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Frecciabianca trains are part of Trenitalia's Frecce offer. They make about 40 daily connections between those towns that aren’t served by Frecciarossa and Frecciargento and can reach speeds of up to 200 km/h.

Want to know more about Frecciabianca’s main destinations, routes, tickets and onboard services? Keep reading to find all the information you need.

Frecciabianca map

Check out our Frecciabianca map and learn more about the destinations Frecciabianca can take you to. Book your train tickets online with us.

Frecciabianca trains run on the following routes:

Frecciabianca tickets

If you want to travel with Frecciabianca, you can choose from three types of train tickets – Super Economy, Economy and Base.

Super Economy

This is the cheapest ticket fare offered by Trenitalia. You can’t make any changes to your booking nor can you get a refund.


With this ticket, you can change the travel time or date only once before your departure – you’ll have to exchange your ticket with a corresponding Base ticket and pay the price difference.


Base tickets are standard full-price tickets that can be modified as much as needed and with no extra cost.

Frecciabianca First Class

On Frecciabianca trains there are two First Class carriages that come with large leather armchairs, power sockets, reclining tables, reading lights, plus plenty of space for luggage and legroom. A welcome service with snacks and drinks is also available.

Need more information on Frecciabianca First Class? Check out our dedicated page to Trenitalia First Class.

Frecciabianca Second Class

Frecciabianca Second Class carriages offer large faux leather armchairs arranged in rows of four, power sockets and lots of space for luggage.

Frecciabianca trains

Frecciabianca are Gran Comfort and UIC-Z1 refurbished trains. There are three types of Frecciabianca trains:

The ordinary Frecciabianca

This type of train covers the Adriatic routes, such as Milan to Lecce or Milan to Taranto and is made of nine carriages, two First Class and seven Second Class (including a bar/dining car).

Frecciabianca ETR 460

Frecciabianca ETR 460 trains connect Rome to Genoa, Turin, Milan and Rome to Ravenna.  They have nine carriages, three First Class, five Second Class and one bar/dining car, with a total number of 479 seats.

Frecciabianca ETR 470

These trains cover the routes from Rome to Reggio Calabria. They have nine carriages, of which three are First Class, five are Second Class and one is a bar/dining car, with a total number of 475 seats.

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