Travelling with Great Northern on the same route three or more days a week? Buy your Great Northern Season ticket with us – you’ll save money on your daily commute and get to travel between your origin and destination stations as much as you want, plus you’ll avoid queueing at the ticket office. Intrigued? Keep reading for more information about how Great Northern Season tickets can help you make great savings on your train journey every day.

Great Northern Season ticket calculator

As Great Northern provides different Season ticket types, it may be difficult to know which option is the right one for you. Don’t fret, we’re here to help you make your decision! Our Season ticket calculator will show you how much each Great Northern Season ticket will cost and highlight the cheapest option for you.

How to use our Season ticket calculator

  1. Enter your origin and destination stations
  2. Select the start and end dates of your Season ticket
  3. Select the ticket options you want to compare
  4. Pick your traveller type, ticket class, and Railcard
  5. Hit ‘Buy’ to get the Season ticket comparison and make your choice.

Great Northern Season ticket types

There are five Great Northern Season ticket types, some of which are available as digital Season tickets:

Great Northern Weekly Season Tickets

If you’re travelling three or more days a week, the Great Northern Weekly Season Ticket is the right option for you. With this Season ticket type, you’ll get seven days of unlimited travel between the stations shown on your ticket, which is way cheaper than buying four daily return tickets.

Great Northern Monthly Season Tickets

If you need to travel by train on the same route for more than a week, consider buying the Great Northern Monthly Season Ticket – it allows you to travel between two stations as much as you want within a full calendar month. This option is cheaper than buying four Weekly Season Tickets.

Great Northern Custom Season tickets

Need to travel more than a month but less than a year? Then the Great Northern Custom Season ticket is right for you. You can customise your Season ticket by adding on extra days or months. Whichever duration of travel you choose, the discounted rate will be the same.

Great Northern Annual Season Tickets

If you’re travelling on a specific route throughout the year, the Great Northern Annual Season Ticket is the best option for you to save money. What’s more, you'll also get 1/3 off Anytime and Off-Peak tickets, 1/3 off Travelcards, 81% off kids' fares when up to 4 children travel with you and a one-year railcard for just £10!

Great Northern Flexi Season tickets

If you’re travelling between two places a couple of times a week, a Flexi Season ticket is the perfect option for you. A Great Northern Flexi Season ticket offers 8 days of unlimited travel in a 28-day period – you can travel any time between two named stations. 

Commute your way with Great Northern Flexi Season tickets

If you’re commuting by train only twice a week, a Flexi Season ticket is the perfect option for you. Benefits of buying a Flexi Season ticket include:

  • Unlimited travel between two stations
  • Flexibility to travel when you need within 28 days
  • Travel at any time of day

Find out more about Flexi Season tickets to work out which Season ticket is right for your commute.

How to buy Great Northern Season tickets

Instead of queueing at the train station to get your Season ticket on the day of travel, you can buy it online with us from our Season tickets page.

If you’re buying your Great Northern Season ticket for the first time, make sure you have a Photocard to use as proof of ID. If you don’t have a Photocard, you can either request one free of charge from us by filling in this form or take a passport-sized photo to your local ticket office and they’ll make you one for free.

If you already have a Photocard, you can tell us your Photocard number at the time of purchase and we’ll match it up to your Great Northern Season ticket. Just remember that you’ll always need to bring both your Photocard and Season ticket with you when travelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Great Northern Season ticket cost?

The cost of a Great Northern Season ticket depends on whether you opt for a Flexi, Weekly, Monthly, Annual or Custom ticket. The cost also varies across routes. Our Season ticket Calculator will show you exactly how much your Season ticket will cost.

What types of Season tickets can I buy?

There are five types of Great Northern Season tickets available:
Flexi: 8 days' worth of travel in a 28-day period between two stations.
Weekly: unlimited travel for a week between two stations.
Monthly: unlimited travel for a month between two stations.
Annual: unlimited travel for a year between two stations.
Custom: unlimited travel for a custom duration (over a month).

Can I use a Railcard with a Season ticket?

No, unfortunately you cannot use a Railcard when purchasing a Season ticket. You'll already be saving money with a Season ticket compared to buying daily tickets.

Where can I buy a Great Northern Season ticket?

Season tickets for Great Northern services are available online. You'll just need your Photocard number to help us identify your purchase.