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Trains to Coventry

The 15th-century capital of England retains the metropolitan feel that made it the one-time economic centre of the country. The tenth largest city in England, Coventry is a city with a great heritage, make no bones about it, remembering in its history the Romans' famous fort, Lady Godiva's naked horse ride and numerous royal visits to St Mary's Guildhall. The modern city has been both a British motor-industry hub and education centre, boasting two of the country's best universities.

Popular train routes to Coventry

London to Coventry
Manchester to Coventry
Birmingham to Coventry
Oxford to Coventry
Sheffield to Coventry

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Visiting Coventry

As part of a visit to the birthplace of the British cycle and motor industries, where better to pull up and explore this great nation's transport history than the Coventry Transport Museum? Get set to learn the story behind the 150 years of road transport development and explore the earliest cycles and the fastest cars on the planet.

You could hire a bike or car and speed off to outskirts of Coventry, where, in Lunt, something out of A Game of Thrones rises out of the landscape. Turf and timber has never been so exhilarating. The partially-reconstructed Roman fort dates back to 60 A.D. and promises to transport children of all ages back to the days of Caesar.

For more history, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is a celebration of Coventry's history, culture and arts boasting a wide-ranging collection of visual arts, archaeology and natural history. Last but by no means least, head to the city centre and the old cathedral. Demolished by an air raid on 14 November 1940, only its tower, which you can now climb, and spire remain.

A visit to The Blitz Experience Museum will open your eyes to WW2 Coventry - a very different place to today.

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