Trenitalia Economy tickets guarantee savings and flexibility – they allow you to change the date or time of travel only once before your train's departure, you can do this by choosing a ticket for the same train type and class and paying the difference compared to the full price (Base fare). This means that if you bought a ticket for a Frecciarossa train in Standard class you can only change the date or time of departure for another Frecciarossa train in Standard class.

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Trenitalia Economy tickets

What are Trenitalia Economy tickets? 

Trenitalia Economy Tickets are cheap and semi-flexible tickets that can be purchased to travel on all long-distance trains in Italy. Economy tickets are available to purchase six months in advance until midnight the day before the train's departure (GMT). This means that if your train leaves on a Sunday, you'll be able to purchase tickets at the Economy fare price (if they're still available) up to midnight on Friday. 

A minimum price of €9 is applied to the fare, this offer is for a limited number of seats only (usually less than 30% of seats but this isn't confirmed by Trenitalia). 

Economy tickets can't be combined with other reductions except for child discounts which you can find out more about on our Trenitalia page.

Who are Economy tickets for?

Trenitalia Economy tickets are often purchased by budget tourists and short-term visitors because of their convenient price and the option of changing the date and time of departure.

We definitely recommend purchasing this fare if you know that you'll travel to a certain destination, but your time and date of departure might change. 

Where can I use Trenitalia Economy tickets?

You can use Trenitalia Economy tickets on all long-distance trains including the high-speed services Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca and the Intercity day and night trains.

If you plan to take a regional train instead, you'll need to buy a regional ticket with a fare type called Ordinaria.

TrainEconomy fare
Intercity Night


How do I buy Trenitalia Economy tickets on Trainline?

To purchase a Trenitalia Economy ticket, simply start a search using our Journey Planner and select the "Semi-flexible" filter on the top of the search results. 

You can buy Trenitalia Economy tickets with us in several currencies: €, £, $, A$ or C$. Our platform is linked to Trenitalia's ticketing system so you'll book the exact same trains as you would on the Trenitalia website. 

If you're booking a popular route less than two weeks before departure, it's likely that the Economy fare won't be available, in this case you'll need to buy a Base ticket at full price. 

Are Trenitalia Economy tickets paperless?

Yes, as for all Trenitalia tickets, you can show Trenitalia Economy tickets on your smartphone simply by downloading the PDF you'll receive by email, or by telling the ticket inspector your unique ticket number (displayed in the confirmation email and the PDF also attached). If you're taking several trains in Italy why not download our app? That way you'll have all your tickets in one handy place. 

If you're taking a train from one of the main stations of Rome, Florence, Turin and Milan, you'll have to show your paperless ticket before boarding the train. In all other cases, you can board the train and then show the paperless ticket when asked to by the ticket inspector.

How do I change or refund Trenitalia Economy tickets?

You can change the date and time of departure only once before the departure of your train. The departure date or time can only be changed with others of the same category or service type purchased, exchanging the ticket with a corresponding Base (standard) ticket and paying the difference in price. The new ticket will have the same characteristics as your original Base ticket. 

Which Trenitalia trains can I travel on?

With the Trenitalia Economy fare you can travel on the famous high-speed Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains and hop from Naples to Rome or Venice to Florence in just a few hours. Discover more on the type of trains you can travel on with this semi-flexible fare below.