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National Railcards


National Railcards are travel cards available in the United Kingdom that can be used to get cheap train tickets and help save you money on rail travel. Railcards offer discounted train tickets to a variety of different cardholders, as well as providing other offers for such as 2 for 1 attraction tickets in certain areas. There are 6 main railcards that give you cheap train tickets: Network, 16-25, Disabled Persons, Senior, Two Together and Family & Friends.

All official National Railcards allow you to purchase adult train tickets in the UK at 1/3 off, and 60% off kids fares on the Family & Friends Railcard. The availability of the discounted fares varies depending on the type of railcard you have purchased. Railcard prices typically range from £20-30 per year, with further discounts for 3-year purchases on some cards. For people who travel a lot, railcards can offer a much higher return on investment, which is why they are popular amongst regular rail commuters. Find out more about the different railcards on offer, how you can apply, and what discounts they can get you.

Disabled Persons Railcard

Disabled Persons Railcard

At just £20, this is the cheapest of the National Railcards on offer.

16 to 25 Railcard

16-25 Railcard

Also known as the Student Railcard, receive 1/3 off on selected trains.

Network Railcard

Network Railcard

Valid for those travelling in the south-east, this card is great for people in and around London.

Senior Railcard

Senior Persons Railcard

Enjoy retirement by visiting UK landmarks with discounted train travel.

Family and Friends Railcard

Family and Friends Railcard

Take the whole family out when using this fantastic railcard.

Two Together Railcard

Two Together Railcard

Travel with one other nominated person for discounted trains across the UK.

Railcard Prices

UK Railcards start at £20 per year for the Disabled Persons Railcard and £30 per year for all other railcards. This price typically gets you 1/3 off the price of a standard adult ticket, depending on the railcard type.

These Railcards are available to purchase online using the links below.

Type Price
Disabled Persons Railcard £20 per year
16-25 Railcard £30 per year
Network Railcard £30 per year
Senior Railcard £30 per year
Family & Friends Railcard £30 per year
Two Together Railcard £30 per year

Disabled Persons Railcard

The Disabled Persons Railcard is for passengers that have a disability that makes train travel difficult, and for those who require assistance for boarding and leaving a train. The railcard costs just £20 per year and offers cardholders 1/3 off all train travel at any time. You can also save even more money and the hassle of renewing every year by purchasing a 3-year Disabled Persons Railcard for £54.

To purchase a Disabled Persons Railcard, you must meet the qualification requirements set by National Rail. These include having a visual or hearing impairment, epilepsy, receiving Personal Independence Payments (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA), War/Service Disablement Allowance and more. You can find the full list of eligibility requirements here.

Disabled Persons Railcard, you will need to provide evidence of your eligibility as part of your application. Full details of the requirements can be found when buying the card online.

While cheap train tickets are one of the main benefits of this Railcard, the offers and rewards you can receive as being a Disabled Persons Railcard holder also include discounts on weekends away, discounted dining, hotel stays and much more.

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Disabled and Wheelchair Train Station Access Gate


16-25 Railcard

The 16-25 Railcard is perfect for students and young professionals looking for cheap train tickets to travel to either work or university while on a budget. Costing a one-off £30 per year for the railcard, the 16-25 Railcard gives passengers 1/3 off the price of a train ticket, regardless of the time of travel. The 16-25 Railcard also gives you cheap train tickets when travelling First Class, which is a great benefit, especially if you are travelling over a long journey. Despite being referred to as the ‘student railcard’, anyone between the age of 16 and 25 is eligible to apply for this card. To save even more, you can also apply for a 3 year 16-25 railcard, which can be purchased up to the day before your 24th birthday. At a cost of just £70 for a 3-year card, you can save an additional £20 compared to purchasing 3 x yearly passes, and there’s no need to worry about renewing each year.

16-25 Railcard holders also have access to some additional offers and benefits, from tickets to watch England World Cup Qualifiers, to 60% off on selected London musicals, and much more.

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London Eye

Network Railcard

For those travelling into and around London, the Network Railcard is the perfect investment for any frequent train passenger. Costing the same one-off £30 per year, the Network Railcard gives you 1/3 off a range of off-peak fares in the Network Railcard zone, which is perfect for getting cheap train tickets into London and the surrounding areas. The Network Railcard does not cover all fares like some other railcards – It is not valid for use with season tickets, before 10 am Monday to Friday (peak travel times), first class or any advance booking tickets, and is subject to the appropriate minimum fare. This railcard gives you great discounts and savings if you make several single day train journeys a week, and allows you purchase off-peak day London travelcards (restrictions apply).

The Network Railcard area covers travel in most of the South and South-East of the United Kingdom, covering most major rail routes between King’s Lynn in Norfolk, down to Exeter St David’s in Devon, and the east coast to Margate and Ramsgate. With such a large area in which to travel in, it allows passengers not only to get cheap tickets into London but also allows travelers to take advantage of weekend travel discounts to discover new places around the south of England. View the full network railcard area map here.

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Senior Railcard (Over 60's)

The Senior Railcard is valid for train passengers 60 years and over and offers cheap train tickets on a variety of different train journeys. This railcard gives you 1/3 off both standard and first class anytime, advance and off-peak tickets, there is plenty of freedom and flexibility for travelling while using the Senior Railcard. There are no restrictions on eligibility for the railcard either, just simply provide proof that you are 60 or over at the time of purchase and you are free to go travelling! The cost of the Senior Railcard is just £30 per year, so if you plan to travel more than a few train journeys per year, the card pays for itself and allows you to make great savings on any future journeys you make throughout the year.

Along with cheap train tickets on a wide variety of train journeys, the Senior Railcard also gives you access to great deals and offers that can be purchased when travelling around the UK by rail. You can visit the sights of London on an open top bus tour, enjoy trips away in the country with discounts with Warner Leisure Hotels, or enjoy a discounted meal at over 6,000 restaurants around the UK.

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Family and Friends Railcard

If you enjoy getting about on the train with your family on a frequent basis, the Family & Friends railcard is perfect for you. With 1/3 off on travel for a one-off cost of £30 per year, you can take your children with you to some great destinations across the UK, no matter the time of day. Not only does the card allow adults to access 1/3 off most standard anytime, off-peak and advance adult fares (excluding morning peak times), but children also receive 60% off their journey, meaning cheap train tickets for the entire family! To be eligible for the Family & Friends Railcard, you must simply be travelling with a child between the age of 5-15 for the journey. Using one card, up to 4 adults and 4 children can all travel together and receive the same discounts. These savings allow you to enjoy group and family days out at a discounted price to help you save.

If you are looking for ideas for days out while using your Family & Friends Railcard, then there are plenty of days out in London on offer. These attractions are also available as 2 For 1 offers, giving you, even more, discount for your trip to the capital. You can visit the Orbit at the Olympic Stadium and get some great views of the London skyline. Give the kids an educational day out at the Science Museum, enjoy a walk around the spectacular Kew Gardens, and much more.

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Two Together Railcard

Travelling with someone else makes the whole trip more memorable, so whether it be your partner, family member or best friend, the Two Together Railcard is perfect for those looking to explore the country by train. For just £30 per year, you receive 1/3 off most standard anytime, off-peak and advance adult fares (excluding Monday-Friday morning peak times) across the UK. The railcard also gives you the same 1/3 off discounts for first class tickets, as well as on sleeper services.

As well as discounts on train tickets across the country, the Two Together railcard also gives you a great selection of travel deals once you’ve reached your destination. You can save money on cottage retreats, perfect for that quiet weekend getaway. If you want to catch the latest show in the West End, the railcard can also give you access to discounts up to 60% off selected tickets.

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Two Together Railcard


Annual Gold Railcard

Annual Gold Railcard

When buying a season ticket, if your destination or origin station is within the Annual Gold Card area, you will automatically receive an Annual Gold Card, which gives you fantastic savings and benefits on top of your season ticket. Not only do you get the 1/3 off on most standard anytime, off-peak and advance adult fares (excluding Monday-Friday morning peak times) within the Annual Gold Card fare zone, you can access the same discount for up to 3 additional adults travelling with you. This allows you to get cheap train tickets for your group, making day trips out even more accessible and cheaper than before. Along with this, you can also purchase an additional National Railcard for just £10, giving you more great train ticket discounts for your journey. You can travel by any train or route in the Annual Gold Card area, so long as you have a valid ticket.

The Annual Gold Railcard is only available when bought with a season ticket in the valid area, so to find out how much your season ticket would cost and if you are eligible for a Gold Card, use our season ticket calculator here.

26-30 Railcard

Currently being trialled by Greater Anglia, the proposed 26-30 railcard dubbed for ‘millennials’ is aimed at young professionals who are looking for an alternative commute to work, as well as encouraging them to travel by train when taking holidays and day trips across the UK. The railcard is currently also only available digitally. With users being required to download the railcard app and show ticket inspectors during train ticket checks.

Costing the same as a 16-25 railcard, and with the same discount and offers available, it is hoped to be launched after a successful trial in 2018 across the UK.

26-30 Railcard

*Information correct as at 18 December 2017. Railcard prices are subject to change without notice.


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