Sophie Ireland
Head of Growth Strategy, Trainline for Business
26th August 2020

Choosing a train for your next business trip has a number of advantages, compared to other modes of transport, in terms of productivity, environment, efficiency and comfort. Trainline is working with companies to promote sustainable rail travel by making journeys seamless and enabling cross-border travel.


  • Ability to work on-the-go, optimising every moment of the train journey
  • Free Wi-Fi on most trains
  • Tables and power points for devices are available at each seat on-board many trains
  • Productive and uninterrupted working time
  • More flexibility as there are often many train times available, also in the case of a missed train or connection


  • A more sustainable way to travel than by car or plane, helping companies to meet CO2 reduction targets
  • Rail generates less than 1/20 of the CO2 emissions of air travel and approximately 1/7 of the CO2 emissions compared with car travel, per passenger


  • Time savings due to central access. Most train stations are conveniently close to the city centre, or where necessary connect directly to an airport
  • For domestic travel there is no need to arrive early at the station to queue in security. For cross-border travel the security process is quick and efficient – no more waiting for hours in an airport!
  • Trains are faster than cars, especially when going short distances


  • More comfortable seats: wider, more legroom, better suited for resting or working
  • No luggage restrictions (weight or amount), no need for liquids bags
  • Sleeper cars can make an overnight journey more comfortable than getting up at 4am in the morning to catch a flight
  • Benefits of travelling in a group with colleagues, more meaningful exchange due to positioning of seats and the option to move around (currently restricted due to Corona measures)

Do you want your employees to travel conveniently by train?

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