If you’re after TGV Lyria First Class tickets, look no further. As operators of modern, high-speed trains that connect France and Swizterlands, you can expect the best from TGV Lyria, and they actually offer three different classes onboard their services – Standard, First Class (Standard 1ère), and Business Class (Business 1ère).

At Trainline, we’ll show you what exactly is on offer, from luxurious seats to complimentary meals and much more. Don’t be put off by the thought of paying more than you would in Standard either, as there are ways to find cheap First Class train tickets too! Read on for a complete guide to travelling First Class with TGV Lyria.

What do you get in First Class on TGV Lyria trains?

Whether you’re heading to Paris, Zurich or Geneva, if you want to travel there in style, TGV Lyria First Class or Business Class is the one for you. To simplify the three classes TGV Lyria offer on their trains, we’ve broken down the amenities that each one offers.

Business Class vs First Class vs Standard Class on TGV Lyria trains


Standard Class

First Class (Standard 1ère)

Business Class (Business 1ère)

Luggage storage


Wider seats with extra legroom


Access to the SNCF lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon


Welcome drink and hot towel



A hot meal served at your seat



Unlimited complimentary drinks



Access to a quiet coach




Please note, Business Class is only available on services between Paris and Geneva, Zurich, Basel Lausanne and Dijon and Basel. Every day except Saturdays.

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TGV-Lyria First Class food

TGV-Lyria offer a complimentary at-seat food and drink service in you're travelling in Business Class, meaning you can arrive at your destination full of energy and ready to go.


Business Class travellers can enjoy:

  • A welcome drink
  • Unlimited complimentary drinks
  • A hot meal served at your seat



TGV Lyria First Class lounges

If you're travelling in First Class or Business Class on TGV Lyria, you can gain access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon

Benefits of using the Grand Voyageur lounge include:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Free WiFi
  • Phone chargers
  • Water cooler
  • Free to use coffee machines 
  • Toilets


TGV-Lyria First Class seating plan

You’ll normally find one Business Class and four or five First Class carriages on TGV-Lyria trains. The seats are more spaced out than in Standard Class, although they follow the same arrangement on either sitting at a table of four or two seats next to each other.

The extra option in First Class are single seats with their own table, perfect for solo travellers who want their own space, or single seats facing each other, as an additional option for two people travelling together.

Popular First Class routes

Check out our guides to travelling First Class on some of TGV-Lyria's most popular routes.

Paris to Geneva

Departs from

Paris Gare De Lyon

Arrives into

Geneva Cornavin

Fastest time

3h 12m

First Class lounge

Paris only


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Dijon to Zurich

Departs from

Dijon Ville

Arrives into

Zurich Hb

Fastest time

2h 24m

First Class lounge



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Lausanne to Paris

Departs from


Arrives into

Paris Gare De Lyon

Fastest time

3h 41m

First Class lounge

Paris only


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How to get cheap TGV Lyria First Class tickets

There are different ways you can get cheap TGV Lyria First Class train tickets without having to pay over the odds. Our top tips for saving money on First Class train tickets are:

Buy in advance

TGV Lyria tickets (and train tickets in Europe in general) are usually at their cheapest price when they first go on sale, normally around three to six months before the date of travel.

Travel Off-Peak

Train tickets tend to be more expensive during rush hour (mornings and early evenings Monday to Friday). If you can, be sure to look for tickets outside of these times to see if you can snap up a lower price.

Look out for train deals

There’s a wide range of train deals and discounts in Europe that can help you save money on your journey. Deals can vary based on the country and train company, but if you’re travelling with children, in a group, or fall into a certain age category, you can benefit from discounted ticket prices.

Good to know (FAQs)

What is included in TGV-Lyria First Class?

As well as more spacious and comfortable seating, First Class tickets on TGV-Lyria trains include lounge access at Paris Gare de Lyon and complimentary food and drinks for Business Class travellers during your journey.

Are food and drinks included when you travel First Class with TGV-Lyria?

Yes, passengers travelling in Business Class with TGV-Lyria will get complimentary food and drinks served to their seats.

Do I get access to TGV-Lyria's First Class lounge?

You can use SNCF's First Class lounge at Paris Gare De Lyon if you hold a valid First Class or Business Class train ticket.

Find out more about TGV Lyria and travel in Europe

So, now you know all about what TGV Lyria's First Class option has to offer, whether you’re ready to book, or want to find out more about train travel in Europe, we’re here to help.

Start a search for tickets in our Journey Planner at the top of the page or check out some of our guides to travelling with TGV Lyria, where they can take you, and train travel around Europe in general.

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