15th September 2020

Beyond travel - what comes next? Insights from a Phocuswright Executive Roundtable

By David Higgins, General Manager, Trainline for Business

At a recent Phocuswright Executive Roundtable, Trainline for Business’ General Manager, David Higgins, and other panelists explored the impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry and what the future of mobility will look like. In case you missed the event, we compiled some insights.


28th August 2020

Business Travel in a Post COVID-19 World: A time for rail

By Brett Ring, Global Sales Director, Trainline for Business

Rail plays a crucial role in economic recovery and the transition towards sustainable travel and transport. It is a viable replacement for short-haul flights and long car journeys. Access to booking train travel is a growing priority for business travellers. Corporate travel providers should reflect these changing priorities in their offerings.


27th August 2020

How digital rail tickets can support economic recovery

By Stephanie Barker, Head of Account Management, Trainline for Business

As we are tackling the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, business travellers have an opportunity to use safer and more convenient digital ticketing options and we are working with businesses to support that behavioural shift.


26th August 2020

The advantages of choosing rail for your next business trip

By Sophie Ireland, Head of Growth Strategy, Trainline for Business

Choosing a train for your next business trip has a number of advantages, compared to other modes of transport, in terms of productivity, environment, efficiency, and comfort.


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