Disabled Persons Railcard

1/3 off train tickets for you and a friend

Disabled Persons

1 year

Save 1/3 on all train travel
Travelling with another adult? They will also get 1/3 off their rail fare

Great for:
People with a disability that makes travelling by train difficult. Proof of eligibility applies

Not available to buy with Trainline. We are currently working on the ability to verify eligibility. In the meantime, to buy a Disabled Persons Railcard, you can apply online here

What are the benefits of a Disabled Persons Railcard?

Save 1/3 off train travel all year round

Can be used for travel at any time of day

Travel with another adult and they save 1/3 too

What is a Disabled Persons Railcard?

The Disabled Persons Railcard is a type of discount card for train tickets that allows those living with disabilities to enjoy savings of up to 1/3 on their rail travel. If travelling with an adult family member, carer or friend, both individuals can get the discount, and any type of ticket can be purchased to travel throughout Britain's National Rail network.

How much is a Disabled Persons Railcard?

A one-year Disabled Persons Railcard costs just £20 – this is the best-value Railcard available in the UK. Even better, a three-year Disabled Persons Railcard is available at £54. So, if you take the train a lot, this Railcard will pay off itself in no time whatsoever.

Who is eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard?

You can apply for the Disabled Persons Railcard if you can prove that you:

  • Have a visual or hearing impairment
  • Have epilepsy
  • Receive either PIP (Personal Independence Payments) or DLA (Disability Living Allowance)

You're also eligible if you receive Attendance Allowance, Severe Disablement Allowance, War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement, War or Service Disablement Pension (disability of 80% or more) or if you use a vehicle through the Motability scheme.

For a full breakdown of eligibility requirements and which documents you'll need to provide as evidence, check out the official Disabled Persons Railcard eligibility guide.

When can I use a Disabled Persons Railcard?

A Disabled Persons Railcard can be used at any time of day to buy discounted train tickets. You can even link your Disabled Persons Railcard with an Oyster Card to get 1/3 off travel around London. It's not valid to use on Season Tickets.


How much is a Disabled Child Railcard?

There isn't a Disabled Child Railcard as such. For all children under the age of five, train travel is free while travelling with a fare-paying adult. All children aged between 5 and 15 years get a 50% discount on most train journeys which works out better than any Railcard reduction.

A child within the same age range can apply for a standard Disabled Railcard which doesn't offer any additional discount but will grant an accompanying adult a third off their ticket as long as they travel together. Check out our family train tickets or child train tickets guides for more information on cheap tickets for kids.

Frequently asked questions

Buying a Disabled Persons Railcard

Unfortunately, the Disabled Persons Railcard is not available to buy with Trainline. To get your Railcard, you can either apply online here or by post. If you would prefer to apply by post, you need to download and complete the application form. Once you’ve completed the form, you need to post it with a copy of your evidence of eligibility and payment to:

National Railcards

PO Box 10776


LE65 9FA

Please allow up to 10 working days for your Disabled Persons Railcard to be delivered.

If you'd prefer to order your Railcard over the phone from the Railcard company, please call them on 0345 605 0525. Alternatively, if you have a hearing impairment, you can call 0345 601 0132.

Unfortunately, Disabled Persons Railcards aren't available to buy at any UK station – you can only apply for the Disabled Persons Railcard online. When renewing a Disabled Persons Railcard, you can either do it online, over the telephone or by post.

No, the Disabled Persons Railcard costs £20 for 1 year. This is cheaper than the other National Railcards though, which cost £30 for 1 year.

Yes, to buy a Disabled Persons Railcard you must provide a photograph to upload or send off as part of your application.

Using a Disabled Persons Railcard

Yes. With your Disabled Persons Railcard, you and the person travelling with you can get 1/3 off Anytime Day Travelcards when bought as part of your journey to London from outside London Zones 1-9 (subject to a minimum fare of £19.60). Please note that your companion must travel with you for the whole journey in order for them to also get the discount.

You can also get your Disabled Persons Railcard discount loaded onto your Oyster card to save 1/3 on single Off-Peak pay as you go fares on London Underground and Docklands Light Railway services in London. You'll need to register your Oyster card in your name to do this - simply take your Oyster card and a valid Disabled Persons Railcard to a London Underground station, Oyster Ticket Shop or Visitor Centre and ask a member of staff to set the discount for you. Please note that Oyster pay as you go discounts are for the Disabled Persons Railcard holder only.

If you're travelling on a Disabled Person's Freedom Pass, you cannot use your Disabled Persons Railcard to buy a discounted ticket for your companion.

No, unfortunately the Disabled Persons Railcard discount won't apply to Season Tickets, including Travelcard Season Tickets.

Accessible travel

If you need assistance when travelling by train, we recommend you contact the train company you'll be travelling with in advance. Every train operating company in Great Britain has a dedicated Passenger Assist service you can contact to make accessibility arrangements ahead of travelling. Read our guide to accessible train travel in the UK for more information.

If you'd like to purchase a Disabled Persons Railcard, you can apply online here.