If you're looking to travel in Europe by bus and long-distance coach, look no further. We now sell bus and coach tickets from over 28 companies to major European destinations including France, Spain, Italy, Germany and more in our app or online. 

Keep reading for popular European bus journeys, how to book tickets and country highlights to get you inspired. 

Travel Europe by bus

To find tickets, simply start a search above, and we will compare journey times and costs for train, coach and bus travel in the search results. If you're using the Trainline EU app, look out for the bus icon on the left.


If you're not in a hurry, you could save money by booking a bus ticket, as they're often cheaper than train tickets in most European countries. Sure, the journey might be a bit longer, but think what you could do in that time - binge on a box set, beat the next level of your video game, call your best friend for a good old catch up... The choice is yours. Many European bus companies will get you where you need to go in air-conditioned comfort, and some even offer WiFi and power sockets to keep you connected and your devices charged whilst you cruise along.

International and cross-border buses in Europe

Travelling across European borders by bus is easy. We sell tickets for popular Trans-European bus companies like Flixbus and Eurolines, who operate services across borders in almost every major western European country. Although many EU countries have open borders within the Schengen Area, be sure to travel with your passport at all times, as some of these countries may still perform checks at the border. These stops usually doesn't take very long, so it shouldn't add too much extra time onto your journey.

Country highlights

With a bus or a coach, Europe’s roads and borders open up and the continent becomes your oyster. Bus travel is cheaper and offers views and landscape you won’t find anywhere else.

Buses in the UK 🇬🇧

Cosy pubs / Hikes / Food and Theatre / Castles

Whether you’re an urban dweller or have a feel for nature, getting everywhere from cosmopolitan cities to small fishing towns in the UK is easy to do. You see and are more connected to the open road on a bus and can sit back and relax during your trip. From London to Birmingham in under three hours to an overnight coach from London to Newquay, buses are a great way to get you home to see family or away for a short break.

The cities, towns and villages that make up the UK are easily connected by a large number of bus and coach operating companies including National Express, FirstGroup and Stagecoach.

Search for buses and coaches in the UK.

Buses in Italy 🇮🇹

Art / Cuisine / History / Cities

From the architecture to the cuisine via the passion felt in its language and music, Italy is a wonderful country to visit and to see from the window of a bus. Imagine leaving the eternal city of Rome and finding yourself in historic Pompeii just a few hours later or going from the style hub of Milan to the narrow streets and canals of Venice – you can take a bus and travel worry-free.

Travelling by bus or coach in Italy is made easy with companies such as Baltour – the main operator in the country, as well as Marozzi and Marino providing a wide range of routes to suit holiday and commuting needs.

Search for buses in Italy.


Buses in France 🇫🇷

Art / Cuisine / History / Cities

The French love to take holidays and with a country that’s very accessible by road, you too can benefit from la bonne vie by hopping on a bus and experiencing this magnificent nation. Coaches link urban metropolis’ like Paris and Lyon with quaint villages such as Aix-en-Provence and port cities including Nice and Marseille. If you’re looking for beaches, culture, wine or all three – get there by bus.

From Paris to Lyon, to Nice to Marseille, there are several reliable bus operating companies including OUIBUS who can get you there on time, connected and in comfort. There are also some international coach companies that serve French destinations as well as routes abroad such as Flixbus, Eurolines and Isilines.

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Buses in Spain 🇪🇸

Beaches / Cuisine / History / Art

Spain was and remains to this day, a top destination for holidaymakers no matter where you live in Europe. Its eclectic mix of languages and dialects, regions and cultural influences make it the ideal choice for bus travel in Europe. From popular spots like Barcelona and Madrid to regions such as the Basque country and Galicia, Spain has something for everyone and taking a bus makes reaching the most remote villages easier to access.

In Spain, the main bus operator is ALSA who cover the entire length of the country. Other popular companies who serve the various routes in Spain are Avanza and Socibus.

Search for buses in Spain.



Buses in Germany 🇩🇪

Cool / Tech / Culture / Countryside

Many countries in Europe have undergone major transformations in the last ten years and Germany can proudly boast to be one of them. From diverse cultural influences, legendary nightlife to start-up businesses, all German cities are trending in the right direction and are easily connected by coaches and buses. From Munich to Salzburg in roughly 90 minutes or travelling to chic Berlin from the edgy Hamburg in the time it takes to watch a film – buses in Germany are the way to go. 

For amazing trips and tours across Germany, you can rely on operators such as Flixbus and IC Bus to keep you on the right path. With a bus ride, The Alps, Bavaria, The Black Forest, Saxony and more are closer than you imagine.

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Bus tickets in Europe: How to find the best price

Trainline's mission is to help you save. Did you know that prices can increase as the departure date approaches? Buying bus and coach tickets in advance could save you money that's better spent on entertainment in the city you're travelling to. Trainline will help you find the cheapest bus tickets for journeys in Europe and will even tell you when the prices are about to increase.

Book in advance

Coach tickets usually go on sale around 3 months before the date of travel. Book in advance to make sure to get the cheapest option as those tend to sell out, which leaves only the more expensive tickets.

Benefit from special offers

Have a look out for deals and discount offers. When travelling with your family, you can benefit from group savings or discounted child fares. You can also save by choosing the least flexible option, i.e. booking a ticket for a specific date and time is usually cheaper.

How pricing works for European coach tickets

Most European bus and coach operators offer standard prices as well as special offers. Discounted tickets are usually released in advance, with only a set number of tickets available at cheap prices. Once the cheapest ones sell out, the fares go up – often, those prices are defined in tiers, meaning that the next tier tickets are released once the lower prices are sold out.


Booking buses in Europe

There are many different bus operators with their own ticketing and pricing systems, so using a single platform that connects them all to book your bus tickets is the best way to go. You can download the Trainline EU app on your smartphone and check coach times and ticket prices on the go, or you can click here to start your search.

Planning a journey

Once you've decided where you'll go, you can find more information on the bus company you'll be travelling with by reading our guide to travelling in Europe with trains and buses. Also, have a look at our FAQ if you've got any further questions. Have a question that's not listed in the FAQ? Our customer service team is happy to help you out, please choose one of the options from our support page.

Once you've got your tickets, there's no need to worry about taking buses in Europe for the first time - it's very straightforward and staff at stations and on trains are there to help you navigate Europe's bus and coach network.

Before you travel

We generally advise that you to plan enough time to arrive at the station, find your terminal and hop on your coach. The same goes for journeys that require changes. When booking tickets for a non-direct bus journey, we show you realistic options that give you enough time to change coaches. Since most of the main bus stations in Europe are very large, it might take up to 10 minutes to walk from one terminal to another. 

At the station

You'll find electronic departure boards in most stations' entrance halls, showing live bus times and terminal information. Changes in bus times such as delays and platform changes will be shown on departure boards as well as announced, usually in the local language and English, via loudspeakers. Platforms are usually numbered continuously, starting with 1. Signage and station maps will lead the way. All the large European train stations are equipped with luggage storage facilities, toilets, shops and restaurants as well as ticket booking offices and information desks

Europe's most popular cities

The beauty of Europe is its diversity – on a small continent, there are plenty of different cultures, customs and landscapes to discover. Europe's got the right city for every taste – London, Paris and Berlin for the cosmopolite, Amsterdam and Copenhagen for the relaxed traveler and Vienna, Hamburg and Zurich for the sustainability enthusiasts.


France 🇫🇷

The French capital is easily accessible by bus and coach and is well worth the journey. In a city of two halves, you'll be sure to find enough to do during your time here. Apart from the world-famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe, take a trip to Bois de Boulogne or La Defense, Parc de Belleville or Parc des Buttes Chaumont and gaze at The City of Lights from a different perspective. And of course, discover the River Seine which divides the city and gives it its eclectic mix of neighbourhoods.    



Italy 🇮🇹

The saying goes that Rome wasn't built in a day. In fact, it's taken well over 3,000 years for The Eternal City to become one of the most visited places on Planet Earth. Rome is a place to indulge in a spot of la dolce vita whilst taking in the incredible sights such as the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain or wander through the Colosseum where you can almost hear the roars and claps of fans cheering on battling gladiators.




The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Once you arrive in Amsterdam, the best way to explore the city is by foot or bicycle. The city is home to some of the most celebrated art galleries in the world and an amazing network of canals. Be sure to clear some time in your schedule to ogle the art at the vast 19th century Rijksmuseum, discover the man behind the paintbrush at the Van Gogh Museum or delve in the works of the Dutch master at the Rembrandt House Museum.


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