Rest your head in one city and wake up in another with night trains in Europe. There’s a reason people like to travel by starlight – and it’s not just the extra element of excitement it brings. Travelling at night means you won’t lose half a day of your trip – just shut your eyes and you’ll be at your next destination in no time. Sleeper trains can also be a real money saver as they’re your hotel for the night too.  

From the luxury of a sleeper cabin to the convenience to a couchette, there’s still something romantic about travelling by train at night. Our guide to European sleeper trains will tell you all you need to know about travelling across the continent by night. 

Europe night trains map

No one likes waking up in the middle of the night, and as you’ll be sound asleep for most of your journey, it’s generally longer routes across Europe that offer a night train service. Take a look at our map below to see some of the major sleeper train routes across the continent. 

Please note there is currently no sleeper service running to Milan, Venice or Rome.

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List of sleeper trains in Europe

Many European train companies offer a night service for longer domestic or cross border routes. We’ve listed some of the main sleeper trains running across Europe below.  

Please note that Trainline may not currently sell tickets for all night train services.

ÖBB Nightjet

Austria / Germany / Switzerland / Italy

The Nightjet is ÖBB’s sleeper train that connects destinations in Austria to other major cities in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. You can board this service from the main hubs in the country like Vienna, Villach and Linz and wake up in amazing destinations like Berlin, Hamburg, Florence and Rome to name a few.

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Eurostar ski train

England / France

A perfect way to start your holiday on the slopes, Eurostar ski trains run a weekly Friday night sleeper service between December and March. Connecting London St Pancras to ski resorts in the French Alps such as Moutiers, Aime La Plagne and Bourg-Saint-Maurice, you’ll enjoy all the comforts for a normal Eurostar train, plus extra space for skis and snowboards.

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Spain / Portugal

Trenhotel is Renfe's night service that connects cities like Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Ferrol, Irún and Hendaya. Travel in comfort from Spain to Portugal without those queues at the airport.  

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Intercités de Nuit


This French night train service, operated by SNCF, runs four domestic overnight routes to and from Paris. Go to sleep in the capital and wake up refreshed in either Toulouse, Rodez, Briançon or Latour-de-Carol.

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Caledonian Sleeper

England / Scotland

Travelling overnight from London to Scotland and vice versa, the Caledonian Sleeper offers a smooth journey to Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Highlands and beyond. Trains depart six nights a week.

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How do I book night train tickets? 

Reservations are required on all night trains in Europe. If you’re booking with us via our website or app, we’ll show you the different travel options offered by the railway companies that manage the route you’re interested in.  

Once you’ve chosen the sleeper route you’d like to travel on, you’ll be able to confirm the extra details of your journey like which type and size of carriage you’d like to travel in – sleeper cabin, couchette or seated.  

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Couchette vs sleeper

A good question a lot of people ask – and a very important one when it comes to spending a night on a train. Generally, couchettes on night trains convert from ordinary seating compartments during the day to bunks during the night. Sleeper carriages are the more luxurious option, with freshly made beds, washbasins and toiletries supplied. To give you a bit more of an idea about what levels of service you can expect on a sleeper train, we’ve listed the main features of each option below. 

Sleeper cabins 

The most comfortable travel option on night trains, sleeper cabins are almost like staying in a moving hotel. Available as one, two, three and sometimes four berth carriages, during the day these rooms can act as a sitting room with comfortable seating and a small table. At night, beds are freshly made with pillows, duvets or blankets.  

Sleeper cabins usually come with a sink, towels and toiletries so you can arrive at your destination as refreshed as possible. Some deluxe sleeper cabins even have their own shower and toilet for total privacy during your journey.   


Usually available as either four or six berth carriages, couchettes transform from ordinary seating during the day to padded bunks (two or three on top of one another) during the night. 


Seating carriages  

The most cost-effective way to travel on night trains, some services offer carriages with airline style reclining seats. Depending on the night train you’re travelling on, carriages can be divided into compartments of around six seats each or can be open plan. 

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