When travelling by train in Italy, you’ll want to make sure you get the cheapest train tickets for your journey, especially if you are making more than one trip. Using the train in Italy is one of the best ways to move around the country, so saving money on your train tickets means you can use that money to spend on the more important parts of your holiday.

For cheap train ticket information on Trenitalia and Italo train tickets, carry on reading below. 

Trenitalia ticket types

Travelling with Trenitalia means you are able to buy tickets from four different types of ticket, which is based around flexibility. These ticket types are Base, Economy, Super Economy. The fourth is for Regional trains only, named Ordinary. With the four class types you get on Frecce trains, your ticket price will vary on the flexibility and class that you have chosen to travel in.  

Super Economy 
Travelling with a Super Economy ticket gives you the best chance of getting the cheapest train ticket for your journey. Whilst there is little flexibility in when you can travel, if you know when you want to leave, buying this type of ticket is the best way to secure a low price for your journey. 

Semi Flexible 
Whilst more expensive, the semi-flexible ticket allows passengers to make amendments to their ticket only once for a small charge. You can still get cheap train tickets with this ticket, however they will still be more expensive, so try to book in advance to get the best price. 

As the name suggests, this is the ticket that gives you the most flexibility when travelling on Trenitalia trains. There are zero limitations in how many times you can change your ticket, so peace of mind is certainly something you get with this ticket. Be advised that this also makes it the most expensive, so be advised that this is the ticket you want, as it won’t be the cheapest available. 

Trenitalia ticket offers

There are other ways in which you can get cheap train tickets in Italy with Trenitalia. With a number of group save options and cheaper tickets for children and young adults, moving about Italy with Trenitalia is even easier.  

Children under 4 travel for free

Children under the age of 15 can travel for free and purchase tickets for other members of the family at a Base fare.

Same day and weekend return

Discount between 30% and 50% on the ticket type Base for all the Frecce and Intercity (except Intercity Night) in all classes, except for the Executive category of Frecciarossa.

2 for 1

2 tickets for the price of 1 Base ticket. The offer is valid on all national trains in the Business, Premium and Standard service levels. Regional trains, executive level and berth services are excluded.

Insieme (together)

30% discount on single-fare tickets on all national trains in 1st and 2nd class, in the Business, Premium and Standard levels of Frecciarossa trains and in the bunks and sleeping cars.  

Popular train journeys in Italy

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Italo ticket types

Similar to Trenitalia, there are different types of train ticket, taking into account the flexibility of travel time. These are Low Cost, Economy and Flex. Find out here the differences between each train ticket and how to get the best prices for your journey. 

Low Cost 
The cheapest train ticket you can buy with Italo. low-cost train tickets offer you fantastic value for money when travelling with Italo, but with very limited flexibility. Make sure you are certain of what train you want to travel on, as there is a 50% charge of the price of your ticket if you want to amend it. 

Another cheap train ticket with Italo, the Economy ticket allows passengers to amend their ticket for a lesser price than that of low cost. The starting price for the economy ticket is a little higher, but with a smaller percentage needing to be paid to amend it, the price differences of the two balance themselves out. 

The most expensive of the Italo train tickets, Flex allows you the most opportunities to change your ticket. There is no charge for amendments made up to the day of travel, and there is a 20% cancellation fee should you no longer need it. If you are uncertain of when you may actually be needing to travel, the Flex ticket may be your best option, despite being the most expensive. 

Italo ticket offers

There are other ways to get cheap train tickets in Italy with Italo. Whether it be day returns, family offers or child tickets, there are many ways to get even cheaper train tickets for Italy. 

Same day return

italo passengers have the opportunity to get a 50% discount on all same day returns in travelling in standard class.

Italo Famiglia (family offer)

Children under the age of 14 travel free with their family in Smart class. The family or group must be composed of 2 to 4 passengers, including 1 adult.

Italo Senior

Italo passengers aged 60 and over are able to get a 40% discount on all Flex tickets when travelling in Prima class.

Vado e Torno (I go back and forth)

10% off if you book a return ticket even for different days (not applicable on Fridays and Sundays).

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