If you’re planning to travel with TGV First Class, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide to First Class travel on TGV trains will provide you with all the information you need ahead of your journey, including what to expect, ticket prices and the additional benefits you can enjoy.

Travelling in First Class with TGV

Are you looking to buy a TGV First Class ticket? Excellent choice. With plenty of advantages and top-notch comfort guaranteed, you won't regret paying that little bit extra.

Good to know – Only the TGV trains known as INOUIs offer TGV First Class, unlike OUIGOs trains, which only have one type of Class.

You might think that buying a First Class ticket sounds like an extravagant purchase, but sometimes the price difference between a First and Second Class TGV ticket isn’t actually that great on certain routes (especially if paired with an SNCF discount railcard).

Whether you're travelling on your own, with friends or family, for leisure or work, INOUI TGV First Class carriages are suitable for everyone and for all occasions.

TGV comparison – First Class vs Second Class

Wondering whether you should treat yourself and travel First Class? If you choose to buy a TGV First Class ticket at the Loisir fare (the standard SNCF fare) instead of a Second Class ticket, you’ll enjoy a top-notch service with plenty of additional amenities. With a First Class ticket, you'll receive access to the following benefits:

  • Choice of seat preference (solo, duo, four people or a private cabin)
  • More spacious and comfortable seats, with headrest and footrest
  • A power socket per passenger
  • An individual reading light
  • A retractable table
  • Access to platforms between cars with office space and power sockets for work on the go
  • The option to travel in the Quiet area for free*

* certain routes only

Enjoy additional benefits with a TGV Pro First Class Ticket

If you’re travelling for business, why not book a TGV Pro Premier First Class ticket? As well as the regular First Class benefits we’ve already mentioned, you can also take advantage of these Pro and SNCF Business PREMIERE services:

  • Access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge with reception room, relaxation area and work area (WiFi, newspapers and magazines offered)
  • A space in the Espace Business Premiere (a quiet carriage)
  • Access to the Pro Premiere dining carriage (extra charge)
  • Priority boarding
  • Dedicated welcome area on the platform
  • A hot drink on the platform, in the SNCF Grand Voyageur Lounge or the bar carriage
  • Easy taxi booking (Taxi Pro Premiere service)
  • Easy Voiturier & Cie driver car service book for departure station – you’ll receive a text two days before your trip to book
  • A smart travel assistant to answer any questions you may have

TGV First Class seating

When you buy a First Class TGV ticket, you’ll be able to choose between these five types of seating arrangements –

  • Solo – a seat on its own, window side
  • Duo side by side – two seats next to each other, corridor or window
  • Duo opposite – two seats facing each other, window side
  • Club 4 – four seats facing each other, corridor or window
  • Lounge – a separated cabin with six or eight seats

If you’re travelling alone and don’t want to be disturbed by your neighbours, we recommend that you choose the solo placement. These seats are popular though, so make sure to book well in advance to guarantee a perfect First Class trip.

Good to know – on TGV Duplex (double-deck cars) trains, you’ll be able to choose between the lower and upper deck when purchasing your train ticket. Not sure which one to choose? If you have a heavy suitcase, we recommend the lower room to avoid having to climb the stairs. If you want to enjoy a more pleasant view during your train ride (and have either a light suitcase or muscular arms), choose the upper deck.

Which TGV First Class season ticket should I buy?

Among the many SNCF discounts, two types of season ticket offer First Class packages.

Abonnement Frequence First Class

Do you take the train regularly? With the SNCF Abonnement Frequence (the name of their season ticket), you can save on the price of your First Class train tickets. Have a look at the table below to choose between the different options available, depending on the duration of the season ticket.

Note that the prices shown are for travelling across the whole country. If you choose a particular route when purchasing a First Class Frequence 50 subscription, the price will be lower than the one shown here.






Abonnement Frequence 30

1st class

6 months


Abonnement Frequence 30

1st class

1 year


Abonnement Frequence 50

1st class

3 months


Abonnement Frequence 50

1st class

6 months


Abonnement Frequence 50

1st class

1 year



Abonnement Forfait First Class

Do you travel by train every day? Then the SNCF First Class Abonnement Forfait is for you. With this option, your TGV and Intercities tickets will only cost you €1.50* per journey.

The price of an Abonnement Forfait for the whole of France is €1,340.00* per month.

Good to know – this rate will be lower if you travel regularly between two stations. Be sure to carefully consider the different options available to make sure you get the best price possible.

Travel in First Class on the sleeper train

Did you know you can also travel First Class on night trains in France?

That’s right, the SNCF Intercites night train in France can offer you a First Class night's sleep from Paris to Toulouse, Rodez or Briançon.

And that's not all! International sleeper trains like Trenhotel and ÖBB take you to from France to Madrid, Lisbon, or Vienna in total comfort. Visit our dedicated page on night trains in Europe to find out more.