to get the best discounts. Here are the most useful ones for commuters:


1 year

For travellers in the South East of England

For up to four adults and four children aged 5-15
Children get 60% off

Great for:
Commuters and Londoners

Digital only
Railcards live in your account in the Trainline app so you can use on any of your devices. No download codes needed!


For ages 16-25

Great for:
Teenagers, students, graduates, and young professionals

1- or 3-year validity available
Save £20 with a 3-year Railcard

Digital only
Railcards live in your account in the Trainline app so you can use on any of your devices. No download codes needed!

You must be aged 16-23 to buy the 3-year Railcard


1 year

For ages 26-30

Great for:
Millennials, graduates, and young professionals

Digital only
Railcards live in your account in the Trainline app so you can use on any of your devices. No download codes needed!


1 year

For ages 16-17
Passengers get 50% discount on most tickets, including seasons

Great for:
School and college students


Commuting 3 or more days a week

If you’re making the same journey 3 or more days a week, you're probably better off getting a Season Ticket – it allows you unlimited travel between two nominated stations on any day with complete flexibility. Depending on the validity period you’re interested in, you can choose from different types of Season Tickets:

Weekly Season Tickets

A Weekly Season Ticket allows you seven days of unlimited travel between two stations and it’s often cheaper than buying four daily return train tickets.

Learn more about Weekly Season Tickets.

Monthly Season Tickets

A Monthly Season Ticket allows you a month of unlimited travel between the stations shown on your ticket. This type of Season Ticket can be cheaper than buying four Weekly Season Tickets.

Learn more about Monthly Season Tickets.

Annual Season Tickets

An Annual Season Ticket allows you a year of unlimited travel between two stations. It’s often cheaper than buying Monthly or Weekly Season Tickets throughout the year.

Learn more about Annual Season Tickets.

Cost comparison for commuting 3 or more days a week

See the price difference and savings for travelling with a Season Ticket compared to Day Return tickets for an example commute from Reading to London Paddington.

Season Ticket type Price Saving
Weekly £121.60 Save £79.20 compared to 4 Anytime Day Return tickets
Monthly £466.60 Save £19.80 compared to 4 Weekly Season Tickets
Annual £4,860 Save £739.20 compared to 12 Monthly Season Tickets


Prices correct as of September 2021


Need more flexibility?

If you’re commuting to work only two or three times a week, a Flexi Season Ticket is the perfect flexible ticket option for you.

A Flexi Season Ticket is a new type of flexible Season Ticket and comes as a bundle of 8 Day Passes that need to be used within 28 days. Each Day Pass allows unlimited travel for 1 day between two named stations; you don't need to specify which days you'll be travelling in advance, giving you more flexibility to travel when you want and need.

Find out more about Flexi Season Tickets.

Travel at any time

Avoid touching ticket machines and queueing

Pay for the days you need to commute

Cost comparison for commuting 2 or 3 days a week

Have a look at our tables below for some examples of how much you could save in a year if you're travelling 2 or 3 days a week and buy multiple Flexi Season Tickets compared to daily tickets.

Route Travelling 2 days a week
Woking to London over £250
York to Leeds over £200
Southampton Central to Winchester over £60
Stafford to Birmingham over £160
Liverpool to Manchester over £220
Route Travelling 3 days a week
St Albans City to London over £200
Bromsgrove to Birmingham over £120
Weston-super-Mare to Bristol Temple Meads over £90
Chelmsford to Stratford over £330


Source: UK Government


Find the best ticket for you with our Commuter Calculator

Want to find out which Season Ticket is right for your commute? Our super straightforward Commuter Calculator is here to help. Simply choose the number of days a week you want to travel, and we’ll let you know which ticket type will save you the most money.

Use our Commuter Calculator.

Commuter train tickets by region

Know when and where you’ll be travelling but not sure which train ticket to buy? You’ve come to the right place. Browse the most popular commuter train routes you can book with us, by regions around the UK.

Commuting with UK high-speed trains

If you’re commuting from Kent to London and want to get there the fastest way possible, why not travel with a high-speed train. There are five lines in the UK which allow for high-speed rail travel. On four out of five lines, the maximum speed is 125 mph, while the purpose-built HS1 line allows for speeds of up to 186 mph.

Completed in 2007, the High Speed 1 (HS1) line connects London St Pancras to the Channel Tunnel. HS1 is used by both Eurostar services and Southeastern’s Javelin trains, which ferry London-bound commuters from Kent at speeds of up to 140 mph. HS1 calls at stations in East London and Kent, including St Pancras, Stratford International, Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International.

Learn more about travelling with high-speed trains in the UK.

Heading out on your bike?

If you’re a commuter, taking your bike on the train is usually the cheapest and greenest way to travel. In general, you can travel with your bike on all trains free of charge. UK train companies allow full-sized bikes on trains during Off-Peak hours and fully folding bikes with wheels up to 85cm at any time. Depending on which train company you’re travelling with, you might need to reserve a space for your bike.

Find out more about taking bikes on trains in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few ways you can save money on your commute. Some of our top tips for booking cheap commuter train tickets include travelling during Off-Peak hours if you can, using a Railcard, or buying a Flexi Season Ticket if you’re commuting only 2-3 times a week.

Train companies in the UK usually release tickets around 12 weeks before departure, although it can be less than this at the moment due to ongoing Covid restrictions. If the tickets you want to buy aren’t on sale yet, sign up for Ticket Alert, and we’ll email you when your chosen tickets go on sale.

Conditions for a change of date or refund vary depending on the ticket type. If you have an account:

  1. Sign in
  2. Find your booking in 'My Bookings' or 'My Tickets' in the app and scroll down to ‘Manage my bookings’
  3. Select ‘Refund my tickets’ or ‘Change date/time’.

If you don't have an account:

  1. Create an account by following the link in your confirmation email. Search your inbox for
  2. Follow the steps above to request your exchange or refund

Visit our help guides to changing a UK train ticket or refunding a UK train ticket to find out more.

If you’re travelling on a service that requires a bike reservation, there are two ways you can book a space for your bike:

  • If you’ve already booked your ticket and want to add a bike space, call us on 0333 202 2222 (or 0044 333 202 2222 from outside the UK) or email us. For data protection, we can only talk to the lead booker.
  • If you’re making a new booking, call us on 0871 244 1545*.

*Calls cost 13p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Calls from outside the UK may cost more.

Want to know more about train travel in the UK?

We’ve told you everything you need to know about commuting by train in the UK, but if you want to find out more about train companies in the UK or travel in certain regions, we’ve got all the helpful guides you need.

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