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Introducing Trenitalia

Trenitalia is the main train operator for Italy, providing routes across the country, from the high-speed Frecciarossa trains that serve between major cities such as Rome to Milan to regional routes, bringing village and towns closer to local cities on one train line. Whether you are travelling between the historical cities of Venice and Rome or taking a regional train to Sicily using a ferry, there are plenty of places and destinations to experience using the Trenitalia train network.

Trenitalia tickets, train times, destinations and station information can be found using our journey planner. If you would like to find out more about the types of Trenitalia trains, what each train ticket allows you to do, and where to explore the country, find out below.

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Travelling with pets

Travelling with Pets

Small pets may travel for free if you are in first class, so long as they are in a suitable travel box.

If you are travelling with a larger pet, then you must pay 50% the cost of a second class ticket.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Customer relations: +39 06 68475475 



Cycle Policy

On domestic trains (excluding regional) bikes are permitted, so long as they are stored in a suitable case.

Regional trains only permit bikes on certain routes, where there is a supplement charge.



WiFi is only available on Frecciarossa trains.

Travelling with kids

Travelling with Kids

Kids under 4 who do not occupy a seat may travel for free.

Kids between 4 and 15 receive a 50% discount.

Lost Property


Luggage is free for all Trenitalia trains.

Trenitalia Trains


The Trenitalia Frecciarossa train, translated into English as the ‘Red Arrow’, is Trenitalia’s high-speed line, carrying passengers at speeds over 200mph to major cities across Italy, including Milan, Rome, Naples and Florence. With severely reduced travel times now in place, it provides a fantastic way for tourists to move between these cities, at a price that is more affordable than flying. Train times between Milan and Rome can be under 3 hours, and with tickets as a cheap as 39 Euros one way, it is fantastic for travellers to plan their journey ahead, and get to experience as much of Italy as they can.

There are 4 classes in Frecciarossa trains: Standard, Premium, Business and Executive. With each class up offering larger seats and added comfort, many facilities come as standard on all Frecciarossa trains. Free WiFi is available for all, as is air-conditioning, power sockets and a restaurant coach on each train, there is plenty of quality and comfort for all Frecciarossa customers.


The ‘Silver Arrow’ service is a similar service to the Frecciarossa, however, it does not use high-speed trains, and provides journeys to more destinations, including Verona and Genoa. Frecciagento trains still provide the same onboard facilities and classes as the Frecciarossa train excluding WiFi, giving Trenitalia customers plenty of comforts, no matter what train they are on.

Frecciarossa Train


The final of the fast Trenitalia train services is the ‘White Arrow’. The Freccibianca trains make more stops than their faster cousins, but still providing commuter links between smaller cities on both a regional and national level. With 42 trains running a day, visiting cities such as Milan, Ravenna and Lecce, this is a great service to visit some of the quieter cities of Italy and see some of the local culture and sights.

Trenitalia Intercity and Regional

Of the non-high-speed trains journeys that Trenitalia offer, the Intercity is the more popular and close to Freccibianca in terms of journeys and service provided. Despite not reaching the same speeds, the Intercity trains still call at many major cities in the region, and still provide some journeys into major hubs such as Rome and Venice. Another difference for the Intercity train is there are just two classes: First and Second. With bigger seats and free newspapers in first class, there is no reason why you can’t treat yourself to upgrade, and get to see the Italian scenery in added comfort.

The regional Trenitalia trains service smaller regions, bringing commuters from the smaller towns and villages into the big cities nearby for work. There are no classes for this train, and it is the same price for all passengers, making ease of travel on these trains very simple and easy to access.

Discover where Trenitalia can take you

Europe Train Booking

Trenitalia Ticket Types

Super Economy: The Super Economy train ticket with Trenitalia is the cheapest, yet least flexible you can buy. While some prices can start from as little a 9 Euros on some Frecce and Intercity trains, you must be able to make that train. There is no option to cancel or change the ticket, meaning you must buy another at full price should your travel plans change.

Economy: The Economy tickets allows a little more freedom of choice in terms of travel times, allowing Trenitalia passengers to make one change to their ticket. If customers do want to make a change, then there will be a charge of what will be the difference between the original and new price of the ticket.

Leaning tower of Pisa

Base: The most expensive of the Trenitalia ticket types, but also the most flexible, allowing tickets changes, to date, times and even passenger names before departure. There is also an 80% refund if you cancel the ticket for any reason.


Trenitalia also offers international sleeper routes for their customers into countries including France, Austria and Switzerland on their Thello service. These overnight trains allow passengers to leave stations such as Milan or Venice and find themselves in a different country and culture by the next day. The Venice to Paris train route is the most popular of the service, taking passengers on a slow amble through the Alps and French countryside, before arriving in the capital soon after. When booking a Thello train, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible for the best rates, and a better chance of getting the more comfortable rooms.


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