The Glacier Express train takes you on an exciting journey through the Swiss Alps, sauntering past beautiful glaciers and mountain villages. Active since 1930, the Glacier Express uses the Rhaetian railway network to cross the Swiss cantons of Grisons, Uri and Valais. From Zermatt to St. Moritz, the Glacier Express travels through 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. Ironically known as "the slowest train in the world", it travels at a reduced speed to allow you to admire the majestic views.

Glacier Express Route

Enjoy the beauty of the Alps from the slowest train in the world! You’ll have all the time you need to admire the Alpine panorama and have a truly unforgettable journey. Looking for information on the route? Find out more about the Glacier Express below, including stations, seasonal routes and tickets!

The train makes the following stops:

In summer:

Zermatt - St. Niklaus - Brig - Fiesch - (Wallis / Uri border) - Andermatt - (Uri / Graubünden border) - Disentis - Chur - Thusis - Tiefencastel - Filisur - Bergrün an - Samedan - Celerina - St. Moritz

In winter:

Zermatt - Brig - (border Valais / Uri) - Andermatt - (border Uri / Graubünden) - Disentis - Chur - Tiefencastel - Filisur - Samedan - St. Moritz

Glacier Express Switzerland

The view on the Glacier Express is unmatched –  the journey starts from Zermatt, the well-known Swiss city of the canton of Valais, where you can enjoy a unique view of one of the highest mountains in the Alps, Mount Matterhorn. During the journey you’ll have the chance to admire:

  • The Oberalp pass, on the Gotthard massif, the highest point reached by the Glacier Express during its journey.
  • The Ruinaulta gorge in the canton of Grisons, also known as the "Great Canyon of Switzerland", which reaches a depth of 350 meters.
  • Between the stations of Tiefencastel and Filisur, you can cross the famous Landwasser Viaduct, a 6-arch stone bridge that rises above the River Landwasser.
  • Equally fascinating is the Soliser Viaduct, located 85 meters above the river Albula.
  • The city of St Moritz – the train’s final destination.

Glacier Express Price

On the Glacier Express, you have the choice of travelling in either First or Second Class. You can also decide to buy a ticket for the entire route, from Zermatt to St Moritz, or just up to one of the stops. Depending on the route you want to travel, the price will vary. Check out our dedicated page to Glacier Express First Class for more details.


First Class Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)*Second Class prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)

St. Moritz to Zermatt


St. Moritz to Brig


St. Moritz to Andermatt


Davos to Zermatt (via Filisur)


Davos to Brig (via Filisur)


Davos to Andermatt

Chur to Zermatt92.4854.65
Chur to Brig92.4854.65
Andermatt to Zermatt67.8938.47


*1 CHF = approx. €0.98. Prices correct as of April 2021 and subject to change

Glacier Express Timetable

The frequency of the Glacier Express changes according to the season. Between mid-October and mid-December, there are no trains.


St. Moritz – Zermatt

Train 902 (no stop in St. Niklaus): 1 per day

Train 904: 1 per day

PE 902: 1 per day

PE 904: 11 per day

Zermatt - Chur

Train 900 (no stop in St. Niklaus): 1 per day 
Brig - St. MoritzTrain 906: 1 per day 
St. Moritz - Zermatt

Train 903: (no stop in St. Niklaus): 1 per day

Train 905: 1 per day

St. Moritz – BrigTrain 901: 1 per day 

Chur - Zermatt

Train 907 (no stop in St. Niklaus): 1 per day 


During the summer, the first train leaves Zermatt station at 08:00 (no. 900), the second one at 09:00 (902) and the third at 10:00 (904). The first train leaving from St. Moritz station is at 07:00 (901), the second at 09:00 (903) and the third at 10:00 (905). During the winter season, the first train leaves Zermatt around 09:00, while the second and last train leaves at 10:00. Trains from St. Moritz leave at the same time.

Need more information on the Swiss rail network? Check out our dedicated page to trains in Switzerland.

How to get cheap train tickets

Book in advance and save some serious money! Reservations for the Glacier Express can be made up to three months before the trip – you won’t be able to board the train without first booking a ticket. As this is a very popular train, we recommend booking your ticket well in advance.


Children up to 5 years travel for free.


Children aged between 6 and 16 pay half price (if parents own a Junior Card they can travel free).

Travel Pass

GA, Swiss Travel Passes and daily passes such as Eurailpass and Interrail are valid on the Glacier Express.

Gastronomic events on the panoramic train

Travelling on the Glacier Express is much more than just a train ride – it’s a truly unique travel experience. While enjoying a spectacular view of the Swiss Alps, you’ll also be able to enjoy a sumptuous meal at the same time!


Unlike most trains, the Glacier Express doesn’t have a dedicated bar/restaurant carriage – dishes are served directly to your seat! The menu is almost as incredible as the view – each dish uses only top-quality local ingredients. You can choose between two menus – the daily menu or a three-course tasting menu. Each dish is freshly prepared and must be ordered on the Glacier Express online website. If you want to enjoy a good glass of wine as well, you’ll find a wide selection of local wines that come directly from the cantons of Valais and Graubünden.