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Trains to Northampton

Before a great fire destroyed the heart of Northampton in 1675, it was a thriving medieval town with five churches. Undaunted, it rose from the ashes and reinvented itself - after it was rebuilt, author Daniel Defoe described it as 'the handsomest and best built town in all this part of England'. Retail dominates Northampton's centre now, but look out for street names that offer clues to the town's previous industries: Sheep Street, Silver Street and Gold Street.

Popular train routes to Northampton

London to Northampton
Birmingham to Northampton
Liverpool to Northampton
Manchester to Northampton
Birmingham to Northampton
Coventry to Northampton
Milton Keynes to Northampton
Crewe to Northampton

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Visiting Northampton

Northampton's most famous former industry was shoemaking. The Central Museum and Art Gallery charts the history of the trade from its earliest beginnings to the present day - its World Famous Shoe Collection includes Roman shoes, Queen Victoria's slippers and even a pair of David Beckham's football boots.

A short distance from the town centre you can find out about another Northampton industry at the Museum of Leather, situated in the delightful Abington Park, the town's oldest and most popular green space. Other cultural attractions include The Deco, a restored 1930s cinema whose stunning auditorium now hosts drama, comedy and live music; and the Old Fishmarket, which houses three art galleries with regular exhibitions. There's also the quirky Express Lift Tower, locally called the Northampton Lighthouse or Cobbler's Needle.

Believe it or not, the tower was actually built for testing lifts at the now-closed Express Lifts Factory. If you're keen to get some shopping in before you go, the best range of stores can be found at the nearby Grosvenor Centre and Weston Favell Centre malls. But Northampton also has an attractive, historic market square that dates back to 1235. Markets are held daily Monday to Saturday.

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