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Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed rail service, known as ICE, provides national and international routes for German rail passengers. With trains travelling at over 300kmh, ICE trains are the way to go for long-distance journeys in Germany. ICE trains call at all major German cities, including Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. As well as national high-speed routes, ICE trains also operate international routes, including trains to Amsterdam, Vienna and even Budapest.

For more information on ICE train tickets, schedules and destinations, read on below. Also, find out more about ICE First Class services and use our ICE map to track your journey.

ICE trains map

The ICE train network is large and extensive, covering not just Germany, but also parts of Central and Western Europe. While most of the routes are kept with Germany, it is good to know where else the ICE trains on your particular route go to 

Travelling on Deutsche Bahn's Intercity Express trains means high-speed travel between many of Germany's major cities, in some of the most comfortable trains in Europe. 

ICE trains are one of the most cost-effective ways of travelling around Germany, and indeed into neighbouring countries, so it is suggested you plan your journey in advance. Using our ICE trains map, you can plot out where you are going, and make sure you have an enjoyable time exploring Germany.

Need more information on the German rail network? Check out our dedicated pages to trains in Germany and Germany train map.


ICE trains timetables

You can use our journey planner to find out timetables and schedules for all ICE trains, as well as other Deutsche Bahn trains. Simply enter the time and date you want to travel to and where then use the results to pick the perfect train journey for you. It couldn’t be easier! If you are still looking for ideas for where to travel, here are some popular ICE train routes in Germany among our customers. 

ICE train information

ICE trains are the flagship of Deutsche Bahn's train fleet. Fast, comfortable and punctual, they carry passengers across Germany and beyond. Find out more about the onboard services that ICE trains offer, as well as more on travelling first class on ICE trains.

ICE Trains

Intercity trains themselves are some of the most modern trains in Europe. With the newer ICE trains travelling in excess of 300kmh, the blend of speed and comfort has certainly helped DB ICE trains become popular today. 

The most recent ICE train is the ICE 4. Onboard the ICE 4 you’ll find quiet zones, family areas and seats for children. Furthermore, there’s extra space to store luggage and ergonomic seats, making train travel more comfortable than ever before. 

ICE Train First Class

When travelling with Deutsche BahnFirst Class services are known for the quality of service and comfort. This is no different on ICE trains. Travelling First Class on an ICE train gives you unrivalled comfort over long distances 

ICE First Class passengers have access to the DB lounges in all available stations, perfect for starting any journey off in style. Onboard, First Class travellers are treated to free newspapers, hot and cold drinks and snacks and unlimited WiFi for the entire journey. First Class seats on ICE trains are also wider and bigger, offering more comfort for passengers. You’ll also find fewer seats in ICE First Class carriages, allowing for extra room to relax in. Check out our dedicated page to DB Bahn First Class for more information. 

ICE train tickets

When booking Deutsche Bahn train tickets for ICE trains, there’s no increase in price for travelling on a faster train. While First Class ICE tickets will be more expensive, train tickets in Germany work in a slightly different way.

You book train tickets based on time and flexibility, rather than what kind of train you are travelling on. These train tickets are split into two categories: Sparpreis and Flexipreis. Each ticket offers different prices and flexibility options. If you want to know more about Deutsche Bahn ticket types, you can visit our information page to learn more.

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