1. Padua

Padua is absolutely fascinating, with breathtaking architecture all around. Visit Saint Anthony's Basilica, whose main altar is richly decorated with works by Donatello. After walking through the arcades and old town, you'll find the Scrovegni Chapel, with Giotto's stunning frescoes. The Eremitani Civic Museum includes an outstanding art gallery, with works by such important masters like Titian and Tintoretto. You'll find it so beautiful that you'll spend hours here without realising it!

Train connections depart every 15m from Venice to Padua, and the journey takes less than half an hour if you take one of the Italo high-speed trains.

2. Treviso

If you want to be amongst gorgeous medieval buildings and elegant palaces, Treviso is the place to be! Start your walk at the Piazza dei Signori that includes the charming Palazzo del Podestà. Wander further to the fish market, located along the picturesque Cagnan Canal. Treviso's cosy old taverns will tempt you with fresh seafood and crisp white wines. Or, how about enjoying the famous tiramisu dessert, a Treviso creation, to finish off your day trip?

Getting to Treviso is easy. Trains from Venice to Treviso depart every 15m. The journey takes 20m to Treviso station on a Freciarossa train, or 35m via Trenitalia's regional services, ending in the centre of town at Treviso Central station.

3. Verona

This welcoming, enchanting city is none other than Romeo and Juliet's hometown! After visiting their homes, head to the Piazza Bra with its spectacular Roman amphitheatre. From here wander over to the Piazza delle Erbe, with some of the most enchanting palaces you'll find in Verona. But that's not all—check out the narrow streets of the old town, where you can savour the sights over a glass of Amarone. Finish with climbing the stairs of Castel San Pietro, where you'll enjoy stunning views across the city.

Trenitalia, Frecciarossa and Italo high-speed trains are the fastest way to reach Verona Porta Nuova train station. This journey connecting Venice to Verona takes just over an hour.

4. Ferrara

Ferrara is both magnetic, photogenic and full of spirit. Its medieval cobblestoned streets and Renaissance buildings will leave you in awe! The Duomo cathedral, with its Gothic architecture, is a spectacular sight. Our favourite landmark is the 14th-century Este Castle, filled with interesting exhibits, and an impressive moat and drawbridge that will make you feel like you're in a fairytale. You'll also love the National Gallery of Art, located in the Palazzo dei Diamanti, with its treasure trove of local masterpieces!

With Trenitalia or Italo high-speed trains, travelling from Venice to Ferrara is quick and easy, with trips averaging less than an hour. Ferrara train station is within walking distance to the city centre.

5. Jesolo

If you fancy a day at the beach, there's no better place than Jesolo! If you're travelling with kids, you absolutely must stop at Aqualandia, a water park full of amazing slides and pools with artificial waves. Animal lovers should look no further than SeaLife, only a short walk away. Get ready for an adventure with magnificent creatures including sharks and octopuses, in one of the Adriatic coast's largest aquariums.

Reaching Jesolo and its attractions is a breeze. It's only a 35m journey to San Donà di Piave-Jesolo station, where you'll take bus 19A to the beach.

6. Vicenza

Vicenza boasts a wealth of artistic and cultural treasures and is easily explored on foot. Start at the stunning Piazza dei Signori, and walk to the Basilica Palladiana, with its mix of Gothic and Renaissance features. Relax in the tranquil greenery of Querini Park or wander through the Salvi Garden with its romantic Loggia Valmarana. Don’t forget the Olympic Theatre – its 95 statues of Greek and Roman mythological characters are simply amazing!

Both Trenitalia and Italo high-speed trains take you from Venice to Vicenza in just under 50m, and the Salvi Garden is an easy walk away from Vicenza station.

7. Rovigo

For those who like going a bit off the beaten path, Rovigo is our pick for you. Take a leisurely stroll through the old town, and browse the shops that line the main avenue, Corso del Popolo. There’s always something going on in the lively Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Sit here with an espresso and admire the lively scene. Finally, stop at the Duomo, with its luxurious palaces and art galleries, and soak in the elegance!

Train connections from Venice to Rovigo are frequent. The journey averages around an hour with Italo and Trenitalia services.

8. Abano Terme

A spa day in Abano Terme is a most Italian way to recharge your batteries and get pampered! The town's hot springs and healthy mud baths date back to Roman times, but the modern installations offer every imaginable 21st-century creature comfort. Abano Terme's more than just fabulous spa treatments! Take in the Art Nouveau buildings and the Montirone Gallery that exhibits works by artists like Il Moretto and Giandomenico Tiepolo.

Getting from Venice to Abano Terme is easy with a direct train connection. It's just 45m to Abano Terme station on a Trenitalia regional train.

9. Bassano del Grappa

Do you love handmade ceramics? Then Bassano del Grappa, with its many workshops, is the place for you. This delightful little town perfectly blends modernity and tradition. Savour its regional culinary specialities, including rabbit in tecia – a slow-cooked flavourful stew. Walk off your hearty lunch through this art-filled town along the river Brenta, offering photo-worthy views of the surrounding mountains.

It's easy to get from Venice to Bassano del Grappa. Take one of the twice-hourly trains serving Bassano del Grappa station, which will get you there in a little over an hour.

10. Castelfranco Veneto

Last, but certainly not least, is the fortified town of Castelfranco Veneto. You'll be charmed from the time you enter through its ancient city gates into the old town. Culturally vibrant, Castelfranco Veneto hosts numerous events such as the traditional Festa dei Borghi. Explore the town's castle, and the cathedral containing some of Giorgione's finest works. You'll understand this local painter's impact after seeing his famous 'Castelfranco Madonna'.

Ready to step back in time? Take one of several Trenitalia trains from Venice to Castelfranco Veneto, and you'll arrive in Castelfranco Veneto station in just over an hour.

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