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Introducing SNCF

SNCF is the main, state-owned rail network that runs a number of different train services in both France and internationally. Consisting of the high-speed TGV train network, connecting Paris with other major cities such as Nice, Marseille and Lyon. The Intercity service, that provides routes to that outside of the TGV network. Finally the TER (Tran Express Regional), which provides more local routes within different areas of France.

SNCF train tickets for TGV, Intercity and TER can be found here, along with timetables, station information and destinations. For more on the type of services SNCF provide, what type of ticket is best for you and where you can visit in France using SNCF, keep on reading!

Europe Train Booking

Travelling with pets

Travelling with Pets

TGV, TER and Intercities trains will require all pets to have a separate ticket, with pets under 6kg required to be in a suitable travel box.

Larger pets will require a ticket at the cost of a 50% discounted second class seat.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Customer relations: +00 33 892 353535 


Cycle Policy

Cycle Policy

Non-foldable bikes must have a space reserved for them at a cost of €10

Foldable bikes may be brought on for free, so long as they are stored in a suitable bag.



WiFi is only available on TGV trains leaving Paris.

Travelling with Kids

Travelling with Kids

Kids under 4 who do not occupy a seat may travel for free.

Kids under 12 are able to get a discounted 'Enfant' rate.

Lost Property


There are no luggage restrictions for all SNCF trains

SNCF Trains


The high-speed TGV train service is the main train network that brings together the major cities of France closer on the high-speed train line. With Paris stations such as Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon, the TGV trains run an extensive service across France, reaching the south in Marseille, north in Lille and Calais, and east in Strasbourg. With trains reaching in excess of 200mph, TGV trains can take passengers from Paris to Marseille in just over three hours, making it very appealing for anyone looking to find a more cost-effective way to travel to the south coast rather than flying.

Along with the main TGV service, there are also two other types of train that run under the same banner. IDTGV trains run primarily from Paris to over 30 destinations, and tickets can start from as little as 19 Euros when booked in advance. Ouigo TGV trains are the cheapest of the service, with tickets starting at 10 Euros. The trains also do not leave from major Paris stations, but alternative ones such as Marne-La-Valle (Disneyland Paris). Tickets for these trains can only be bought online.

TGV trains can also take you on international routes. You can travel to Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Barcelona, working in collaboration with other train operating companies such as Renfe or Deutsche Bahn.

TGV trains have both first and second class services onboard. All trains provide customers with comfortable and adjustable seats, power sockets and a buffet car. There are also plans to introduce WiFi for all TGV passengers in the future. There are a number of different TGV tickets you can buy, for which you can find out more below.

TGV Train in Nice


SNCF Intercity trains provide passengers with an alternative travel route around France for towns and cities that are not part of the TGV network. While these trains are not high-speed and make more stops, the Intercity train service is still an important part of the French rail network. You can travel from Paris to Le Havre, Caen or Troyes among other cities, plus routes between Bordeaux and Lyon or Lyon and Nantes. SNCF also provides an overnight sleeper Intercity service with 3 routes: Paris to Nice, Paris to Toulouse and Strasbourg to Nice. This service is great for passengers who are looking to move across the country at a more time-effective way to travel and possibly for tourists looking to get the most out of their time in France.

TER (Trans Express Regional)

The final rail service that SNCF provide is the TER, giving train passengers in regional areas a frequent journey they can use for commuting into nearby towns and cities. You can still find first and second class tickets available, but with train fares starting from as little as 2 Euros, it is easy to see why it is still a well-used part of the SNCF network.

Discover where SNCF can take you

Europe Train Booking

SNCF Ticket Types

PREM'S: The Prem’s ticket is exclusive to TGV trains only, and are available up to two weeks before your train journey. Prices can begin from just 15 Euros, however, the ticket cannot be changed or refunded for any other SNCF train, so you must be available to travel on this train.

LOISIR: Loisir train tickets are for TGV and Intercities only. There is more flexibility with these tickets though, as you can get a full refund up to 31 days before travel, and the ticket itself can be changed up until the day of travel, for a fee of either 15 Euros for TGV or 12 Euros for Intercity.


PRO: These are the most expensive type of SNCF ticket but also gives you the most freedom in terms of time of travel. You can change or cancel your ticket up until the day of travel for free – in fact you can do it until 2 hours beforehand, but you can only do it at the train station.

PACK TRIBU: This train ticket for TGV and Intercity trains is solely for parties of 4 that can get a discounted ticket when travelling as a group.

International Routes

SNCF also provides an extensive international route network as part of their TGV service. Trains leave Paris, Marseille and Lille on a daily basis to cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels and Munich. These trains still use the high-speed TGV trains, reducing overall travel time, and is again a great alternative to the long wait times found airports. These trains are run in partnership with other companies such as Renfe or Deutsche Bahn. For more information on the type of tickets you can buy for these trains, you can look in our journey planner.

About SNCF

SNCF has operated the French rail network since 1938 when the government nationalised the railways into one network. With high-speed rail and integral part of the SNCF service, it has developed into one of the most extensive and well-run services in Europe, and has become a popular and hassle-free way to travel in France for both commuters and tourists alike. With cheap tickets available on line when booked in advance, and a number of different onboard facilities available for all passengers, travelling with SNCF is easily the best way to get around France for both comfort and cost reasons.


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