The Nightjet is ÖBB’s night train service that takes passengers in and around Austria and to other popular destinations in Europe. From the main hubs in the country like Vienna, Linz and Villach, you can travel overnight to amazing destinations such as Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Florence and Rome.

Want to know more about travelling on ÖBB Nightjet trains? Read our guide to where these night trains can take you and find popular routes, sleeper cabin information and how to book your ÖBB Nightjet tickets.

ÖBB Nightjet map

The ÖBB Nightjet network covers more than just Austria. In conjunction with several train operating companies in Europe, called the Nightjet partners, the service stretches much further afield than you might think. That means you can travel by sleeper train in Europe to destinations in countries like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Check out our Nightjet map below for inspiration.

ÖBB Nightjet sleeper cabins

One of the main benefits of the Nightjet is there’s a seat (or bed) to match all budgets. Passengers can choose to travel in a seat or in a sleeping berth (shared or individual) while they travel. It’s especially economical for travellers looking to save on paying for a night at a hotel, and, for those who’d like to avoid using up holiday time by travelling during the day.

Sleeper Cabin

The most comfortable travel option on any ÖBB Nightjet train. You can choose from a single, double or triple Compartment and each compartment is available in either standard or deluxe class – Standard compartments feature a single sink whereas deluxe compartments have their own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.

Sleeper cabin services include -

  • Welcome drink and bag
  • Newspaper service
  • Beds with blankets, sheets and a pillow
  • Towels and toiletries (including soap, slippers and earplugs)
  • Wake-up service by the crew
  • "á la carte" breakfast with hot drinks and free refill.


You can choose from either a four (two beds on top of one another) or six (three beds on top of each other) berth couchette. These cabins are Ideal for travelling as a family, in groups or for those who’d like to travel comfortably without breaking the bank.  

Each couchette comes with -  

  • Beds with blankets, sheets and a pillow 
  • Breakfast and mineral water 
  • Wake-up service by the crew 
  • Ability to lock from the inside  
  • Toilets and bathrooms nearby in the coach 

Seating Carriage

The cheapest option for travelling on ÖBB Nightjet trains. These carriages are always standard class and feature six seats in each compartment.  

Seating carriages include -  

  • Bathrooms and toilets in each coach 
  • Snacks and drinks menu (purchased by contacting the on-board staff) 
  • Varying views and interior finishes depending on the train.  

How to book ÖBB Nightjet tickets

We want to help make booking your ÖBB Nightjet tickets as easy as possible – just follow this simple step by step guide and you’ll be boarding a night train in no time.

  1. Enter your Nightjet starting point and destination city in our search tool above, picking trains leaving at or after 22:00
  2. Look out for the ÖBB logo next to the ticket options
  3. Choose the type of seat or sleeping berth you’d like to travel in
  4. Repeat the process if you’ve chosen a Return journey
  5. Enter your passenger information
  6. Book your tickets!

Please note that Trainline may not currently sell all ÖBB Nightjet routes. 

Top ÖBB Nightjet destinations

With Nightjet you can board a train at bedtime and wake up refreshed at your chosen destination. Take a look at some of the amazing places you take travel to on the night train below.

Please note that Vienna, Cologne, Verona and Zurich are the main Nightjet destinations, Trainline may not currently sell others.

ÖBB Nightjet train times from Paris to Vienna

Have a look at the timetables below for the ÖBB Nightjet trains from Paris to Vienna and from Vienna to Paris.

Paris to Vienna

Train station

Departure & ArrivalTrain times 
Paris Est Departure19:30








München Ost



Salzburg Hbf





Vienna Hbf


Vienna to Paris

Train station

Departure & Arrival Train times
Vienna HbfDeparture19:42
Salzburg Hbf 





München Ost











Paris Est


Popular ÖBB Nightjet routes

In need of some inspiration? Check out some of the most popular routes that the ÖBB Nightjet can take you on below

Good to know

Travelling onboard the ÖBB Nightjet is a great experience – no matter where you’re going. Before you set off, here are the answers to some questions you may have.

Yes, you must have a valid reservation to travel on ÖBB Nightjet trains. If you don’t have a valid ticket, you will have to buy it onboard and pay an additional fee.

Yes, women’s couchette compartments are available to book for females travelling alone.

Unfortunately, WiFi is not yet available on ÖBB Nightjet trains.

Pets can be taken on ÖBB Nightjet trains as long as they are carried in transport boxes, which will be considered as a piece of luggage.

If you’re travelling with a dog, you will have to book a whole compartment. There’s also an extra fee which can be paid on the train or at the ÖBB ticket booth pre-boarding. The fee is waived if you’re using an assistance dog.

Absolutely – you can normally buy tickets for the ÖBB Nightjet up to 180 days before the date of departure.

Yes, you will need to reserve a space for your bicycle before you travel. Reservations cost €3.50.

Until one day before their 6th birthday, children travel on ÖBB trains for free. Please note that children under 6 travelling on the Nightjet for free will not have their own bed. If you'd like to reserve a bed for your child, you'll need to book a Child ticket.