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About NS

Taking the train in Holland will see you travelling with the Nederlandse Spoorwegen or NS for short. NS trains vary from NS International services to local and regional NS sprinter trains. Travelling with NS gives you the opportunity to explore Holland from a unique perspective, as you roll through the countryside and visit the many vibrant towns and cities that the Netherlands has to offer.  For more information on NS tickets, schedules and where you can go with the Nederlandse Spoorwegen, you can read on below. 

NS timetables

There are many places in the Netherlands that offer unique experiences outside of the main cities. If you are looking to soak in some of the country's famous countryside, there are plenty of options for you. Furthermore, the cities, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam, are vibrant places full of culture to explore. If you’re still looking for ideas of where to travel with NS, take a look at some of the popular routes taken by our customers. 

NS trains

Despite the small size of the country, the Netherlands has a very large and extensive train network. Including the NS International trains, there are six different train services in Holland, all offering different opportunities to travel around the Netherlands. From high-speed routes to all-stopper trains, NS trains cover every part of the country on one network. 

Intercity Trains

The most common and used NS train in the Netherlands is the Intercity train. As the name suggests, the Intercity trains connect the major cities in the country, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague together on one fast line. Intercity trains are typically split into two classes, with free WiFi available on almost all trains. Most Intercity trains are also double-decker trains, allowing NS to carry a large number of passengers at once.


Intercity Direct

The NS Intercity Express train is the Dutch train network’s high-speed service. Making fewer stops between the major cities and Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Intercity Express trains carry many of the same facilities as a normal Intercity train would minus bike storage, just at a much higher speed!



The NS Express trains are almost identical to the Intercity trains. However, the destinations and stations these trains call at are typically further out of the city centres. These trains are perfect if you’re looking to explore the different regions of the Netherlands, without entering the major cities.

Sprinter and Stop Train

An important commuter service across the Netherlands, these trains stop at all stations along the specific route, picking up and dropping off passengers for work and leisure. These trains are fairly basic, and some do not even come with a toilet. NS stopper trains though are perfect for when you want to enjoy a certain area of Holland, without paying the higher fee of the longer trains.


Night trains

The night trains in the Netherlands typically take passengers through the Randstad area of the country, although there are services that run from Utretcht and Rotterdam. The Randstad area includes Amsterdam, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and The Hague. Night trains begin once the last standard NS train has departed and typically leave once per hour. While there are no sleeper cabins available on NS night trains, tickets are the same price as any other NS train on the same route.

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Train tickets and discounts

By purchasing your train ticket via our application or our website, you will receive an email with your PDF ticket as an attachment. Just print the document before taking your train.


Glossary of train tickets and railcards

  • Voordeel-Urenkaart: Discounted price for train travel, weekdays or weekends, combined with admission to Dutch museums.
  • Enkele reis: One-way ticket.
  • Dagretour: Round trip ticket.
  • Weekendretour: Round trip ticket during the weekend.
  • Dagkaart: One day ticket with which you can board unlimited trains.
  • OV-dagkaart: Card which can also be used on buses, trams and subways.
  • Zomertour and Zomertour Plus: Two-day ticket across the Netherlands.
  • Railrunnerkaartje: Reduced ticket for children.

The OV Chipkaart card

To travel to the Netherlands, you can also use a magnetic card. There are two types of cards:

  1. OV Chipkaart: This is a disposable card on which you can "download" your train ticket. The price of this card always takes 1 extra per trip. It is suitable for tourists and can be purchased at ATMs located at train stations, or at ATMs.
  2. Anonieme OV Chipkaart: This is an anonymous and rechargeable magnetic card, which can be used in trains, buses, subways, trams and ferries. It costs €7.50 and you must have a minimum balance of €20 to travel by train. The card is rechargeable with any NS vending machine.

Do not forget that the two cards, the Chipkaart OV and the Chipkaart OV, must be validated on the ascent and descent of the train, on one of the special readers present in the stations.

Onboard services

Children under 4 years old travel free on NS trains. Children between 4 and 11 years can enjoy an unlimited ticket, at a price of €2.50 per day, called "Railrunner".


Small animals can ride free on NS trains, provided they travel in a suitable transport box or on their knees. There are no specifications for the size of the animal or the transport bag.

Guide dogs travel for free provided they are recognizable as guide dogs for the blind or other service dogs.

As for large dogs, they can travel on all trains of the NS provided they are leashed and muzzled, and they have a ticket at the price "dog" for €3.10.


Most NS Intercity trains have free WiFi. If your train has a WiFi connection, connect to the "WiFi in the train" network.

Many stations offer an automated luggage storage service. The small lockers are 90x45x40 cm and the large ones are 90x60x40 cm.


Outside peak hours (9 am to 4:30 pm and after 6 pm), weekends, public holidays and during the summer months, you can transport your bike on NS trains. You just need to buy a bike ticket, at a cost of €6, at one of the vending machines. The bike must be placed in the appropriate spaces, indicated by a bicycle symbol, on the side of the cars.

It should be noted that foldable bicycles can be transported as normal luggage. For more information on transporting your bike, you can contact the counters and information points inside the stations.

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