Intercity Notte are Trenitalia’s night trains in Italy that cover long distances, from the north to the south of the peninsula, offering modern coaches equipped with all the comforts you’ll need for a pleasant night’s sleep. Night trains in Italy provide spacious and comfortable cabins for up to three people (with single options available), comfort carriages with four beds or the night-seats option. Some of the most popular routes served by Intercity night trains are Bolzano to Rome, Lecce to MilanMilan to Syracuse and Palermo to Milan.

Night trains in Italy – Map

Travel around Italy overnight with Trenitalia Intercity Notte. Choose your destination, check out the sleeper train timetable and book your tickets online with us.

Below you’ll find some of the main routes and times of Intercity Notte trains. Trains numbered from 750 to 799 means they are equipped with seats and sleeping carriages, while those numbered from 1500 to 1999 only offer sleeping carriages. 

Train NumberRouteDeparture - Arrival
752Lecce to Milan19:20 - 06:40
754Lecce to Turin20:20 - 09:20
1954Palermo to Messina18:48 - 21:55
794Reggio Calabria to Turin21:35 - 16:40
1559Rome to Syracuse23:00 - 11:23
1962Syracuse to Milan13:35 - 10:50


Want to learn more about the Italian rail network? Head to our Italy train map to view some of the most popular routes in Italy and plan your journey online with us.

How to travel around Italy by night

Find out more on exactly how to travel around Italy on a Trenitalia Night Train. We explain how to book a ticket, reserve your seat and travel in style. 

How to buy cheap night train tickets in Italy

Did you know that with us you can book up to six months in advance, helping you to save money on travel during your next trip to Italy? Find out how to book your tickets on our website or app and we’ll help show you the cheapest option available where possible.  

The prices of Intercity trains vary on the type of seat or cabin you’d like to travel in (reclining seat, four-bed, three-bed, two-bed or single-bed) and depending on the number of seats/beds that have already been sold and are still available. 

After selecting your journey option with us, you’ll be able to choose between the following different options. 

If you select Second Class, you’ll be able to choose either –  

  • Seat  
  • 4 berths 

While if you select First Class you can choose between –  

  • A cabin with 3 beds 
  • A cabin with 2 beds 
  • A cabin with only one bed 

Once you’ve chosen your preferred cabin option, you’ll need to enter your details including name, surname and date of birth. These will be shown on your ticket so make sure you always have a matching ID to prove your identity with you whilst you travel.  

Bear in mind that you can also travel paperless and show your e-ticket directly on your smartphone.

Visit Europe on night trains from Italy

It’s quite hard to imagine, but if you feel like you’ve got everything you want out of Italy, jump on an overnight train and explore the rest of Europe by night train! Imagine going to bed in Milan and waking up in Vienna. Sounds great, right? 

Euronight to Vienna 

Trenitalia Euronight trains allow you to travel overnight by train across national borders and reach must-see destinations like Vienna and Salzburg – 

  • from Rome, Florence, Bologna and vice versa 
  • from Milan, Verona, Padua and vice versa 
  • from Venice, Udine, Treviso and vice versa 

Overnight Trains to Munich  

You can take the overnight train to Munich –  

  • from Rome, Florence, Bologna and vice versa 
  • from Milan, Verona, Padua and vice versa 
  • from Venice, Udine, Treviso and vice versa 

Take advantage of the new SMART fare and travel with Euronight trains from Milan and Rome to Vienna, Munich and Salzburg for only €29 euros. 

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