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Trains to Durham

The famous travel writer Bill Bryson called Durham 'a perfect little city', and wandering its meandering cobbled streets under the impressive Durham Cathedral and Castle World Heritage which dominate the skyline, it's hard to disagree. With stunning riverside walks, cruises along the Wear and a contemporary culture to rival any city in Britain, Durham, steeped as it is in history, is one of those places everyone should visit at least once.


Popular train routes to Durham

London to Durham
York to Durham
Edinburgh to Durham
Leeds to Durham
Newcastle to Durham
Manchester to Durham
Manchester Airport to Durham
Glasgow to Durham

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Visiting Durham

UNESCO World Heritage Site Durham Cathedral was voted Britain's favourite old building in a 2001 BBC poll, and it's easy to see why. A Norman marvel, you'd never guess it was 900 years old such is the impeccable architectural details with breath-taking columns and stone vaulting. Be sure to visit the shrines of St Cuthbert and the Venerable Bede while you're there.

Built in 1072 by William the Conqueror, Durham Castle is a citadel unrivalled by any other, but since 1832, the castle has been a college of Durham University, so students act as guides during term time, pacing along the maze of halls and galleries and oak staircases.

When the students go home for summer, the castle becomes a hotel, with majestic stonework walls offering an opulent night's sleep followed by a breakfast in the Great Hall. A good sleep will set you up for the fun of the covered market with its list of the city's freemen, including Bishop Desmond Tutu and football manager Bobby Robson, above the fishmonger.

Or you might want to head to one of the museums or exhibitions, Durham University's Oriental, Durham Light Infantry, with one of the best military exhibitions going, and the Durham Art Gallery, with its world-class exhibitions.

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