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Looking to travel to the northeast of England or Scotland? You’ll find yourself on a brand-new Azuma train, operated by London North Eastern Railway (LNER).

Rolling out to commercial service from mid-May 2019, the futuristic Azuma trains bring increased speed, comfort and reliability to passengers travelling between London, the East Midlands, Yorkshire, North East England and Scotland.

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What are Azuma trains?

Azuma is the name for a new fleet of diesel-electric hybrid trains run by London North East Railway (LNER) which formally entered commercial service on 15 May 2019. 

Azuma trains run on the East Coast route from London King’s Cross to the North East of England and to Aberdeen and Inverness in Scotland.

Azuma trains use technology from the Japanese bullet train, making journeys faster and quieter. ”Azuma” means “East“ in Japanese – the name is a homage to the fleet’s Japanese technological roots.

LNER plans to replace the current 45-strong fleet operating on the East Coast route with 65 Azuma trains. You can reach Lincoln, Leeds, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh on Azuma trains, while services to Aberdeen and Inverness are being rolled out across November and December 2019.

Azuma train on tracks

Azuma trains interior

Azuma passengers will have the option of travelling in Standard Class or First Class. All seats will have access to a plug socket, with First Class passengers also benefitting from an at-seat USB charging port. All passengers will also have access to the onboard Cafe-Bar and snack wagon.

Standard Class

Azuma standard class interior

Standard Class carriages include –  

  • Free WiFi
  • Power sockets at every seat
  • Window blinds in all carriages
  • Electronic seat reservation displays
  • 7 cm of extra legroom

First Class

Azuma train first class interior

First Class carriages include -

  • Complimentary two-course meal
  • Reclining seats
  • Power sockets and USB sockets at seats
  • Ambient lighting
  • LNER’s best ever WiFi connection

Azuma train timetables

View up-to-date timetable information for Azuma train services*. Use our app to check live Azuma times - we'll show you if your train is running on time or a little bit late. *Timetable information correct as of 28 November 2019.

Southbound services

Southbound services terminate at London Kings Cross. The timetable lists Azuma services only. There are plenty more regular LNER services running on these routes throughout the day, but they will not use Azuma trains. So, if you want to travel on Azuma, make sure you book one of the trains listed!

Keep in mind that these times are for weekday services. Azuma timetables differ on the weekend - use our Journey Planner to book weekend travel.

Departs Arrives Journey time
05:40 09:40 4h 00m
06:26 10:49 4h 23m
08:00 12:40 4h 40m
08:30 12:49 4h 19m
10:00 14:39 4h 39m
10:30 14:51 4h 21m
12:00 16:39 4h 39m
17:31 22:10 4h 39m
Departs Arrives Journey time
05:05 07:30 2h 25m
05:30 07:49 2h 19m
06:05 08:31 2h 26m
06:40 08:51 2h 11m
07:00 08:59 1h 59m
08:21 10:49 2h 28m*
08:45 11:01 2h 16m
10:21 12:49 2h 28m*
10:45 13:01 2h 16m
11:45 14:01 2h 16m
12:15 14:31 2h 16m
12:21 14:51 2h 30m*
13:45 16:01 2h 16m
14:15 16:33 2h 18m
14:45 17:01 2h 16m
16:15 18:31 2h 16m
16:45 19:01 2h 16m
17:14 19:32 2h 18m
17:45 20:01 2h 16m
18:15 20:31 2h 16m
18:45 20:59 2h 14m
19:45 21:59 2h 14m
20:45 23:09 2h 24m
Departs Arrives Journey time
07:07 14:39 7h 32m*
07:52 14:51 6h 59m
09:04 16:39 7h 35m*
14:52 22:10 7h 18m
Departs Arrives Journey time
05:26 07:30 2h 04m*
06:54 08:51 1h 57m*
07:30 09:26 1h 56m
10:18 12:40 2h 22m*
11:18 13:23 2h 05m
11:40 14:23 2h 43m**
12:23 14:39 2h 16m*
13:23 15:23 2h 00m
13:30 16:01 2h 31m*
13:37 16:23 2h 46m**
14:46 16:39 1h 53m
15:26 17:23 1h 57m
17:14 19:23 2h 09m
20:19 23:09 2h 50m*
Departs Arrives Journey time
07:01 09:09 2h 08m
08:57 10:49 1h 52m
10:32 12:40 2h 08m
10:57 12:49 1h 52m
12:02 14:23 2h 21m
12:32 14:39 2h 07m
12:58 14:51 1h 53m
14:02 16:23 2h 21m
14:32 16:39 2h 07m
19:36 21:59 2h 23m*
20:04 22:10 2h 06m
20:36 23:09 2h 33m*

Northbound services

Northbound Azuma services begin at London Kings Cross. There is a section of the station dedicated to LNER trains with LNER staff on hand to help you catch the right train. Bear in mind that the timetable only lists Azuma services - there are plenty of other daily trains from Kings Cross.

For routes north of Edinburgh, you'll be able to order from a special menu which celebrates Scottish culinary heritage!

Departs Arrives Journey time
07:00 11:22 4h 22m
10:00 14:21 4h 21m
14:00 18:22 4h 22m
15:00 19:18 4h 18m
15:30 20:13 4h 43m
17:30 22:10 4h 40m
Departs Arrives Journey time
05:55 08:22 2h 27m
08:03 10:16 2h 13m
08:33 10:47 2h 14m
09:03 11:16 2h 13m
09:33 11:48 2h 15m
11:03 13:16 2h 13m
11:33 13:48 2h 15m
12:03 14:16 2h 13m
13:33 15:48 2h 15m
14:03 16:16 2h 13m
14:33 16:49 2h 16m
15:03 17:16 2h 13m
15:33 17:50 2h 17m
16:03 18:16 2h 13m
17:03 19:17 2h 14m
17:33 19:47 2h 14m
17:48 20:17 2h 29m
18:03 20:21 2h 18m
19:03 21:16 2h 13m
19:33 21:47 2h 14m
20:03 22:21 2h 18m
20:33 22:57 2h 24m
23:33 02:36 3h 03m
Departs Arrives Journey time
07:00 13:52 6h 52m*
10:00 17:07 7h 07m
14:00 21:16 7h 16m
15:00 21:53 6h 53m*
Departs Arrives Journey time
05:55 08:12 2h 17m*
09:06 11:14 2h 08m*
10:06 12:04 1h 58m
12:06 14:07 2h 01m
14:06 16:03 1h 57m
15:30 17:48 2h 18m*
16:06 18:08 2h 02m
18:03 20:00 1h 57m*
Departs Arrives Journey time
07:00 08:51 1h 51m
09:06 11:30 2h 24m
10:00 11:51 1h 51m
11:06 13:29 2h 23m
14:00 15:53 1h 53m
15:00 16:51 1h 51m
15:30 17:31 2h 01m
17:30 19:27 1h 57m
19:33 21:40 2h 07m*
20:00 21:48 1h 48m
22:00 00:38 2h 38m

Azuma First Class from Lincoln to London

Wondering what First Class is really like? Here’s a peek into the inside of an Azuma First Class carriage from one of our trusted travel writers, Freddie Larkins.

Like most rail travellers, I spend most – if not all – of my time in Standard Class, so to be invited for a First Class journey on Azuma’s maiden service from Lincoln to London was a real treat! Safe to say, Azuma didn’t disappoint.

The interior of the First Class carriage was spacious and comfortable. Seats were arranged in a 2+1 formation, with single seats lining one side of the carriage and tables of four lining the other side. The seats were lined with felt, not the leather that you’ll sometimes find in continental First Class carriages, but they were comfortable nonetheless. I was in a single seat and had plenty of legroom – that’s coming from someone who usually has to stick their legs out into the aisle to sit comfortably.

The service on board was top notch. The service staff were on hand as soon as we set off, offering free tea and coffee. Orders for lunch were taken shortly after departure. Each passenger is given a glossy ‘Let’s Dine’ menu on their folding table; we ordered from the ordinary Rest of Day menu, but there’s also a special menu for journeys north of Edinburgh.

I opted for the chicken casserole for lunch. The food is served on proper crockery with metal cutlery, no paper plates in sight! Complimentary alcoholic drinks were served alongside the main, also in proper glass. The portion sizes are about what you’d receive a long-haul flight; not massive, but enough to fill me up. The meal was capped off with a lemon posset for dessert.

The journey itself was pleasant. Azuma trains were built by the same firm that designed the Japanese Bullet Trains, so they’re quiet even at high speeds. I could tap away on my laptop undisturbed. The train arrived into London Kings Cross at 13:23, making for a journey time of just over two hours.

First Class Azuma lunch

Azuma in Kings Cross

Azuma destinations

LNER plans to roll out Azuma services running beyond Leeds and Hull later in 2019 - we'll keep you updated as they do.

Good to know

Bicycles permitted graphic

Can I take a bicycle on an Azuma train?

Yes – but make sure you book in advance! Azuma trains are equipped with special compartments for storing bicycles. All bikes must have a reservation – spaces are limited, so book early! Folding bikes can be stored alongside bags on luggage racks. There are eight bicycle spaces on a nine-coach train and four spaces on a five-coach train.

Wheelchair accessible graphic

Are Azuma trains wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Each 9-coach Azuma train has four wheelchair spaces – two in Standard Class and two in First Class. They are adjoined by two companion seats. As with the rest of the seats on the Azuma, wheelchair spaces have power sockets to hand.

Pets allowed graphic

Are pets allowed on the train?

Furry friends are welcome on-board Azuma trains! You’re allowed up to two small animals with you, provided they are not taking up an extra seat. Each extra animal after the first two will cost £5.

WiFi available graphic

Is there WiFi on Azuma trains?

Yes. Standard Class and First Class carriages have free WiFi, with First Class passengers enjoying LNER’s fastest ever connection.

Frequently asked questions

The first Azuma train officially entered service on 15 May 2019, running from London King’s Cross to Leeds. LNER has also replaced its daily service to Hull via Selby with Azuma trains.

Over the coming months, LNER will roll out Azuma services on routes to the North East of England and Scotland – they’ll be announced as they are decided. By the end of 2019, there will be more services from Lincoln and Harrogate to London.

By December 2021, LNER plans to run regular services between London and Scotland. Azuma will whisk passengers from London to Edinburgh in just four hours, with regular journeys from London to Leeds – taking only two hours – also becoming typical throughout the day.

The train can reach a maximum speed of 225 km/h but is limited to 200 km/h while travelling.

Both. Equipped with “bi-mode” technology, Azuma trains can switch between electric power via overhead electric wires and diesel power. Most of the time, the trains will run on electricity, but the diesel engine will kick in when required - where there are no power cables available, for example. Azuma's top-spec engine will filter out harmful emissions by 90% compared to existing high-speed train engines, making for a quieter journey.

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