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How to get cheap train and coach tickets for your grown-up kids

Ok, so they may be over 18 and ‘like, totally an adult now’, but your grown-up children can still learn a thing or two from you.

Whether that’s mastering boiled eggs, so they don’t starve, or learning how to save money on train tickets – so they can enjoy a lavish social life (without dipping into their rent fund).

In fact, why not use these tips to save a few bob for yourself?

Prepare with Price Prediction – 

Price Prediction is one of our most helpful in-app tools. It highlights when Advance train ticket prices may increase, so you know if you’ve got time to mull things over, or if you need to book straight off the bat.  

Price Prediction only works for Advance tickets – they’re a specific ticket type that get released around 12 weeks before the departure date. They’re often a lot cheaper than Anytime or Off-Peak tickets that you could book a lot nearer the departure date.  

When you search for a future journey on our app – the earlier the better – this handy tool will kick in. If Advance tickets are available for your journey, you’ll see the option to ‘view Price Prediction’ in the search results.  

Download the app

When to use Price Prediction? 
Journeys home from uni for Christmas are the perfect example of a time they could save money with our app smarts.  

Why? Well, Christmas holidays come at around the same time every year, so they won’t need a flexible fare.  

Need help understanding the ins and outs of Advance tickets? Read Advance tickets explained.  

Consider a coach -

Funny coming from Trainline right? Actually, we sell coach tickets too. If coach tickets are available for your journey, you can switch between train and coach options using the tabs.  

When to consider a coach?

  • Unexpected journeys that crop up. Coach tickets can sometimes be cheaper for last-minute bookings.  
  • Christmas Day – Trains won’t be running on the big day, but some coach services will be available. 

Railcards -
Gifting your adult children a Railcard is a small investment upfront for you (from around £30), but it’ll give them 1/3rd off Off-Peak rail fares for a year or more.

Giving them all the freedom to visit friends at neighbouring unis, get to events or plan a comfy weekend back at home.

Ready, set, book! -
Poised and ready to save yourself or your kidult some money? Sign up for a Ticket Alert and we’ll let you know when cheap Advance fares become available for your route. 


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