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Introducing Renfe

Renfe trains are the train operator that provides rail journeys across Spain. From high-speed routes including Barcelona to Madrid through to regional routes connecting coastal towns, Renfe offers thousands of journeys that you can take both international and regional, giving you great access to areas of the country that you may not typically visit. While the Renfe AVE trains are the high-speed routes that connect major cities together, you can also enjoy the Renfe Euromed line which provides a service along the east coast of the country, giving you some fantastic views of the sea, as well as stopping off at some fantastic coastal areas, including Valencia.

Renfe tickets, train times and station information can be found using our journey planner. If you are looking for more information on the best ticket types for your journey, or want to find out which trains to take to get around Spain, then you can find out more below.

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Travelling with pets

Travelling with Pets

Small pets under 10kgs may travel for free if you are in first class, so long as they are in a suitable travel box.

If you are travelling second class, then you must pay 20% of your ticket.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Customer relations: + 34 91 232 03 20


Cycle Policy

Cycle Policy

AVE, Long Distanec and Avant is free, but you must fold it before boarding.

Regional trains can be brought on for free, however there is a €3 charge if the journey is over 100km.



Only Seville to Madrid AVE train has WiFi.

Travelling with kids

Travelling with Kids

Kids under 4 who do not occupy a seat travel for free.

Kids under 14 receive a 40% discount.

Lost Property


Passengers can carry up to 3 pieces of luggage, so long as it does not exceed 25kgs in total.

Renfe Trains

Renfe AVE

The high-speed service of the Renfe fleet, this rail service provides direct train journeys for Spain’s biggest cities. Whether it is Madrid to Barcelona, Malaga, or Alicante, travelling by AVE is the best way to get around Spain in the fastest possible time. With trains reaching 217mph, the Madrid to Barcelona journey can take just 2 hours and 30 minutes, bringing the two major Spanish cities closer together on one single line. With 9 trains leaving Madrid for the Catalonian capital on a daily basis, it also gives passengers a freedom of picking when they want to travel, making access to the coastal city both fast and flexible. Working in partnership with France’s SNCF, you can also travel from Barcelona to a number of French cities, including Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Providing an alternative option to flying, without the hassle of long check-in queues and flight times.

Travelling on the AVE trains allows you ride in fantastic comfort. With first class providing complimentary WiFi and bigger chairs. AVE trains also provide a restaurant carriage for all passengers, a quiet coach which prohibits phone calls or other loud noises, and finally a service for unaccompanied minors who are taking the train.


Renfe Alvia cover long distance train journeys across Spain, that do not use the high-speed rail line of the AVE. While these routes may not have the capability of reaching the same speeds and travel times of the AVE, Renfe Alvia trains still connect large portions of the country together on a fast line, allowing commuters and leisure passengers alike another rail travel choice for their journey. With trains travelling to and from cities such as Madrid, Sevilla, Alicante among others, the ability to visit some of Spain’s lesser known cities is now much easier and convenient for those looking to travel around Spain.

Much like the AVE trains, the Alvia train carriages provide excellent comfort for anyone travelling. Reclining seats, folding tables and onboard video services are available for train passengers, along with free daily newspapers for customers travelling in first class.


Renfe Avant trains are high-speed trains that travel over short and medium routes in different regions of Spain. With lines leaving Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and A Coruna, these train journeys are over shorter distances, but with minimal stops and on high-speed lines, cover these distances in a very short amount of time. Trains from Barcelona to Lleida can take less than an hour, providing a fast link between two cities in Catalonia.

Avant trains have all the provisions and services as the Alvia trains, allowing you to travel in both style and comfort.


The Euromed trains run exclusively along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Connecting together cities such as Murcia, Benidorm, Valencia and Alicante on a single rail line, it provides ease of travel for tourists and commuters to visit some of the more famous cities on the Med. With similar services to the Avant and Alvia trains, this a great way to see the scenic Spanish coast from the comfort of a Renfe train.

Renfe Trains


This is the long-distance sleeper train provided by Renfe. Taking passengers on journeys from Madrid to as far as A Coruña and El Ferrol, and even internationally to Lisbon. There are plenty of different ways you can travel on Trenhotel trains. From a standard reclining seat to a double room with an en-suite, you can travel these long distances in great comfort regardless of what class you choose.


The Renfe Altaria train network connects Madrid with the south of Spain, including trains to Murcia, Cartagena and Algeciras. There are still plenty of onboard facilities that you can enjoy on your journey, including the video and audio facilities and a buffet car for all passengers.


Renfe Talgo trains provide a semi-fast service connecting Spanish cities together, whilst also stopping at towns along the line to provide a journey for commuters travelling in and out for work. These trains still provide first-class carriages and gives you the same perks and services that you would find across the Renfe fleet.

Renfe Short Distance

These trains travel purely in the region they are in, providing a rail link for those living in smaller towns or villages with a route into the nearest city, where they are either travelling for work, leisure or to continue their journey on one of the high-speed rail lines.

Discover where Renfe can take you

Europe Train Booking

Renfe Tickets

Promo: When booking in advance, you can purchase a Promo ticket for any Renfe journey, regardless of train or distance. These tickets can get you up to a 70% discount off the standard fare, giving you a great incentive to book in advance with Trainline and make huge savings on your travel. The Promo ticket does not allow you to reserve a seat, nor can it be exchanged or refunded, so you must be available to travel on the train stated in order to take advantage of the prices. The number of Promo tickets is limited on each train journey, so you must give plenty of time when booking in order to get hold of this cheap train ticket.

Promo+: Once the Promo tickets have sold out, you still have the opportunity to grab discounted tickets with the Promo+ offer. With discounts reaching 65%, the ticket also allows you a possible choice of seat for your journey. There is also more flexibility with this ticket too. If you want to change your train time, you must pay 20% of the price of the ticket, and to cancel the ticket completely, 30% of the train ticket is charged.



Flexible: The Flexible ticket costs the same as standard Renfe ticket price, but, as the name suggests, gives you more flexibility with how you can travel. If you want to change a ticket for a more expensive one, you simply pay the difference between the two tickets. If the ticket is cheaper, then a 15% charge will be made for exchange costs. You can get these tickets in both first and second class.

Tarifa Mesa para 4 personas: This ticket is specifically for groups of 4 travelling on the same journey. This ticket provides a 60% discount on the price it would cost for 4 single people travelling, giving a great discount for group travel.

Round Trip: You are able to get a 20% discount on each ticket that is on your journey. There are charges however for changes or cancellations. For example, if you want to change to a ticket with a higher price, you simply pay the difference. For cancellations, you either pay 40% of the price if it is one ticket, or 15% of the total amount if it is both tickets you are looking to cancel.

International Routes

With Spain sharing a land border with France and Portugal, there are international routes available from Madrid and Barcelona. With trains running in partnership with French rail company SNCF, you can cross the Pyrenees and visit the southern region of France at Marseille or Nice. If you think you’d like to visit Portugal, then there the Trenhotel sleeper service can take from Madrid to Lisbon overnight, and a chance to continue your travels through Portugal.

About Renfe

Boasting the largest high-speed rail network in Europe, and second globally only to China, Spain is provided with one of the fastest and most efficient rail networks in the world. With train journeys across Spain reduced dramatically because of the high-speed lines, travelling around the country has become so much easier and accessible for many tourists and commuters alike.

With all Renfe trains offering great comfort and onboard facilities, it has become a great alternative to flying. If you want to book train tickets with Renfe and explore more of Spain, you can do so using our journey planner, which will provide you with the best ticket price for your journey, as well as any other extra travel costs you may want to pay.


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