Short UK breaks by train are up by a whopping 921% in 2021* – but when you get to your destination, will you actually be able to understand your fellow Brit?

Our surveys say** that despite a common language we still find regional dialects tricky – so we’ve partnered with the British Library to create an interactive dialects quiz to help you celebrate and learn their rich variety across the UK.

Britain's Top 10 Favourite Dialects*

1. Scottish English6. West Country
2. Yorkshire7. Cornish
3. Geordie8. Liverpool
4. Welsh English9. Manchester
5. Northern Irish10. Cockney

The Nation's Top 20 Favourite Dialectal Phrases*

1. Don’t get your knickers in a twist
2. It’s all gone pear-shaped
3. The bee’s knees
4. A cock up
5. Were ya born in a barn?
6. Gone to pot
7. A picnic short of a sandwich
8. Brass monkey
9. Bright as a button
10. Where there’s muck there’s brass
11. A curtain twitcher
12. You look smashing
13. I’ll ring you/give you a ring
14. Having a blether
15. I quite fancy you
16. They are fit
17. It’s a dreich day
18. You look smart
19. Lang may yer lum reek
20. Treacle tart

The Nation's Top 20 Favourite Dialectal Words*

1. Chuffed
2. Cheers
3. Gutted
4. Dodgy
5. Alright?
6. Hunky-dory
7. Blimey
8. Mate
9. Brilliant!
10. Cheeky
11. Chinwag
12. Miffed
13. Quid
14. Rubbish
15. Bloke
16. Brolly
17. Innit?
18. Ta-ta!
19. Finicky
20. Champion

Now you've got the lingo...

…it’s time to unleash your summer and hop aboard a train. To help you book for less, either head over to our guide to summer train travel, or choose one of our most popular routes to get you all over the UK.

* Increase comparing like-for-like bookings for trips of between 2-5 days made up until 21st June for travel between 01/07/2021 and 31/08/2021 vs. 02/07/2020 and 01/09/2020.

** Research was conducted in June 2021 by One Poll on behalf of Trainline and surveyed 2,000 respondents.